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Anyone have a 5G capable phone, unlocked they want to sell?

2022-12-16 by: mike@geeklabs.com
From: mike@geeklabs.com
Lynn,=0A=0AHaving played with several "5G" phones recently, I can tell yo=
u the phone and service varies a lot. I'm using a Pixel Po 7 on fi.google=
.com and I track when I'm on T-Mobile or Sprint. When either is good and =
5G, they seem to be spectacular. I use it as a hotspot and can't tell I'm=
 not on fiber unless I ping/traceroute. They experience is good.=0Afi.goo=
gle routes all traffic via their VPN, which also has benefits and sometim=
es weird issues. I sometimes add OpenVPN on the phone and/or laptop conne=
cted to it.=0A=0AUntil it's not. So many variables. Not all 5g is seeming=
ly equal, even with 4+ bars. Probably because someone is soaking up the b=
andwidth.=0A=0AT-Mobile is the network I ride most, in Chattanooga and on=
 the road. I see that I'm on Sprint sometimes, but their coverage is not =
as good, or the phone just prefers T-Mobile. I don't know which.=0A=0AI t=
hink it comes down to ecosystem you dive into. I went Google. My wife Nan=
cy is on AT&T/Cricket and Apple (iPhone/Mac/etc). Mostly on AT&T/Cricket =
so that if T-Mobile and Sprint don't work, AT&T usually does. Or vica-ver=
sa.=0A=0AAs for Verizon... ugh.. I shy away from them for mental health r=
easons. Been a customer several times, always ends badly.=0ADecember 12, =
2022 11:30 PM, "Lynn Dixon"  wrote:=0A=0AHey y'all,=0AI'm looking for any=
 5G capable phone, one that isn't carrier locked and works on ATT and Ver=
izon. Tmobile would be a plus. Don't mind if its Android or Apple. Cheape=
r the better of course, as I'm really looking to compare service across t=
he 3 carriers. Iphone 12 and later I know are capable of 5g and work on a=
ll the carriers.

=============================================================== From: Chad Smith ------------------------------------------------------ I don't want to sell mine, which is fine since I'm still in China anyway, but I *highly* recommend the OnePlus 9 Pro. I never knew a phone could be this cool. And it's very close to stock Android. (Or at least it was when I first got it, some updates have made that less true - but still more true than any other phone I've ever had.) I am less hyped about the 10 Pro, since it came out after the Oppo acquisition was finalized. *- Chad W. Smith*