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Feb-11 Windows 10 telemetry can't be disabled
Feb-11 UTC SimCenter Linux / HPC Job Opening
Feb-10 LVM's
Feb-10 Linode Deploys Servers with the Same SSH Key
Feb-10 Separate Network for iSCSI Traffic
Feb-10 NTP servers
Feb-09 Ubuntu Tablet is supposed to show at tech show end Fed 2016
Feb-08 rclone for syncing different cloud providers --- now including Amazon Cloud Drive
Feb-07 Amazon, Linode, and hosting
Feb-07 Bruce Perens, K6BP|Using HTLM5 to create an device & OS independent control surface
Feb-04 A new drupal module to fight link rot
Feb-01 8mm projector
Jan-31 Easter egg in Tron: Legacy
Jan-27 Home Automation
Jan-26 ICS Security Summit 2016
Jan-26 Possible to use switch behind EPB hand-off?
Jan-25 "White Label" hard drive
Jan-25 Chatt State Matrix Longest Running Torrent
Jan-24 OT: Great old VW Diesel
Jan-22  One of Mike's Servers in the News!
Jan-22 One of Mike's Servers in the News!
Jan-21 =?utf-8?q?=E2=80=8BWhere_would_we_be_without_Ubuntu=3F?=
Jan-20 Anyone have a Litecoin Rig
Jan-20 EPB NOC / domain registrar
Jan-20 Cost Effective Tablet
Jan-19 Anyone familiar with the PINE64?
Jan-19 local: so anybody want to buy The Terminal?
Jan-19 freeipa + azure ad?
Jan-19 tech company office space / Innovation District
Jan-17 security:update your ffmpeg to 2.8.5
Jan-17 new Toy for those of you with 10 gig connections
Jan-13 WordCamp US 2017 is looking for a host city
Jan-13 Achieving a true, multi-datacenter HA
Jan-12 ISPConfig
Jan-07 Welcome Garrett
Jan-06 EPB blacklisted Chugalug?
Jan-06 Barracuda & Chugalug
Jan-06 Barracuda & Chugalug & EPBFI
Jan-06 Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition Unboxing
Jan-06 Fwd: EPB inbound mails from chugalug unblocked
Jan-05 Linode Password Reset
Jan-05  OT: Looking for New Opportunities
Jan-05 OT: Looking for New Opportunities
Jan-05 local company looking for Ruby on Rails devlopers
Jan-04 Media Conversion
Jan-03 Question for hardware embed guys
Jan-03 Question for hardware embed guys
Jan-03 2.4 Kernel + Network Bridging
Jan-01 OT: Old Smartphone becomes ultimate remote
Dec-30 r-project work
Dec-30 Smart tech and the Elections
Dec-30 Debian Mourns: Ian Murdock has passed
Dec-30 RIP Firefox phones
Dec-29 Secret catalogue of Government Cell snoopers revealed to the Intercept
Dec-29  Free 2x2 DDR3 laptop ram
Dec-29 TN techie has issues with comcast bill
Dec-29 Anyone else affected by Linode DDoS?
Dec-26 OT:From the Sufi's:Merry Christmas
Dec-24 Have you tried turning it off and on again?
Dec-23 How to block trafic on a bridge interface?
Dec-23 Updating ASUS Transformer Android firmware
Dec-23 OT: Interesting new Ubiquiti UniFi device
Dec-23 test dec 23
Dec-23 looking for open software:webmail with bootstrap interface
Dec-21 Upstart Help
Dec-20 voting with cryptocurrency
Dec-19 CVE-2015-8370
Dec-18  OT: Desk/Office Space?
Dec-18 OT: Desk/Office Space?
Dec-15 Marco Rubio comes out against low cost broadband.
Dec-14 [CHUGALUG] Free Ultra320s
Dec-13 ping - too nice outside
Dec-12 Donald Trump Calls For 'Closing That Internet Up'
Dec-11 Jason Griffey's LibraryBox named to Nominet Trust 100
Dec-10 OT: Any Google Apps resellers out there?
Dec-03 Cool RasPi project on Kickstarter
Dec-03 Arora Browser: Weird Trick Share
Dec-03 Some cognitive dissonance for unkmar: Minecraft interface for Docker
Dec-02 Booting Linux in less than one second
Dec-02 Mozilla foundation thinking kicking thunderbird to the curb.
Dec-02 Why the CIA is smearing Edward Snowden after the Paris attacks
Dec-02 Will You Be Able To Run a Modern Desktop Environment In 2016 Without Systemd?
Dec-02 40 daysleft: Turis Omnia Open Hardware & Source Router
Nov-29 OT: Jeff Kell
Nov-27 Help with Python programming assignment
Nov-26 New Raspberry Pi computer
Nov-26 Happy Thanksgiving!
Nov-24 Anyone of you guys ever use Asciidoc and the subsequent tools?
Nov-24 Surveillance camera solutions
Nov-23 Headless VM Server
Nov-23 XVFB - Virtual Frame Buffer
Nov-20 Automating Updates
Nov-18 Lower power FM radio in Chatt?
Nov-18 If you're a both a WordPress and Bob Dylan fan
Nov-13  Tor Map
Nov-13 Tor Map
Nov-13 Deep Dark Web....
Nov-13 ChaDevOps - Tuesday Night
Nov-10 OT: Site to site IPSEC VPN speed question
Nov-06 Uptime Funk