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SD RO HW / cool little device and it's open source equivalent

2023-03-24 by: flushy@flushy.net
From: flushy@flushy.net

So I saw this on 2600 Facebook group.

It's a hardware device that can RO restrict an SD card using functions  
that are typically not implemented in consumer equipment, but are  
defined in the spec.


Unfortunately, since the post, it's sold out.

Here is the spec (some light reading):


And here is another device you could build yourself, with some added  
password features (also in the spec).


So I gotta say the last one seems like a neat project, except the dude  
isn't releasing his UART code. So, you can use the binary he  
publishes, or you can strip out his UART code (he says most of it  
works without that code, and is for a specific functionality).

Anyways, I thought this was a cool detour for my day.