Learn to code a webpage - teaching kids to code this saturday

From: Lee Walker 
For the Chugalguers with kids...

As part of a Chattanooga based effort to teach kids to code, I'm
running a "Learn to code a webpage" session this Saturday at the BDC
on Northshore.
9am-10.30am in the ground floor board room. Everyone welcome.
Bring a laptop if you have one, else I will have 10 Chromebooks to
lend out for the class (thanks to the 4th Floor Library).
Sign up with the link below.


Lee Walker
Principal Engineer
l.s.walker (Skype)

Code Journeymen LLC
100 Cherokee Blvd
Suite #332,
Chattanooga TN,

OT: Local Hero Film Fest

From: Rod 
El Jeffe ask me to pass this along. seee the pr spot at the link below.

Thursday Arduino nights at the library

From: Nate Hill 
Hey all:

Just a heads up that we've started Thursday Arduino nights on the 4th Floor.
From 4:00 PM til 8:00 there's a nice mix of instruction on basics straight
up to hanging out and building crazy whatevers with your pals.

Tonight/this afternoon I'll run everyone through a simple project making a
theremin out of a photoresistor and a piezo.  Rad.

We also just busted a staff member for order 9, yes 9, boxes of girl scout
cookies.  I'll provide parts for any teams that want to take the challenge
of making a cookiebox alarm.  Cause as things stand right now, those
cookies are NOT safe.

Nate Hill

Library Box 2.0 Beta

From: Mike Harrison 

Library Box is alive and well. :)  Kudos Jason Griffey!



And I just happen to have a TP-Link MR3020 in my travel bag.. ;)

Developer Event this Weekend

From: David White 
This email was just sent to the Chattanooga Developer Lunch Meetup group,
and I was planning on sending a similar version to you guys before I event
got that email just a few minutes ago.

So instead of reinventing the wheel, I'll just plagiarize from that email.
I may or may not be able to make it (likely not):

Code Across, which looks like a really cool developer event is taking place
this weekend at the Chattanooga Public Library. Come out and meet with
other developers that are interested in using technology to make
Chattanooga a better place to live.

From the event description:

"CodeAcross 2014 is a weekend of events taking place in cities around the
world. There will be events hosted simultaneously in dozens of cities all
across the globe during the weekend of February 21-23, 2014. Coinciding
with International Open Data Day , the goal of
CodeAcross is to activate the Code for America network and inspire
residents everywhere to get actively involved in their community.

Chattanooga's CodeAcross event will be focused on beginning to build
solutions to some of our City's most pressing transit, housing, and public
safety challenges.  You helped us identify the challenges we need to tackle
at our kickoff event in December - now come help us build the solutions!

Technologists, educators, designers, planners, and thinkers of all kinds
are needed to team up with our Code for America Fellows and Brigade members
to start turning your ideas into accessible, useful tools.  Join us to
build the tools that will build a better Chattanooga."

Eventbrite link with more information:


David White
Founder & CEO

*Develop CENTS *
Computing, Equipping, Networking, Training & Supporting
Nonprofit Organizations Worldwide

Makerspaces and Libraries

From: Dan Lyke 
Nate? Someone else? This is about school libraries, but...


RT Heather Moorefield ‏@actinginthelib

   Are you a public school librarian w/3d printers and/or a maker space
   in your library? If you would be willing to be interviewed, DM me.

Mozilla Gigabit Community Fund for Nonprofits

From: David White 
I just sent this email to several of my clients and other nonprofits with
whom I have a relationship here in Chattanooga. I thought many of you would
be interested in this as well:

Friends, Clients and Colleagues:
I'm writing to let you know about an exciting opportunity, available to
Chattanooga-based nonprofits and educational institutions. Please consider
helping me spread the word, and inviting those in your networks to attend
this exciting event. You can also view this letter at

Last November, Mozilla announced the Mozilla Gigabit Community
Following the larger Mozilla Ignite Apps Challenge
the Gigabit Community Fund is only made available to the cities of
Chattanooga, TN and Kansas City, MO due to our easy access to gigabit-speed

On February 6, 2014, Mozilla will host a Gigabit Community Kickoff Event at
the 4th Floor of the
partnership with the National Science Foundation, Department of
Education, and US Ignite), making available *$150,000 to area
nonprofits*to support development and experimentation of education and
development-focused uses of emerging technologies.

As an IT professional heavily involved with the nonprofit community in
Chattanooga, I have agreed to participate in this kickoff event by
facilitating some of the sessions and helping educators, nonprofits and
technologists like yourself conceptualize ideas for projects (websites and
internet applications) that could take advantage of high-speed internet for
the good of the community. We at Develop CENTS
are also helping to promote the event.

If you are an educator, nonprofit organization, community activist, or a
technologist, please consider joining us on Thursday, February 6, at

Until then, please begin to think about some of your organization's
greatest needs and how internet applications that rely on high-speed
internet could meet those needs. Again, your project will ultimately need
to address an educational or workforce development problem, and should rely
on Chattanooga's gigabit internet.

If you're unsure what this could look like, then simply begin by writing
down your organization's pain points. Folks including myself will be
available throughout the day to help mesh your needs with concrete ideas
and examples of websites or internet applications that could help meet
those needs.

Mozilla=92s mission is to build a web where people know more, do more and d=
better. The goal of the Fund is to:

   1. Build a network of educators, designers, catalysts and technologists
   building prototypes of projects that leverage gigabit technology as
   learning platforms
   2. Empower educators to explore and experiment with cutting edge
   learning tools
   3. Teach both the production and application of tools designed to deepen
   the learning of its users
   4. Shape the environments for what is possible and needed in the
   emerging gigabit economy

To RSVP and learn more about this event, please visit this Eventbrite
registration page:
David White

PS: To subscribe to our Newsletters at Develop CENTS, please visit this
newsletter in a browser at
http://developcents.com/gigabit-community-fund-nonprofits.">http://developcents.com/gigabit-community-fund-nonprofits. and find the
subscribe option in the sidebar.

David White
Founder & CEO

*Develop CENTS *
Computing, Equipping, Networking, Training & Supporting
Nonprofit Organizations Worldwide

Chatt's library director, Corinne Hill, named librarian of the year

From: Phil Shapiro 

Hi chugalug community, 

Last week I was mentioning that the Chatt library is firing on all cylinders. 

This week the library director, Corinne Hill, was named Librarian of the Year for 2014 by Library Journal magazine. 


Why is this good for the Linux community? Because the Chatt library is so open minded to trying 
new things -- including open source related projects. 

Congrats, too, to Nate Hill (no relation), the assistant library director who is right here on the 
Chugalug list with the rest of us. 

I can tell you candidly that the Chatt library is moving forward with much greater boldness 
than many other library systems in the country. That's not only good for the library -- it's good for the 
entire Chattanooga metropolitan area. 



Phil Shapiro, pshapiro@his.com 

"Wisdom begins with wonder." - Socrates 
"Learning happens thru gentleness." 

In 2014, America will lose its grip on the Internet

From: Nate Hill 
Ran into this article.
Wasn't sure how to take it, really.
Would love to hear some thoughts from the chugalug community.

Nate Hill

Vancouver Public Library rated number one in the world

From: Phil Shapiro 

Naturally, my main focus in moving Chatt library into the international spotlight would be its strong 
embrace of open source. 


----- Original Message -----

From: "Phil Shapiro"  
To: "Chattanooga Unix Gnu Android Linux Users Group"  
Sent: Tuesday, December 31, 2013 8:47:34 PM 
Subject: [Chugalug] Vancouver Public Library rated number one in the world 

Hi chugalug community, 

Here's some interesting news to think about. 


Chatt's library has such strong leadership that it's conceivable that the Chatt library could 
rise to be number one in the world -- especially with the way it has formed partnerships with 
groups around town. 

I don't know all the indicia they use to measure "best library in the world," but I do know the Chatt library is firing on all cylinders these days. 

If you're interested in ideas for moving the Chatt library in that direction, kindly contact me 
off-list -- and we can continue a small group conversation off list and involve Chatt library staff 
as their time permits. 

Yes, it's admittedly a "squishy" concept to be rated number one library in the world. 
But it truly is an attainable goal for Chatt -- and would spotlight the city in a great way if 
that were to happen. 



Phil Shapiro, pshapiro@his.com 

"Wisdom begins with wonder." - Socrates 
"Learning happens thru gentleness." 

Open Data Specialist job at Chattanooga Public Library

From: Nate Hill 
Apologies for the cross-postings.

We're searching high and low for an exceptional candidate for the Open Data
Specialist job here at the Chattanooga Public Library.  As a partner in a
Knight Foundation Community Information grant, we're raising and supporting
an open data portal hosted by the public library.  Now, instead of finding
government (and other) data in useless, clumsy volumes of print, the
community will be able to build interactions and applications that actually
use the library as a platform.  We'll start with the typical civic data
Code for America type stuff, but we hope to expand the portal to include
other types of datasets to support citizen science projects and more.


If you know anyone who is right for this role, please pass them the link.
 Or apply yourself!  Working here is AWESOME!

Nate Hill

A powerful video about the function of public libraries

From: Phil Shapiro 

Hi Chugalug members, 

This new TED video speaks to some of the themes that makes the Chatt library right in the forefront of 
what libraries are moving towards across the nation. 


In just a short amount of time, the Chattanooga Public Library has turned itself around and is heading on 
a path towards being much more than a book place. (Although books remain a vital part of what libraries are about -- 
and ought to remain a vital part of what libraries are about.) 

And yes, open source is a part of the vision for any thinking public library -- because open source is all about 
possibilities and all about inclusion. 



Phil Shapiro, pshapiro@his.com 

"Wisdom begins with wonder." - Socrates 
"Learning happens thru gentleness." 

Forward thinking public library

From: Phil Shapiro 
There's a public library that's doing some wonderful things teaching programming to youth, including robotics, 
working in collaboration with a bunch of different groups. 

See the inspiring Vimeo video at 


It would be so cool if the Chattanooga Public Library were able to do something like that some day. 




Phil Shapiro, pshapiro@his.com 

"Wisdom begins with wonder." - Socrates 
"Learning happens thru gentleness." 

Open Data Specialist position at the Chattanooga Public Library

From: Nate Hill 
Don't hesitate to ask me any questions.

Open Data Specialist (ODS)

The Chattanooga Public Library (CPL) is seeking a qualified candidate for a
newly created Open Data Specialist (ODS) position.  The successful
applicant will join our fantastic digital projects team on The 4th Floor, a
14,000 sq ft public maker/hackerspace in Chattanooga=92s city center.  This
is a unique library job that combines the diverse talents of a seasoned
collection development specialist, a web developer, a data scientist, and a
community outreach specialist. The ODS position is a year-long grant funded
position awarded to the CPL as one partner in the Open Chattanooga
collaborative. With demonstrated success, we intend to extend the position
beyond the duration of the grant indefinitely.

The ideal candidate for the ODS position is an open data evangelist and an
expert who can work with representatives from city government as well as
citizen groups like Open Chattanooga to coordinate contributions of data to
a public platform or portal. This portal will be hosted by the library and
accessed alongside our other digital collections. The portal=92s exceptiona=
construction, performance, and maintenance are all the responsibility of
the ODS.  The ODS will coordinate with partners to ensure that all data
added to the portal is useful, useable, and accessible like all of our
other public library collections. While this position does not require the
candidate to be a degreed librarian, it is important that the candidate
demonstrates an understanding of professional collection development
principles, since this government-produced data will be treated as a
library collection.

The first and most important task the ODS faces is the buildout of the
platform itself, as well as the creation of a sustainability plan and
documentation of the open data portal as a library collection.  Currently,
the library has a beta version of a data portal available at
opendata.chattlibrary.org; this was created using DKAN.  The ODS will
either continue work using this platform, or will present a case for the
adoption of another open source platform, such as CKAN.

Chattanooga Public Library considers this data portal a key piece of our
digital infrastructure as we develop more online library services and
migrate some of our traditional library services into a networked
environment.  The ideal candidate will bring innovative and creative
thought and workflows to our already robust digital services team.
 Eventually, the CPL anticipates serving more than just open government
data from this platform.  A candidate with a passion for developing cutting
edge services, skills to build and deliver applications and products, and a
desire to have fun working collaboratively with the rest of us will find
CPL to be a satisfying work environment.

Other qualifications, requirements, and preferences:

   - Undergraduate degree or equivalent experience in CS or related field
   - Demonstrated understanding of data structures and APIs
   - Familiarity with the Drupal CMS and DKAN or with CKAN
   - Familiarity with the LAMP stack; demonstrated PHP development
   - A strong history of contributions and commitments to open source
   - Please provide a link to your github account or another online
   - Bonus points for the applicant with UI / UX / design experience

This is a full-time position with benefits.  Sorry, this is not a remote
work opportunity, you will have to work in the library.

The salary for this job is $55,000/year.

Email application, resume, and portfolio to cooper

Amusing speech bubble graphics using OpenOffice/LibreOffice Draw

From: Phil Shapiro 

A few years ago I made a presentation at the annual American Library Association conference about how fun it is to use the callout ("speech bubble") feature of OpenOffice/LibreOffice. You can search for "funny animals" photos on Flickr.com -- and then refine the search (using Advanced options) to use only Creative Commons photos. You can then end up with something like this. 


This is fun for youth and adults. Can be useful for some amusing workplace signs, too. Notice how nicely the callout (I call them "speech bubbles") can let you control the form of the speech bubble and the exact placement of the part of the speech bubble that comes from the animal's mouth. This is much more precise than some similar speech bubble features of some photo web services. 



Phil Shapiro, pshapiro@his.com 

"Wisdom begins with wonder." - Socrates 
"Learning happens thru gentleness." 

About 3 hours of Inkscape screencast trainings

From: Phil Shapiro 
Chugalug members - 

Here is a single video file with about 3 hours of freely distributable 
Inkscape training screencasts. 


1.5 GB file size. Downloadable from my Google Drive. 

I assembled this from the excellent videos at http://screencasters.heathenx.org/ 

and received permission from the two people who made these to 
distribute these. I want to take Inkscape training offline -- to reach 
people without Internet access. This file can be redistributed via Flash drive, 
DVD disks, or even LibraryBox. 


I also put this file (and Inkscape) on donated computers I distribute to families that don't 
have computers. 


btw, this .mov file ought to play fine in VLC. Sorry the file is a bit unwieldy in file size, 
but I wanted it to be easily distributed with a single file copying action. 

My favorite tutorial in this group is Photo Popping Fun. 


(Note - this screencast has a long musical intro) 


Phil Shapiro, pshapiro@his.com 

"Wisdom begins with wonder." - Socrates 
"Learning happens thru gentleness." 

Soliciting Location Suggestions for next Chugalug Meetup

From: David White 
As many of you recall, we had a Chugalug meetup back in June that I had
helped plan, but then had to bail at the very last minute and miss the
meeting (which I was disappointed about).

That was hosted on the 4th Floor of the Library.

I tried a couple months ago to nail down another date for hosting a similar
event, but that failed miserably due to a number of reasons.

I want to try doing it again, soon, but we will likely be looking into
doing it at a different venue (also for multiple reasons).

I'm still willing to help take a lead role in planning and organizing the
event / meetup / lining up speakers, but if folks wanted to help, I'd
welcome the help.

The main point of this email is to solicit suggestions for a possible venue
(besides the 4th Floor) for a similar type of event - a half-day meeting of
workshops (possibly break-out style), hardware swap, etc...

The goal is to maybe even turn this into a regular occurrence (Quarterly?),
and the ultimate goal is to attempt a Chattanooga Technology Conference in
the next year or two that many of you will recall was discussed about very
early this year.

Anyone have space we could use for a half-day meetup, and/or have
suggestions for such a space? A caveat is "free" would be very, very nice
(and almost mandatory).

Also, contact me if you want to help with the next meetup and/or help with
the longer-term brainstorming and planning for an actual (well
though-through, well planned, well executed) conference.

- David

David White
Founder & CEO
*Develop CENTS *
Computing, Equipping, Networking, Training & Supporting
Nonprofit Organizations Worldwide

Retooling... Home Entertainment - Linux Centric ?

From: Mike Harrison 
I'd like to build a single Linux box to:

   1. Play Blu-ray and DVD movies  (might even use an external drive)
   2. Power internally a 5.1 (7.1... ) speaker system, or feed one..
   3. Store music library and image library...
   4. Output video/audio via HDMI

Is the current state of the art still:  XBMC   (https://xbmc.org)

Any favorite hardware to look at for running XBMC? I'm looking for good 
value, not the cheapest. Reasonable quiet.. I'd prefer buying a box that 
it all "just worked on".

New book - Zero to Maker

From: Phil Shapiro 

Hi chugaluggers, 

We need copies of this new book in the Chattanooga Public Library. 


If someone with a Chatt library card can request it, that would be great. 

Here is what you can make the request. 


If anyone here reviews the book on Amazon.com -- kindly let me know. Your book review can be text or video. 

See for example http://tinyurl.com/kvht6d4 

The pixel dimensions of that video are 320 x 240. File size 88 MB (must be less than 100 MB). Duration 
about 6 minutes. 

If we had several Chatt reviewers of this book, that would be even better. It's fine in your book review to say, 
"Here in Chattanooga, ...." 



Phil Shapiro, pshapiro@his.com 

"Wisdom begins with wonder." - Socrates 
"Learning happens thru gentleness." 

"Supplying the Mining World" -- ButterFly ASIC Single

From: Mike Robinson 
On Sep 2, 2013, at 7:00 AM, chugalug-request@chugalug.org wrote:
> Re: ButterFly ASIC Single

In my library I have an excellent book, "Supplying the Mining World."  =
which to me neatly sums-up how "Bit-con" actually works.  The people who =
really made a fortune during the California Gold Rush days were =
hardware-store proprietors, like Leland Stanford and Mark Crocker (who =
went on to do quite well with the transcontinental railroad), and =
photographers.  Nearly all of the hopefuls never made a dime, but they =
all bought shovels and sluice-pans in the big city, and they all wanted =
to have their pictures taken.

As long as this device works as advertised ... it will accelerate the =
task of solving this computationally-difficult yet-solvable problem ... =
then it is in the eyes of the law as legitimate a thing to sell as any =
one of P. T. Barnum's tickets to see "the amazing egress."