Android without Google?

From: James Nylen 
I'd like to run my Android phone without any proprietary Google services,
or as few as possible.  I want control over what servers my phone is
sending data to, and why.  Is anyone doing something similar?
Here's what I've got so far:

Most custom ROMs (Cyanogen, AOKP) separate the google apps installation
from the main OS, so you can just skip that step.

The number 1 thing I miss with this setup is Google Maps.  Right now I have
an old version that I saved and restored using Titanium Backup
.  Number two is probably YouTube,
I have it set up the same way.  Most of YouTube's network requests flow
through Android system processes, which is a little scary to me.

For contact and calendar syncing to my server I use OwnCloud
, and for media syncing Titanium Media Sync

F-Droid Marketplace  works pretty well as a Google
Play alternative for FOSS apps.  There are a couple of potential solutions
for grabbing apps from the Play Store without having it installed:


There's also NOGAPPS
 which was a
project to stub out some of the Google frameworks that many apps depend on,
but it looks mostly discontinued.

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From: Rod 
Dave is right I must have gotten myself on a list somewhere.

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CSOA does The Matrix

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comcast matrix

From: Ed King 
anyone else seeing osd jibberish during certain commericals over Comcast cable?  
or is it just me?

seems like it started doing this a few days ago...  right after I connected my 
mythtv box between the cable box and the tv...    still see the jibberish even 
tho I removed the mythtv box completely...  makes me wonder if my Haupauge 
pvr-150 remote sent some funky ir code to the tv or cable box

the jibberish only appears during certain commericials, not sure how to explain 
it other than its a series of about 40 characters, no discernable words, and the 
last 2 or 3 characters of the line of jibberish are constantly changing...   
reminds me of The Matrix (even tho I've never watched that movie...   I tried to 
once, but it bored me...   1979's Russian movie Stalker, on the other hand, kept 
my attention for the whole 3 hours, and it had very, very little special