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Social Media Redux 2022

2022-12-14 by: Meuon

Once upon a time, there were BBS's and islands of people with limited coms between them. Even the early internet worked this way, email, mailing lists. These islands became early online systems: Compuserve, Prodigy, AOL/America Online, etc.. which got absorbed by the internet as they joined it. The internet created it's own new islands.. big islands/mainlands: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit.. which seems to exist to post/share things from each other.

I gave in, became active in Twitter and Facebook and... and enjoyed parts of them, mostly the people that I interacted with. Good people, many of whom I know in real life as well.

In late 2022, Elon Musk bought Twitter.com, which broke the facade he had crafted of who and what he was. Twitter has devolved. Many of us geeks left to Mastadon and other places. Back to S=smaller islands that talked to each other. I joined Fosstodon for geeky conversations where I might learn something.

In doing so, I realized that while I can (and did) export my tweets, it's a mess to import (I will eventually). Wow, I created a lot of funny, snarky and useful content. That Elon paid for, but I didn't get any of. It's time to take back control of my content, brain farts, musing and rambling rants. After all, I have the skills. and the technology

2023 GeekLabs Social Media Goals:
  • Initial posts to all social media platforms will be made on this system and then copied via API's to various platforms as apropos.
  • All subsequent conversations may or may not be archived here. Unsure at this point.
  • All sharable photo's will be stored and searchable here.
  • Create More and Better Content.
  • A lot of little things I haven't thought about yet.