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A good find --> Sub-$20 802.11n USB WiFi Adapter That's Linux Friendly

From: Phil Shapiro 


Phil Shapiro, 

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Android without Google?

From: James Nylen 
I'd like to run my Android phone without any proprietary Google services,
or as few as possible.  I want control over what servers my phone is
sending data to, and why.  Is anyone doing something similar?
Here's what I've got so far:

Most custom ROMs (Cyanogen, AOKP) separate the google apps installation
from the main OS, so you can just skip that step.

The number 1 thing I miss with this setup is Google Maps.  Right now I have
an old version that I saved and restored using Titanium Backup
.  Number two is probably YouTube,
I have it set up the same way.  Most of YouTube's network requests flow
through Android system processes, which is a little scary to me.

For contact and calendar syncing to my server I use OwnCloud
, and for media syncing Titanium Media Sync

F-Droid Marketplace  works pretty well as a Google
Play alternative for FOSS apps.  There are a couple of potential solutions
for grabbing apps from the Play Store without having it installed:


There's also NOGAPPS
 which was a
project to stub out some of the Google frameworks that many apps depend on,
but it looks mostly discontinued.

Chugalug Digest, Vol 31, Issue 81

From: "Kite, Mike" 
Thanks Lynn and Meuon.

Putting a pipe between domain and user bears the same bitter fruit :(

It's an OEL6 server, which I think, is pretty close, in this case, to RHEL6.

It does indeed have the return code -6 in /var/log/messages when trying to CIFS mount it.
And I may as well just keep trying smbmount rather than smbget, simply because I'll need to put files there as well as get them.

I'm trying to find the Red Hat article you mention, though this machine does not have a  /etc/request-key.d/ folder.  I do have a Red Hat portal account, I'm trying to recover my pwd to that now.


Small job

From: David White 
I'd like to consider hiring someone to help me write a program that will be
used on my mail server. I may decide to write the whole thing myself in
PHP, but this isn't the type of work I do best.

I have a MySQL database, mail, with 3 tables: 1 for virtual users, 1 for
virtual aliases (forwards), and 1 for virtual users (actual users on the
system that receive email).

Each table has a primary key value of the domain ID, and the aliases &
users table also have individual primary key IDs.

I need a little web GUI that will allow a user to login to add, delete or
modify existing email addresses (change password).

Currently, all passwords (in virtual

Head of Crunchbang calling it quits.

From: Rod-Lists 
This saddens me. I prefer it to LXDE.
Perhaps someone will pick up the torch.

Why would you use ASP AND PHP?

From: Rod-Lists 
I understand each is part of a stack and you use the stack of your choice.
But why would you mix asp and php on a website?

I just noticed the local sheriffs site uses both.

Packed and ready

From: DaWorm 

Hopefully everyone can follow this link.


Android Video Chat

From: "Robert A. Kelly III" 
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What apps do you use/recommend for video chat on Android? Obviously, I
prefer free software and open standards. I'm trying Linphone and it
looks good, but wanted to see what other people thought.
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Android command-line

From: "Robert A. Kelly III" 
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I recently got a new smart phone running CyanogenMod 11 with the
F-Droid repository that I have been playing with. I wonder if anybody
here has played much with doing things from the command line under
Android. Does anyone have suggestions for things like taking pictures
from the camera or getting GPS coordinates from the command line? Has
anyone tried installing a Linux distro like Debian in a chroot on
their Android device? Also, has anyone played with Firefox OS or
Ubuntu Touch, or have any idea how they compare from a hackability
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any info on new mac malware vector?

From: Rod-Lists 

VOIP/Scammer Digression

From: Mike Harrison 

On Oct 1, 2014, at 6:49 AM, Wil Wade  wrote:

> On Wed, Oct 1, 2014 at 6:43 AM, Mike Harrison  wrote:
> With various VOIP providers nowadays, it may just be cheaper and easier t=
o grab a =93local=94 number.
> =

> At the last PHP Meetup Dylan showed off ~3 lines of PHP (after including =
the Twilio API lib) that does this for pennies, then drops the number right=

Hating to think that I use Twilio (and like it), but people doing too much =
of that will cause it enough issues to be non-viable for important stuff. =

There are reasons to know how to do it all in Asterisk as well. :)

Fwd: Great UNIX Admin/Architect Opportunity in Atlanta, GA

From: David White 
I'm still waiting for my new iPad... Surely one of these times, someone on
Chugalug will get hired for a job I pass on to them, right?

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Chris Dececco 
Date: Fri, Sep 26, 2014 at 3:10 PM
Subject: Great UNIX Admin/Architect Opportunity in Atlanta, GA
To: DavidWhite 

Hi David!

I am a recruiter here at CyberCoders who specializes in placing UNIX
Admin/Architect candidates as well as similar positions in Atlanta, GA and
other locations nationwide.

I am emailing you in case you think you would be a great fit for the
position listed below.  Please check out the link and apply if you are
interested in hearing more about the job.  :)

Also - If you refer a friend I end up placing at any of my open jobs, I
will give you an iPad for the referral!

This position is for a UNIX Admin/Architect in Atlanta, GA.

*For more details on this job or to apply simply visit CyberCoders:*


*Not a fit for this job?  Search all of our open jobs:*


You can use the link below at any time if you would like us to hold off on
emails to you about new opportunities.

 Thank you,

Chris Dececco  | Lead Recruiter | CyberCoders
949.783.3626 | Follow Us: 

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USB Keyboard & Mouse support on Dell Server

From: David White 
So I spent a couple hours last week trying to get a darn Dell server to
boot with Parted Magic (

OT: LG G2 update

From: Phil Sieg 
So for anybody interested in a top of the line android phone (Quad core 2.2ghz, 2gb ram 32gb storage 5.2" screen, built in wireless charging) for under $250 here is the update.

The battery life is FANTASTIC! The rest of the phone is as well. This is as happy as I have been on Android. I spent $225 on ebay for a verizon unit because it is the only one with built in wireless charging and is FACTORY UNLOCKED for SIM cards.

So a phone that is better in many ways than a Galaxy S5 for almost a third of the price? WHAT are you waiting for???

Here is a bit about battery life:

Anyone heard of this botnet expoit for linux?

From: Rod-Lists 
"Akamai Technologies is alerting enterprises to a high-risk threat of IptabLes and IptabLex infections on Linux systems. Malicious actors may use infected Linux systems to launch DDoS attacks against the entertainment industry and other verticals.

The mass infestation of IptabLes and IptabLex seems to have been driven by a large number of Linux-based web servers being compromised, mainly by exploits of Apache Struts, Tomcat and Elasticsearch vulnerabilities. 

Attackers have used the Linux vulnerabilities on unmaintained servers to gain access, escalate privileges to allow remote control of the machine, and then drop malicious code into the system and run it. As a result, a system could then be controlled remotely as part of a DDoS botnet.

A post-infection indication is a payload named .IptabLes or. IptabLex located in the /boot directory. These script files run the .IptabLes binary on reboot."

OT - Chattanooga Spiceworks Meetup

From: Michael Scholten 
Anyone from Chugalug going to the Spiceworks meetup next Tuesday?


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Subject: 	Next Tuesday: Chattanooga IT pros meet up!
Date: 	Thu, 21 Aug 2014 19:01:40 +0000
From: 	Spiceworks 

Spiceworks | SpiceCorps
Mingle with fellow IT pros and share tech tips and tricks.

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Paypal API (IPN) Consulting Opportunity

Hey er'body!

An old co-worker of mine recently contacted me about assistance with  
(or knowing anyone) the Paypal API. They're having issues getting the  
API to do stuff according to the docs and are having trouble getting  
past verification.

I personally, don't want to poison my mind with PHP code (haha), so  
I'm asking here. If you're interested, message me off list, and I'll  
get you all together to discuss details and arrangements.


PHP job in Nashville area

From: "M. H." 
If anyone around Nashville is looking for a PHP gig, see below:

On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 5:09 PM, Nanci Cronk 

> Hi Michael
> We=E2=80=99ve corresponded about Linux roles in the past, so I know you k=
now your
> way around the LAMP stack. I hope you don=E2=80=99t mind me reaching out.=
 You don=E2=80=99t
> by chance know any PHP programmers in Nashville or surrounding areas, do
> you? We=E2=80=99ve got a respected client on the *south side of Nashville=
> to fill a direct hire PHP Developer position.  *It=E2=80=99s mid level,
> compensation will go up to around 80K and they are looking for good
> background with PHP and frameworks, jQuery and other Javascript libraries=
> etc. The company has excellent benefits, lots of opportunities for paid
> training and growth, onsite workout facilities, and more.
> Let me know if you might be interested but if not I=E2=80=99d sure apprec=
iate your
> help to pass the word along. We=E2=80=99ll pay you a referral fee if we p=
lace the
> person you refer and they stay on past our guarantee period.  I=E2=80=99d=
 love to
> hear how things are going at your end.
> Thank you,
> Nanci Cronk
> Staffing Manager
> IT and Engineering Staffing Practice
> The Maven Group LLC
> Apex (RTP), NC/Dallas, TX/ Boston, MA
> 1.800.343.6612 ext 105 Toll-Free
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LDAP PHP libraries on Linux connecting to AD on Win2008r2

From: Dan Eveland 
Yeah, I know. Windows. Gross. However, I am trying to connect to a AD
server via LDAP from a Linux box. Everything works perfectly, except
sending updates back to the LDAP services (AD). I am getting indications
that an SSL cert is not correct, however I have been trying everything I
can think of.

Using it just for one-way authentication and updates (to Linux via PHP) is
working quite well, actually. Anyone have any experience connecting the
other way to an AD server. Specifically one running 2008R2?

I am not an expert on SSL certs. I have installed the cert, and even
installed it on IIS and it works on the same box. AD does not complain
about the cert, so that *seems* fine. The issue seems to be on the Linux
side. The PHP libraries for this are really bad as far as error messages
and hints go.

Looking for anyone on the list who has lived through this and could guide


I'm baaaaaaack!

From: Ed King 
Got bumped off the list back in mid May due to "too many bounces".    Been checking webpage occasionally for any job announcements or hardware sells/freebies ;-)

I stayed unsubbed for awhile (and missed Hack-a-nooga too) because I needed to focus on our latest and biggest client rollout, which went "live" on 6/2/2014.    To "save money" we switched hardware platforms a few weeks before rollout (went from $800 kids-toy netbooks to $300 Dell Venue tablets), but the software platform stayed the same (albeit with some custom mods for the new client):    lamp stack (linux/apache/php/mysql) on qemu.    Why are we running in a vm/emulator?  Well its a long story but a previous 3rd party vendor wrote our field software.  This 3rd party vendor required Windows netbooks.  Their software was slow and flakey (as you'd expect from dot-net) so we ditched them and rewrote the field software in-house (like we wanted to do in the first place, and we did it in less than half the time, and still had more features and flexibility!).    But... we couldn't just throw out twenty $800 netbooks, so we leveraged that hardware "investment"
 by using qemu to run our lampp stack, thinking that it would also be portable if we ever moved to android (does anyone know of a qemu package for android that doesn't SUCK?)

Back-end:   For "security" this client did not want their data on the same server as our other clients, so I set up a new Debian server just for them.  HTTPS and automated sftp file transfers. 

Well now that this new client is up 'n running, I figured it was time for me to re-sub, so...  I'm back.  This new client is our biggest client to-date, and has doubled the amount of inspectors in the field (and doubled the data collection too...  thank goodness we solved that mysql lock problem we used to have).   Things are running smoothly!   I dare say that the support calls have somehow decreased (oh great, now I've jinxed us).    

Props to our little I.T. team:    Danny "dj" Smith Jada "coldfish" Case, and Master Ed :)