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Travel Router

2023-08-29 by: Dave Brockman
From: Dave Brockman 

I'm looking for a travel router that will connect to Hotel WiFi and NAT 
a wired port (or 3) to said wired connection.  I *think* a couple of 
TP-Link models can do this, GL.iNet looks cool, but I don't think they 
support "WAN" on the WiFi side.  I don't need much besides a stateful 
iptables firewall and NAT on the WiFi connection, I can make do with 
that.  Anyone have recommendations?

With Gratitude,

Dave Brockman
Senior Network Engineer
Gig City Cloud, LLC

=============================================================== From: Zachariah Gibbens ------------------------------------------------------ I have a glinet mudi, beryl and Mango. All three can do what you want with one port (it's basically just OpenWRT underneath) Sent from Proton Mail mobile -------- Original Message --------

=============================================================== From: Zachariah Gibbens ------------------------------------------------------ Beryl with it's two Lan ports and flipping the wan Ethernet port would get you the three Lan ports you want too Sent from Proton Mail mobile -------- Original Message --------

=============================================================== From: Joe Freeman ------------------------------------------------------ I did this with an RPi in my RV several years ago. I used the internal wifi for the LAN, and had a USB dongle with an external antenna as the WAN. I ran iptables, NAT, DNS masquerade on it along with a DHCP server for the LAN. The purpose was to be able to use the wifi typically provided in the RV parks from my devices without having to change every device every time we went to a new park. It also helped a lot with the fact that an RV is a big metal can that looks to RF an awful lot like a faraday cage. I never got it finished, but I was working on a script that would find SSIDs and allow me to connect via a simple web ui on the LAN side of the RPI. I think all in, I put maybe $60 into that project. That includes the 3D printed case that allowed me to mount the RPI itself to a wallboard, the extra Wifi dongle, antenna cable, and rubber ducky wifi antenna on the outside of the RV. Performance wise, it really depended on the park's wifi and internet speed. Some were much better than others. Most of the time I didn't have a problem watching two unicast streams on different devices, including firesticks. Gaming sometimes had higher ping times than were useful. Hard to say though if it was the park's network, their upstream provider, or my rig. Joe On Tue, Aug 29, 2023 at 6:55=E2=80=AFPM Dave Brockman = wrote:

=============================================================== From: Dave Brockman ------------------------------------------------------ You can connect to WiFi and use that for WAN and NAT the wired ports to WiFi? I've been over their documentation and I don't see anything like that. They only show using wired WAN, tethered to phone via cable WAN, or cell modem WAN. Any chance I could borrow one of your devices for a day to kick it's tires? With Gratitude, Dave Brockman Senior Network Engineer Gig City Cloud, LLC

=============================================================== From: Joe Freeman ------------------------------------------------------ Let me see if I can dig up the links I used. That rpi is now in my arcade cabinet with an hdmi to cga adapter.