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Georgia Cyber Academy testing

2024-04-01 by: John Aldrich
From: John Aldrich 

Georgia Cyber Academy is getting ready for year end tests. For this reason they are looking for techs to help set up and break down every day for about 10 days. They pay is pretty good (I think about $30-35 per hour.) Again, it's about 10 days. 
It's a W2 job through Robert Half, no benefits, really, as it's a temp job. 
Your routine is to set up the cellular routers (used as a backup for site WIFI)  and also have the ChromeBooks fully charged and ready  to go every day. Then you sit around and wait to see if there are any issues. Software, you normally just "power wash" the chrome book. Hardware problems,  you give them a spare. 
At the end of the gig, you pack up all the ChromeBooks, & the cellular routers and walk away. 
Very low pressure gig, but pretty good money.
If you have the time and want to make some extra money, contact Robert Half. They are doing the testing all over the state, so there is a good chance there will be a testing site within easy driving distance. They even paye mileage to and from the testing site.

  John Aldrich