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Aug-28 Surgery done
Aug-27 Dell Minis for Sale
Aug-26 Friday Night Open House Party:
Aug-25 Want to move to Tampa/St Pete? Job Opp
Aug-25 Cell phone
Aug-25 Happy 24th Birthday Linux
Aug-25 Anyone going to VMworld, have a beer on me!
Aug-25 Spam from *.review TLD
Aug-23 Is windows 10 spyware?
Aug-22 Need a reliable Android phone
Aug-21 Real time audio changer.
Aug-21 Drupal Betas available on Pantheon
Aug-21 OT:A new desktop laser cutter is coming to market
Aug-19 Part 2 - (Was Google (and others?) marking my email as spam)
Aug-19 Google App Engine / Using / Pricing
Aug-19 Tech Goes Home Chattanooga
Aug-16 Refurbished Core i5 laptops drop below 0
Aug-15 Chugalug and Friends House Party
Aug-15 Wi-Fi issues
Aug-14 Don't mount swap before a 2nd disk in fstab
Aug-14 OT local cons was: Swap meet
Aug-14 New (rebuilt) Linux box
Aug-13 You always learn some things when sniffing..
Aug-13 list of movemail clients?
Aug-13 Linux-friendly KVM
Aug-11 OT:Lessig is in for 2016
Aug-10 Possibly For Sale - 42U Enclosure Rack AND Rack Air Removal Kit
Aug-08 Strange problem
Aug-08 In GOP Debate Cybersecurity the new National Security
Aug-07 centos6 ipv6 weirdness
Aug-07 Jobs
Aug-06 A Mesh MetroNet
Aug-05 Mobile outage
Aug-05 OT: Weirdest Website Issue
Aug-04 Hardware Swap: August 15th
Aug-03 What happened to EPB today?
Jul-31 Winmor and ARDOP are looking for people to port to OSX &Linux
Jul-31 Newbie jQuery question
Jul-30 Bash on Code Academy
Jul-29 Free to good home...
Jul-29 Linux job postings, 3 positions in Chattanooga.
Jul-29 Fw: Senior Storage Engineer position in Chattanooga, great rate available
Jul-29 Senior Storage Engineer position in Chattanooga, great rate available
Jul-28 Drone with camera
Jul-28 Your morning laugh, ingrish
Jul-27 2nd try:Suggestions for platforms with soundcards? Linux EmComm
Jul-27 Building OEM appliances with RED Hat?
Jul-25 Part time sysadmin work
Jul-24 Maker/Art Space: SMAC
Jul-24 Prototyping a linux applience
Jul-24 Job opportunity in NYC
Jul-24 tunnelblick OpenVPN client for OS X
Jul-24 Tunnelblick
Jul-24 Need hardware suggestions a linux appliance
Jul-24 Debian MySQL Preseed question
Jul-23 OT: It has started
Jul-22 Anti Net Neutrality Bill out of senate subcommittee
Jul-22 Algoram DVS(Digital Voice Server)
Jul-21 If you could install Ubuntu on this 21-inch All-in-One Android computer
Jul-21 OT: Long Post: Smartphone rant (Take 2?)
Jul-21 FreePBX Call Recording Issue
Jul-21 Review of Ubuntu Phone Was | Long Post: Smartphone rant (Take 2?)
Jul-21 Forum Software
Jul-21 FreePBX Call Recording Issue (Stephen Kraus)
Jul-20 "Does open source boost mental health?"
Jul-20 Lego Mindstorms
Jul-19  [OT] TI-99/4A Stuff
Jul-19 [OT] TI-99/4A Stuff
Jul-17 yay
Jul-16 Chatt News
Jul-14 Rack mount server cases
Jul-12 My first Wordpress job
Jul-12 WOT:EM Drive( Q Thruster) seems to be holding up to NASA tests
Jul-10 Job postings, PHP Dev and DevOps.
Jul-09 Microsoft PowerShell and SSH
Jul-09 PTL Club meeting soon
Jul-07 For Sale - WorkPro Ergonomic Computer Chair
Jul-05 you thought you saw fireworks this weekend
Jul-04 Android-based fitness tracker
Jul-03 Vote: Wordcamp to Chattanooga
Jun-29 About to graduate
Jun-29 txt parse challenge (already awarded trophy to Dan)
Jun-29 News item - "House gets green light for open source"
Jun-29 Leap Second Party.. Postponed
Jun-27 CQD all linux and OSX hams- RE: Winlink
Jun-24 Fwd: Google to Build 0 Million Data Center in Jackson County, Alabama
Jun-21 Anyone played with ARGoS(robot Swarm simulator)
Jun-21 Mail Server Admins: What RBLs do you use?
Jun-20 CM/linux port
Jun-18 pfSense on SSD & SSD Reliability
Jun-18 Chugalug at Terminal 5pm tonight (Thursday the 18th)
Jun-18 Networking at Clydes
Jun-17 Chugabeer / Chugadinner Thurs Jun 16
Jun-16 OS differences for gpsd timezone offset?
Jun-15 looking for mesh dns tutorial
Jun-14 OT: County looking for MS-sql licenses
Jun-14 WTB home server
Jun-12 Off Topic: Star Trek Opera