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Nov-21  WinBook Tablet [could it Linux? to make it on topic]
Nov-20 Ian Jackson resigns from technical committee
Nov-19 Need some (networking, mostly) equipment
Nov-19 Lot of books
Nov-19  Backing up Digital Photos Beside Analog?
Nov-19 Backing up Digital Photos Beside Analog?
Nov-19 Next ISSA meeting is Dec2
Nov-17 funny : hughes net is now available in Chattanooga?
Nov-15 Anyone know if this site is legit?
Nov-15 Facebook building Datacenters with new topology
Nov-14 Is google being crappy again?
Nov-13 funny:DEF CON 22 - Weaponizing Your Pets - Gene Bransfield
Nov-12 Microsoft takes .NET open source and cross-platform
Nov-11 Systemd: Harbinger of the Linux apocalypse
Nov-11 Groupon is violating the trademark of the GNOME Foundation. Please help fight it.
Nov-10 Maptime This Thursday @ 4:00pm
Nov-10 Obama urges FCC to strengthen Net Nuetrality
Nov-10 Front-end developer position
Nov-06 LibraryBox on Slashdot
Nov-06 Some Linux news from a little country named China
Nov-06 Mysql Rapid Loading
Nov-06 RedHat Training
Nov-06 OT -- Job Hunting
Nov-04 Tom Magliozzi (1/2 of Car Talk) has died
Nov-04 on topic: ring my bell
Nov-03 serious hadoop talk 11/13/2014:Society of Work
Nov-03 Wired magazine - Can open source help solve unemployment
Oct-31 a memory carved in stone
Oct-30 [OT] CurrentC
Oct-29 Location codes for places without addresses
Oct-28 Salting my scripts with PV
Oct-28 Linux question for Hams?
Oct-28 OT, trying to help a Local with a machine
Oct-28 OT:Ham Meeting about Digital Voice Tonight @ 6
Oct-28 fwd: [nlug] PhreakNIC now has an android app
Oct-28 fwd: [PhreakNIC] GPG Keysigning at PhreakNIC (At the CryptoParty Perhaps)
Oct-27 Security & POS issue: Why has CVS and Riteaid disabled Apple PAY?
Oct-27  GNU Parallel (New favorite GNU tool)
Oct-27 GNU Parallel (New favorite GNU tool)
Oct-27 Read-only filesystem
Oct-26 Nonprofit youth organizations in Chatt?
Oct-26 How does Ubuntu 14.10 cloud offerings stack?
Oct-24 Power to the People
Oct-24 Anybody using Salt?
Oct-22 Game Developers / Game Shops in Chattanooga
Oct-22 git-crypt
Oct-22 EPBfi already outside of city?
Oct-22 Somebody get Ed a fainting couch! They Just released the Xerox Parc Source Code!
Oct-22 OT: HOAs and buying a house (was EPBfi already outside of city?)
Oct-22 Does EPB sell or lease IPv4 addresses?
Oct-22 Getting an OS Conference like this one in Chattanooga
Oct-21 Intel NUC
Oct-20 Should we fork Debian over systemd?
Oct-19 =?windows-1252?q?Open_Chattanooga_Hack_Night_=96_Mesh_?= =?windows-1252?q?Network_Party!?=
Oct-19 Scripting Android (CyanogenMod)
Oct-19 Android Video Chat
Oct-18 Android command-line
Oct-18 =?utf-8?q?Open_Chattanooga_Hack_Night_=E2=80=93_Mesh_N?= =?utf-8?q?etwork_Party!?=
Oct-17 Github offers a free Github Bronze account for nonprofits
Oct-16 Flash & Linux
Oct-15 Storing Locations in MySQL
Oct-15 Ubiquity EdgeMax
Oct-15 Ubiquiti EdgeMax Pro Router
Oct-15 Ubiquity EdgeMax (ASG)
Oct-14 Need a NIC Card
Oct-14 Tor non-exit nodes being blocked?
Oct-13 Flinging files across the globe at a gigabit per second
Oct-13 IT folks at Coyoto laid off
Oct-13 Barcamp Nashville this weekend
Oct-13 Content Filtering.
Oct-13 Library 4th Floor hiring a part timer
Oct-13 Good video card for photo editing
Oct-13 Anonabox - what do you think? Tor Device
Oct-12 WTF? ChromeOS Will No Longer Support Ext2/3/4 On External Drives/SD Cards
Oct-12 Evil Google - Broken phone
Oct-12 LibraryBox wins Excellence in Education at Chatt Startup Awards
Oct-11 Bruce Perens discusses ambe codec & opensource@DCC
Oct-11 My two Knight Foundation library newschallenge proposals
Oct-10 Have you heard about bithammer?
Oct-09 SSD , Trim, and synching
Oct-07 Chugalunch: Waterhouse Pavilion/Miller Plaza, All Week
Oct-07 Important PhreakNIC 18 deadline - booking hotel rooms
Oct-04 Marriott fined 0,000 for data jamming @ Opry
Oct-04 Swapped...
Oct-03 Lacie external drive crashed
Oct-02 Need a server rack
Oct-02 any info on new mac malware vector?
Oct-02 Hacking GitHub's contributions calendar to display messages
Oct-02 need some 3.8mm screws and matching driver
Oct-01 HP announces dollar winders Tablet
Oct-01 VOIP/Scammer Digression
Sep-30 Apple releases patch for OSX version of Bash to address ShellShock
Sep-30 Process accounting
Sep-30 Chugalunch Reminder
Sep-29 List test and Chugalunch?
Sep-29 Shellshock
Sep-29 Newbie Android question
Sep-29 OT: looking for server hardware
Sep-29 Chugalunch - Tuesday
Sep-28 Anyone have a spare samsung chrome power supply?