FBI Seeks To Legally Hack You If You're Connected To TOR Or a VPN

From: Rod-Lists 

White House nudges Congress to revisit controversial 'CISPA-style' laws after Sony attack

From: Rod-Lists 
And with a center right Democrat in the WH and both House and Senate in republican hands this might pass.

President Obama has sent the strongest signal yet for the upcoming Congress to take up new controversial cybersecurity information sharing legislation next year.

IT security pros have pointed out holes with the North Korean Narrative.

The Sony Hack: The Problem Was The Users

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From an article at cio.com
In November 2005, Jason Spaltro, executive director of information security at Sony Pictures Entertainment, sat down in a conference room with an auditor who had just completed a review of his security practices.

The auditor told Spaltro that Sony had several security weaknesses, including insufficiently strong access controls, which is a key Sarbanes-Oxley requirement.

Furthermore, the auditor told Spaltro, the passwords Sony employees were using did not meet best practice standards that called for combinations of random letters, numbers and symbols. Sony employees were using proper nouns. (Sox does not dictate how secure passwords need to be, but it does insist that public companies protect and monitor access to networks, which many auditors and consultants interpret as requiring complex password-naming conventions.)

Summing up, the auditor told Spaltro, “If you were a bank, you’d be out of business.”

Frustrated, Spaltro responded, “If a bank was a Hollywood studio, it would be out of business.”

Spaltro argued that if his people had to remember those nonintuitive passwords, they’d most likely write them down on sticky notes and post them on their monitors. And how secure would that be?

After some debate, the auditor agreed not to note “weak passwords” as a Sox failure.


[OT] Job Posting

From: Benjamin Stewart 
Astec Industries, the company I work for, is searching for candidates for
an IT Help Desk position here in Chattanooga. It's mostly a Windows shop,
but we do use Linux occasionally where we can. Our IT department is a small
team, so there's lots of room to learn new skills, and every day is

Send resumes to helpdeskapplicants@astecindustries.com

HR speak follows:

[OT] Oscilloscope Mushrooms

From: Mike Harrison 

> On Dec 10, 2014, at 12:18 PM, Wil Wade  wrote:
> This is really cool. If anyone has an Oscilloscope, you will want to be able to have some of this in your back pocket to show off with.
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtR63-ecUNo

Took me right back to 1978-1980 high school’s electronic music class. We had an original Moog, and a scope.. Pure analog nirvana. 

And then early computers used the exact same CRT technologies.. Yes, I’ve used Vector displays.. 

Everything old is new again. 

Obama urges FCC to strengthen Net Nuetrality

From: Rod-Lists 
Video at link

WASHINGTON, Nov 10 (Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama asked the Federal Communications Commissionon Monday to set the 'strongest possible rules' to protect net neutrality as agency writes new Internet traffic regulations.

Obama urged the FCC to prohibit so-called paid prioritization, deals in which content providers would pay Internet companies to ensure smooth delivery of traffic.

He said the FCC should reclassify consumer broadband service to be regulated more like a public utility.


Library 4th Floor hiring a part timer

From: Nate Hill 


The Chattanooga Public Library is looking for special people with that rare
combination of superb customer service skills and electronic wizardry to
help us transform the library.

As one of our "Smart People," you will be an expert who troubleshoots
gadgets and answers questions to help our customers make full use of our
resources.  Your problem-solving and people skills will ensure swift
resolution to technical problems.  You also educate team members about
products, while independently keeping your own technical know-how up to

You will begin your work on the Library's 4th Floor, our public makerspace,
civic laboratory, and GigLab, but your services may be needed in other
library departments as well.  While your primary responsibility will be
providing excellent customer service to 4th Floor visitors, you are also
expected to engage, contribute, and participate in the development of new
ideas and new services.  You will assist the public with tools you may not
be familiar with yet, including but not limited to 3D printers, vinyl
cutters, and more, so curiosity and an interest in experimentation is

You will provide insightful advice and friendly, hands-on support to our
customers in need.  Difficult situations are no problem, as you explain
situations with patience and empathy.  You offer solutions quickly to help
our customers use their devices and our resources.  Juggling customer
needs, you keep aware of their time demands as well as your own.  You
fulfill our service commitment with speed, skill and grace.


   - Strong people skills, with a knack for problem-solving
   - Ability to maintain composure and customer focus while troubleshooting
   and solving technical issues
   - Ability to juggle appointments for assistance with unceasing demands
   for your time
   - Both an eagerness and an aptitude for acquiring skills in technical
   - Ability to make decisions quickly
   - Ability to work a flexible schedule - work hours will be based on
   library needs

This is a part-time position, twenty (20) hours per week (including weekend
hours) and is based at the downtown library.  Be advised, however, that you
may be scheduled to work at any library location. The pay is $15.00 per
hour, with no benefits.  All library employees must be Tennessee
residents.  For further information, contact Jim Cooper at

My two Knight Foundation library newschallenge proposals

From: Phil Shapiro 
Hi Chugaluggers, 

Here are two short proposals I submitted to the Knight Foundation's library newchallenge -- which seeks to fund initiatives that get more community members involved in civic participation via library initiatives. 


If either (or both) of these initiatives resonate with you, kindly leave a comment with your thoughts underneath the proposal(s). As you might expect, both of my proposals have a strong open source component. 

The Knight Foundation will be choosing several proposals from the 680 that were submitted. $2.5 million of grant money will be applied to the selected proposals. The Knight Foundation is hoping to identify those ideas that can bring the greatest value to communities. 

Many of the other submitted proposals were equally intriguing to my eyes. I love how the whole process is out in the open -- as it should be. Some astute high school English teacher could potentially assign his or her students to search for three proposals that resonate with the student -- and then write an essay describing the upside and downsides of those proposals. That would be a real world writing assignment that would bring benefit to students and communities alike. 



Phil Shapiro, pshapiro@his.com 

"Wisdom begins with wonder." - Socrates 
"Learning happens thru gentleness." 

Fwd: Great UNIX Admin/Architect Opportunity in Atlanta, GA

From: David White 
I'm still waiting for my new iPad... Surely one of these times, someone on
Chugalug will get hired for a job I pass on to them, right?

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Chris Dececco 
Date: Fri, Sep 26, 2014 at 3:10 PM
Subject: Great UNIX Admin/Architect Opportunity in Atlanta, GA
To: DavidWhite 

Hi David!

I am a recruiter here at CyberCoders who specializes in placing UNIX
Admin/Architect candidates as well as similar positions in Atlanta, GA and
other locations nationwide.

I am emailing you in case you think you would be a great fit for the
position listed below.  Please check out the link and apply if you are
interested in hearing more about the job.  :)

Also - If you refer a friend I end up placing at any of my open jobs, I
will give you an iPad for the referral!

This position is for a UNIX Admin/Architect in Atlanta, GA.

*For more details on this job or to apply simply visit CyberCoders:*


*Not a fit for this job?  Search all of our open jobs:*


You can use the link below at any time if you would like us to hold off on
emails to you about new opportunities.

 Thank you,

Chris Dececco  | Lead Recruiter | CyberCoders
949.783.3626 | Follow Us: 

 | View My Bio and Open Jobs

Infrastructure Engineer (Linux) - TVA

From: Matt Keys 
I apologize for the lack of contact info but this is all I have. I'm sure y=
ou can find him on LinkedIn also :

Adam Offner

FW: Infrastructure Engineer (Linux) - TVA

From: Matt Keys 

ios remote support was lunch downtown today?

From: Sparky 
Apple has some config tools available. Maybe it has some kind of remote
config options for profiles or something?

On Fri, Aug 15, 2014 at 8:19 AM, Ed King  wrote:

> Thanks, thats a good summary article.  I forwarded it to McTightwad but he
> is still asking me to find a way to remotely configure iphone email.  We
> installed an in-house iredmail server last week.  Our old hosted email was
> POP now we have IMAP.   *Before* we made the switchover, we posted
> instructions [with screenshots] on how to reconfigure iphones for the new
> system, but the boss says we are asking too much from our field workers and
> that we should remotely configure their iphones for them.
> Excerpt from field worker job description:
> "Moderate to excellent computer ability."
> "Proven proficiency of modern equipment including cell phones, fax
> machines, scanners, computers, palm or other hand held devices, GPS, and
> printers."
> So are we expecting too much?   The documentation is clear and concise.  I
> had one field worker (a new guy) say it was the most helpful documentation
> he's ever read and offered to buy my lunch when he's in town.   Its the
> upper level folks who are having trouble following the directions.  Go
> figure.
> oh, sorry,  am I being negative?    Ok, I'll go home and stick my tongue
> to the Mac Plus flyback and get some positive electrons in me.
> --------------------------------------------
> On Thu, 8/14/14, William Roush  wrote:
>  Subject: Re: [Chugalug] ios remote support  was Re:  lunch downtown today?
>  To: "Chattanooga Unix Gnu Android Linux Users Group"  chugalug@chugalug.org>
>  Date: Thursday, August 14, 2014, 3:35 PM
>  ScreenConnect wrote a
>  nice page about it:
>  http://www.screenconnect.com/Mobile-Device-Remote-Support
>  TL;DR: Apple is mean
>  William Roush
>  william.roush@roushtech.net
>  423-463-0592
>  http://www.roushtech.net/blog/
>  On 8/14/2014
>  1:54 PM, Ed King wrote:
>  > Walked down to
>  Doctor Bldg.     Sorry you didn't get to see
>  me!
>  >
>  >
>  > So...   whats the
>  "best" remote support solution for iphone? (eg: to
>  tap INTO the iphone)
>  >
>  > I can't find one that offers full
>  remote control w/o jailbreaking, so whats the next best
>  thing?   Looked at Logmein, Teamviewer, Bomgar so
>  far
>  >
>  > as this is for
>  Mr McTightwad, I'm looking for the most expensive
>  product available
>  >
>  >
>  >
>  --------------------------------------------
>  > On Thu, 8/14/14, Ed King 
>  wrote:
>  >
>  >   Subject: Re: [Chugalug] lunch
>  downtown today?
>  >   To:
>  "Chattanooga Unix Gnu Android Linux Users Group"
>  >   Date: Thursday, August 14,
>  2014, 11:30 AM
>  >
>  >   maybe.   depends
>  on
>  >   where and when
>  >
>  >
>  >
>  >   --------------------------------------------
>  >   On Thu, 8/14/14, Rod-Lists
>  >   wrote:
>  >
>  >
>  Subject: [Chugalug]
>  >   lunch
>  downtown today?
>  >    To:
>  "Chattanooga
>  >   Unix Gnu
>  Android Linux Users Group" 
>  >    Date: Thursday, August 14, 2014,
>  10:01 AM
>  >
>  >
>    Whole office is on the
>  >   road.
>  >
>    Anyone up for lunch downtown?
>  >
>  >
>  >    Rod
>  >
>  >   

OT: Old Radio

From: ASG 
I know some of you folks are into old electronics so I thought I=92d =
pass this along here. My brother-in-law is selling an old radio that =
uses vacuum tubes. You can see some pictures here. The radio still =


If any of you are interested in it please let me know off list and I =
will put you in touch with my brother-in-law.

Stephen Haywood
ASG Consulting

Anyone want to start a ps2 connector based computer company?

From: Rod-Lists 
or maybe comtronix and serial mice?
Why the Security of USB Is Fundamentally Broken

Ed, you and I could be rich! ;)

OT: Job in Knoxville

From: Bret McHone 
Our new position is finally posted so if anyone is interested the East TN
Children's Hospital has an opening for a Systems Administrator. Apply at
our site: www.etch.com.

It's day shift and the individual will working alongside me. I believe the
pay will be comparable to experience/skill set though I'm not privy to that
info. Below are the "details" which are loosely defined. Feel free to pass
the info along to anyone interested and if you have questions feel free to
contact me off-list.

*Basic Purpose of the Job:*  Designs, implements, maintains and administers
day-to-day operations of a large scale server infrastructure comprised of
both physical and virtual servers.  This will include building servers from
customer/vendor provided specifications.  Works with a team to deploy,
monitor and maintain servers and applications.  Implement, configure and
support the VMware suite of applications.

*Minimum Education Requirements: *Bachelor=E2=80=99s degree in Computer Sci=
ence or
related field required *OR* Associates Degree and equivalent work

*Required Licenses/Certifications: *Certification in the VMware product
suite is highly desired.

*Minimum Work Experience:* 2+ years of IT work experience required.
Experience in a hospital IT environment strongly preferred.  Experience
with the VMware product suite preferred.

*Required Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities*:  Expertise in administration
of the following: Windows Server, Active Directory, MS Exchange, WSUS,
VMware vSphere, VMware Horizon View required.
Ability to work effectively in a team environment.  Ability to communicate
with others effectively no matter their computer skill level. Ability to
diagnose and troubleshoot complex server issues. Ability to self-motivate
and self-learn.

*Physical Requirements:* Heavy lifting, pushing and pulling is required up
to 50 lbs occasionally, 20-30 lbs frequently and 10 lbs constantly to move
objects of up to 150 lbs.  Sudden emergency situations have the potential
for exposure to lifting or moving of up to 150 lbs.  Frequent bending,
walking, sitting, squatting, reaching and standing are required.
Keyboard/computer use and/or repetitive motions may be required.  *Note:
Reasonable accommodations may be made for individuals with disabilities to
perform the essential functions of this position.*

Outside the Lines -- public library event coming up in Sept, 2014

From: Phil Shapiro 
There may well be a role for Chugalug members to play in supporting the Chatt library in this upcoming event: 

Outside the Lines is a week-long celebration demonstrating the creativity and innovation happening in libraries. Sept. 14-20, 2014. Follow at @ GetOTL (via @ ilovemyanythink ) 

I'm in favor of lazy action, because laziness is what makes communities strong. If enough of us can be lazy together, we can change the world. 



Phil Shapiro, pshapiro@his.com 

"Wisdom begins with wonder." - Socrates 
"Learning happens thru gentleness." 

OT: Quark Stars just became more feasible

From: Rod 
Includes a good explanation what 'color' means in terms of quarks.

"Physicists working at the Large Hadron Collider have spotted a long  
sought-after exotic particle that's the strongest evidence yet for a new  
form of matter called a tetraquark. Here's what the discovery could mean  
to astrophysics."

The unregulated free market is like Yog-Sothoth, a mythical being whose  
followers make bloody sacrifice to hasten its arrival to this world.

Using Opera's mail client: http://www.opera.com/mail/

To fellow Hams: inexpensive 10m rigs

From: Rod 
Until I can fab that circuit board and make my USB linux driven SDR, I'll  
need an inexpensive 10m rig.
Unfortunately the same Software Define Radio revolution has killed off the  
the single band HF and 6m rigs in the Ham market.
If you want 10 meters, or 6M with AM and SSB, you need to by an expensive  
multi band HF rig.
While I am interested in the rest of HF, I don't see the need to buy a  
radio with capabilities I can't use at the moment.

That has led me to the murky world of import CB's. While it is definitely  
illegal to use these as CB's in the US, it is legal to use them on 10 and  
12 meters if you have privileges to do so.
I had been looking at the Anytone Apollo 1, sold in this country as the  
Stryker SR 89MC, for $150.


Fwd: Modis.NET

From: Dan Lyke 
This may actually have come across here already, I haven't been watching
the Chattanooga job postings too closely, but I know some of y'all can get
through notYET code...

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Standifer, Joshua 
Date: Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 8:16 AM
Subject: Modis.NET
To: "danlyke@flutterby.com" 


Thanks for taking my call and offering to pass this info along. Below
you'll find the positions that I currently have open. Thanks again!

*CHOICE DATA: Contract to Hire *

Advanced ASP .Net MVC developer, must at least worked on  ASP .Net MVC
projects 3 years and above.

Excellent knowledge and skills with web development tools in C#,
Javascript, HTML, CSS, JSON, AJAX

Excellent knowledge and skills in LINQ ,  .Net 2.0/3.5/4.0/4.5

Excellent knowledge and skills in SQL Server 2005/2008

Good knowledge and experience in C, C++.

Good knowledge and experience in Java is a plus.

Dependable, team oriented, can take on project/task independently

Primary focus: Web services and SQL Server. Experience with security issues
and database maintenance tasks/plans a huge plus. Experience with
encryption routines and replication required. General Definition
Web/Software Developer requires technically strong candidate with expertise
in enterprise-wide application architectures. Candidate should be well
versed in web applications and Microsoft technologies. This position
additionally requires a wide variety of programming bkground, and a strong
programming discipline and database programming knowledge. This job
requires a team player that will be able to work with or lead other
developers and be involved with new application development and
enhancements to existing applications and also assist with maintenance and
support of issues and bug fixes. This position also requires
adherence/familiarity to project delivery lifecycle steps - requirements,
functional design, coding, unit and system testing, user acceptance and
implementation. Responsibilities * Develop technical designs, using text,
use cases, component, sequence, and class diagrams * Build stable,
flexible, enterprise applications that are maintainable * Demonstrate
knowledge of transaction processing and implementation of object-oriented
environment * Define, design and implement enterprise architectures,
technology standards, good coding practices, and quality standards *
Demonstrate expertise in administration and maintenance of IIS Web sites *
Demonstrate ability to create prototypes * Development of specifications
and estimates for intranet applications * Work with team members and users
to analyze and document business requirements * Foster teamwork and a
spirit of collaboration Skills * Exposure to developing Active Server Pages
and ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, VB/JavaScript, XML and HTML applications *
exposure to developing web-based, n-tier applications using Microsoft
Transaction Server (MTS), Component Server, SQL Server, and Internet
Information Server (IIS) * Knowledge of database architectures, T-SQL and
stored procedures in MS SQL Server 2000 * Experience in ASP with an
in-depth knowledge of .NET framework * Experience working in data modeling
and ERD tools * Experience in XML Web based services and COM/COM+ *
Experience with Active Reports and SQL Reporting Services * Proven ability
to carry a large development task from concept to completion * A BS in
computer science or equivalent experience * Excellent written and oral
communication skills * Works well in a team environment

*TVA: C# ASP.Net Developer Chattanooga, TN *I year contract with the
   possibility of extension *(REMOTE WORK WITH IN OFFICE VISITS POSSIBLE
   OPTION) *

 The contracts could last between 6-18 months and there is the potential
for converting to a full time employee. TVA is a well-respected employer
within our market!  *The right fit is key!*

-          .NET experience - Specifically, ASP.Net
-          Web page development experience

o        JavaScript
o        JQuery
o        CSS
o        HTML

-          SQL Server knowledge, 200/2005/2008

-          We are also looking for someone with the right attitude to come
in and be excited to solve problems.  We want people who are eager and able
to troubleshoot and look for ways to improve existing systems

Analyzes business or scientific system delivery specifications or purchased
software and develops the technical design. Develops and tests the
application software and implements it for use in a configuration managed
environment. Acts as a source of direction, training, and guidance for less
experienced Analysts. Position leads development efforts for complex and
technical systems. Requires advanced knowledge of Information Technology
and someone who serves as a technical expert. Must be able and willing to
assume on-call rotational assignments which may include 24 hour on 7-day
per week availability. Additionally must be willing and able to travel to
carry out project work.

Development of the technical design includes:
* Establish and design technical framework for system
* Design System components including user interfaces
* Design data conversion requirements
* Define operational requirements including scheduling, capacity planning
and resource requirements
* Define test environment including development of test cases

Responsible for the development and testing which includes:
* Generation of executable code based on accepted programming standards
* Unit testing of executable code
* Integration testing of executable code
* Develop operational procedures
* Follows change control procedures and quality assurance standards
* Verification that system meets all business requirements, including
reliability and process volumes
* Receive approval from user that system is ready for production and
prepares associated documents for production release

Job Modifier
Utilizes client-based or web development tools to develop solutions for a
variety of complex and difficult problems or systems.
List of additional technologies in their environment NOT REQUIRED
The technologies and techniques that we use here are:

-          WCF
o   SOAP
o   REST

-          ASP.NET
-          LINQ
-          C#
-          Entity Framework
-          ASP.NET MVC3
-          SQL Server 2008

o   SSIS
o   SSRS
o   SSAS

-          Business Intelligence

o   We're trying to get into this more... .we want to build some cubes and
change the way we store data, but we need people!
o   Star Schemas
o   Data Cubes

-          Windows Services
-          High Availability Clustering
-          Telerik third-party control sets for Silverlight and ASP.NET
-          Silverlight
-          Tibco Enterprise Service Bus and web services


*2. TVA Programmer Analyst Chattanooga, *

I year contract with the possibility of extension *(REMOTE WORK WITH IN



*Joshua Standifer*
Talent Sourcer


633 Chestnut Street ST1350
Chattanooga, TN 37450

T: 423-763-4084
[image: Signature Logo]
Proud Sponsor of the U.S. Olympic Team.

[Bulk] Hatd drives?

From: John Aldrich 
Quoting David White :

> Anyone have 4 RAID (RE) drives preferably new? Need em for a client's
> failed RAID array.
> Call me, 423-693-4234. Shields and Best Buy dont have em (I physically
> checked) so if you know where I can buy em today that would be good too.
Office Depot???
Stateline Electronics???