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Red Hat User Group meetup

2024-03-26 by: Lynn Dixon
From: Lynn Dixon 
Hey all Chugalug'ers!

I'm nominating myself as President for the day on April 11th for a lunch
meetup.  I'm hosting the Red Hat User Group and have setup an open to the
public meetup on April 11th from Noon to 2pm at the Feed Table and Tavern.

For this first meeting, I'll be presenting on Openshift Virtualization. but
we hope all the next coming meetups we'll have a good community established
to chit-chat and present on more technical topics.

Finger foods and drinks (alcohol and non-alcohol) will be provided and it
should be a good social mixer for local Red Hat users and other *NIX fans

Please share and promote as the more folks we have the merrier!  Here's the
registration link so I can get a head count for food and such:

And here is the new official Red Hat User Group Chattanooga Meetup page:

=============================================================== From: Dave Brockman ------------------------------------------------------ h=20 to=20 tion.=20 opics. =20 ere's=20 :=20 Apologies in advance that I will not be able to attend. There are many=20 reasons, both personal and professional, that I want to attend this=20 session. Unfortunately, I will be in the air on 4/11. If you are in=20 town a day or two after, I would love to meet up afterwards and buy you=20 a beer/whiskey/dinner/lunch/coffee, and I hope your slides might be=20 available post-conference. With Gratitude, Dave Brockman Senior Network Engineer Gig City Cloud, LLC