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Mohawk Industries is looking for a RHEL / Clustering Senior level person

2023-01-17 by: Lynn Dixon
From: Lynn Dixon 
Hey y'all.  A really good friend of mine has now become a director at
Mohawk Industries and is building his team.  He's asked me if I know anyone
that has a very strong Linux background, especially with Red Hat Enterprise
Linux (RHEL).  He's needing a candidate that has the following three skills

1. Linux background and good on command line.  RHEL is what they use and
its currently becoming the largest Operating System at Mohawk (overtaking
2. Strong familiarity with running SAP applications (HANA, S4, etc). on
RHEL.  SAP has become their ERP system and they run it on RHEL
3. Knows how to setup, manage and troubleshoot Pacemaker (clustering suite)
in very large scale, high performing environments. Specifically SAP using

This is a good opportunity, and this team is a fantastic team to work
with.  The office is down in Dalton, GA, and the salary will be very
competitive for this niche skill set.

If you're interested reach out to me and I'll put you in touch with the
right people.  You'll be interviewing with the Director.

Lynn Dixon
423-774-3188 (cell / text)
Or reply unicast, to this email or my work email:  lynn@redhat.com