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Apr-23 OT: (but about beer, so maybe on topic) 3rd Anniversary Party
Apr-20 Fwd: Chuga-get-together
Apr-20 A good find --> Sub- 802.11n USB WiFi Adapter That's Linux Friendly
Apr-19 Chuga-get-together
Apr-17 Gb Wireless question....
Apr-14 OT - Nearby HIPPA compliant data centers
Apr-13  [Free] [OT] ~400 ft Cat5e
Apr-13 [Free] [OT] ~400 ft Cat5e
Apr-13 Remote hand in Nashville
Apr-13 Arduino/Raspi Relay board
Apr-11  BitTorrent Sync
Apr-11 BitTorrent Sync
Apr-10 President will be late
Apr-09 Quick'n dirty PHP form. How?
Apr-09 Usurping the throne
Apr-08 Is Ubiquity violating the GPL?
Apr-07 Ubiquity UniFi AP
Apr-07 OT LAMP Developers
Apr-07 OT maybe: advice wanted on particular Android phones.
Apr-06 OT - Job - Burying outdoor cable run
Apr-05 salix fonts issue
Apr-03 [OT] Outernet
Apr-03 OT: New favorite toy!
Apr-03 Another indication that M$ is Changing (Windows -> OSS?)
Apr-02 Deep Web Showing tonight @ FilmFest
Apr-02 Too Quiet
Apr-01 packet loss, speed comparison
Mar-31 Acceptable percentage of packet loss?
Mar-31 Triple your internet speed. . ..
Mar-31 Evidence links China to Github attack
Mar-30 Linux has spoiled me
Mar-27 Laptops with known Linux support
Mar-25 Tales of an early morning adventure
Mar-23 West Side
Mar-22 BEST Cellular deal, period. Not Republic Wireless, REAL cellular.
Mar-21 Acer's new Core i5 Chromebook
Mar-21 Windows 10 to make the Secure Boot alt-OS lock out a reality
Mar-21 Vending Machine
Mar-20 Spare HDD?
Mar-19  From the Comments of a Linux to Win 8 Test
Mar-19 From the Comments of a Linux to Win 8 Test
Mar-19 MS-Biztalk Wizard (that is Linux Friendly) needed
Mar-18 CHAPPiE film and ethics
Mar-17  [OT] 3D Printing Carbon3D
Mar-17 [OT] 3D Printing Carbon3D
Mar-14 Possibly falling under Daemonic influence
Mar-13 NTP's Fate Hinges On 'Father Time'
Mar-13 OT: Chattanooga Craft Beer Festival
Mar-12 Anyone else get hit by the recent Panda update?
Mar-11 Treating developers well...
Mar-11 air console
Mar-11 Need 2 or 3 workstation machines
Mar-10 electromagnetic access control
Mar-09 Forked from "Android without Google" - Office Depot Chair
Mar-09 OT: Which tablet?
Mar-08 Problems with Mac Book Retina and second display
Mar-08 You can now do SFTP from with Google Chrome
Mar-06 Where's my bottleneck?
Mar-06 Android without Google?
Mar-06 ARM NAS
Mar-05 things I did not know
Mar-05 Boston Linux/Cacti Administration Opportunity
Mar-04 Sync 2.0 might be a very useful tool for Chatt's digital economy
Mar-02 Learn R programming basics - free ebook from Computerworld magazine
Feb-28 Asterisk: Sangoma aquires Scmooze, FreePBX and RockBochs
Feb-28 Small business attorney?
Feb-27 HTTP Server Architecture
Feb-27 Free Software Photo Galleries
Feb-27 OT: Need pocket-able camera suggestions
Feb-26  Kernel: PWNED
Feb-26 A cautionary tale
Feb-26 Kernel: PWNED
Feb-26 Bruce Perens : 50mhz -1000mhz SDR transceiver
Feb-26 FCC approves EPB petition for broadband expansion
Feb-26  Bad Routes to two sites?
Feb-26 Bad Routes to two sites?
Feb-26 Net Neutrality just passed!
Feb-26 Sr. Director for eCommerce
Feb-25 ascii terminal
Feb-24 BackInTime?
Feb-24 Raspberry Pi LTSP - this looks delightful
Feb-24 Small job
Feb-24 SMBget Question
Feb-24 Chugalug Digest, Vol 31, Issue 81
Feb-23 EPB IPv6
Feb-23 OT: Job Posting
Feb-23 EPB Business class service and static IP's
Feb-22 OT: Gear review Dell Precision Server/workstations
Feb-21 Bodhi 3.0 and an HP Envy
Feb-21 [OT] Vape supplies
Feb-21 Bodhi eepDater fixed my BCM43142
Feb-20 Bodhi 3 Ships/ more on the crunchbang front
Feb-19 Raspberry Pi 2 in stock?
Feb-19 Chugalug Digest, Vol 31, Issue 67
Feb-19 Lenovo ships with malware
Feb-18 OT - recovering corrupted .xls and .docx files
Feb-18 WSJ has a very favorable review of the Raspberry Pi 2
Feb-18 IFixit launches Android Repair Hub
Feb-18 cleaning house before a move
Feb-16 Poll - Impact of a switch to systemd for Debian Users