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Override Network Manager DNS

2022-03-17 by: Mike
Sometimes, you just want to set DNS Servers the old fashioned way, but Linux's Network Manager won't let you.

Two ways to fix this:

1. Edit NetworkManager.conf

Edit /etc/networkmanager/NetworkManager.conf setting dns=none Then edit /etc/resolv.conf to be whatever you want.. NetworkManager will leave it alone. Am currently preferring/using this one, for no particular reasons.

2. Symlink

Seems at least in my testing, Network Manager will not override a symlink. This is RedHat's official solution, but works on Armbian/Debian. YMMV. Create a file like /etc/resolv.manual.conf with what you need. like:
Then remove the current /etc/resolv.conf and symlink it.
rm /etc/resolv.conf
ln -s /etc/resolv.manual.conf /etc/resolv.conf