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Sep-29 Great little site to help test your email server configuration / headers
Sep-29 ot:FCC Official Asks Agency To Investigate Ban On Journalists' Wi-Fi Personal Hotspots At Debate
Sep-28 Wordpress on Dockr
Sep-27 Anyone ever try Source Mage Linux?
Sep-26 Apple/Mac Office support
Sep-26 Mozilla proposes dropping Startcom
Sep-24 [CHUGALUG] Hardware Bug Story
Sep-23 Can these be hacked for linux?
Sep-21 Hello, world! (one question & personal intro)
Sep-21 If you have Firefox Nightly installed
Sep-21 Drupal Web Developer opportunity
Sep-21 Fwd: dual-stage wi-fi-enabled temperature controller
Sep-21 Moodle Support
Sep-21 Tropos (from Domnic...)
Sep-21 Microsoft Signature PC Requirements Now Blocks Linux Installation: Reports
Sep-20 Fwd: Drupal Web Developer opportunity
Sep-20 dual-stage wi-fi-enabled temperature controller
Sep-19 Crunchbang redirects to bunsenLabs linux
Sep-19 RFC3285
Sep-16 Block chains for Dummies?
Sep-14 Pain - Upgrading Chugalug and friends server to 16.04LTS
Sep-13 New legislation introduced to restore local Internet choice
Sep-13 everykey
Sep-12 Acer Chromebase 21 - NVIDIA Tegra K1 desktop - Linux install
Sep-10 [CHUGALUG] OT Family Lawyer Recommendations
Sep-09 For Sale Ubiquiti RocketM5
Sep-09  Quad Core computer
Sep-08 Microsoft open sources PowerShell; brings it to Linux and Mac OS X
Sep-08 Microsoft open sources PowerShell; brings it to Linux and Mac OS X
Sep-08 viewme for teams
Sep-06 IT support
Sep-06 WTB: LCD Monitor
Sep-03 kebidumei KVM switches
Sep-02 [CHUGALUG] Cron Mail XKCD
Sep-02 re; Congress has just one month to keep the internet under US control
Sep-02 Unfiltered Mail Service
Aug-31 Congress has just one month to keep the internet under US control
Aug-29 cybersecurity road trip?
Aug-29 Vim question
Aug-28 python assist
Aug-28 [OT] Test new server
Aug-26 Ubiquiti RocketM5
Aug-25 GitHub
Aug-24 Level3 Outage
Aug-24 Postfix v3 Quota
Aug-22 [OT] Bitcoin
Aug-22 Systemd Rolls Out Its Own Mount Tool
Aug-21 The new chief of National Digital Initiatives at the Library of Congress - Kate Zwaard
Aug-21 [CHUGALUG] AT&T 1950
Aug-20 Center Centre - school for usability
Aug-16 OT : quantum satcom
Aug-15 No Man's Sky 2 minute review
Aug-14 Mike H - from Mike H
Aug-14 [OT] WTB: SAS Array and Controller
Aug-13 A fun telnet site(practical astronomy)
Aug-13 Are there a 1000 linux geeks in TN?
Aug-10 Hixson Utility IT Contacts
Aug-10 FCC loses court battle
Aug-09 OT: No mans sky
Aug-08 Mike H
Aug-08 [Somewhat OT] Scenic City Summit 2016
Aug-07 LAMP with Python
Aug-05 Revive an old Macbook using Linux - new screencast video
Aug-05 hashcat
Aug-05 Hacked Bitcoin Exchange Says Users May Share Million Loss
Aug-05 Ubiquiti Router - ipsec VPN to single internal IP address
Aug-05 [OT] Changing Hobbies
Aug-05 OT: iPad Air For Sale
Aug-03 Installing Linux on a hard disk. No, on the controller chip on the hard disk.
Aug-02 BTC for sale
Aug-01 "Become a better open source advocate by becoming a better human being"
Jul-29 Mac Pro video card
Jul-28 MitM Attack for Debugging and Non-Nefarious Reasons
Jul-27 sitelock
Jul-26 Has anyone ever heard of SiteLock?
Jul-25 =?utf-8?q?Red_Hat_Storage_Day_=E2=80=93_Atlanta_=28Cep?= =?utf-8?q?h_and_Gluster=29?=
Jul-25 [OT] iPhone for sale
Jul-25 Stuff that must go (need funds)
Jul-22 Chugalug Digest, Vol 48, Issue 30
Jul-22 You know I like Ubuntu but . . .
Jul-19 Cyanogenmod on Nexus 6P
Jul-19 Local company needs complex coding help
Jul-18 Book review - Geography of Genius
Jul-14 Looking for a cheap, used Linux laptop
Jul-14 Slow transfer speed between offices (both on EPB)
Jul-14 July ChaDevOps meetup: Infrastructure as Code
Jul-14 AWS
Jul-13 Want to build a Linux box for SDR
Jul-09 OT: Anyone local to Chattanooga with 4 BTC to sell for cash
Jul-09 Opinions on SugarCRM?
Jul-08 My voice doesn't come through on calls with Cyanogenmod 13 Nightly
Jul-07 So am I the first to think of this?
Jul-06 New blog post - "When Linux is the face of kindness"
Jul-05 Linux friendly landlord...
Jul-05 OT: Kepler's model 3D printed
Jul-05 OT: Net neutrality vote coming up
Jul-05 wget vulnerability fixed.
Jul-04 Oracle May Have Stopped Funding and Developing Java EE
Jul-03 Anyone have a contact at AT&T?