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a decent Red Hat redux

2023-07-03 by: Michael Harrison
From: Michael Harrison 

I'm thankful for the incredible amount of work and support Red Hat provides
directly and indirectly to the Linux OS community. We also just got
reminded that it's owned by IBM.

On a productive note: I'm liking Debian 12 (server only so far, no desktop)
but it looks like (subject to change) Asterisk will not be a supported .deb
install. As the Asterisk/FreePBX world is currently firmly in the
CentOS/RPM world, and that world is in some flux, maybe that will change.

-Changing gears:

Elsewhere, I committed to having an open invite lunch this and next
Wednesday at "Old Man Rivers" Wednesday at 1pm. Linux, geekery, politics,
religion, life are all on the table. I'm trying to learn to be sociable
again. Come join me. Warning; It ain't a cheap lunch, but it's a nice place
with a decent bar, incredible food, and friendly vibe.