Captain Trips is coming....

From: Phil Sieg 
Stephen King meets R.E.M.

It's the end of the world and we know it.... Two major outbreaks of "super virals" at the same time:

Starting to look around for a SysAdmin type..Almost a job posting

From: Mike Harrison 

We're not hiring yet... but maybe soon.

Work ( is starting to look around for a 
SysAdmin/DevOps-ish kinda person. Specifically someone that can build and 
babysit our own servers and applications and a collection of unique custom 
built Linux systems around the world.

It'd be a long term real position, maybe some international travel, and 
requires what is essentially being "on call" except for some specific 
vacation and weekends. There would be a fair amount of interfacing with 
general IT types at various customers and partners.

Pro's: Reasonable pay and bene's. You would occaisionally have some 
interesting problems to solve. Some flexible hours... 'cause things often 
have to be done when they can be done, and some days are just boring and 
the sun is shining. You'd get to work with me.

Con's: You'd have to work with me.

If you are interested.. or might be in a few months, chat me up..
we are small enough that the needs / job description / role might be tuned 
to fit the right person and circumstances.

Work:  mike.harrison@ the domain listed above  423 605-6943 (cell)

HIRING!!! I need another PHP guy/gal

From: Phil Sieg 
Looking for another coder, 90%+ of work is PHP.

Stable e-commerce driven company, good medical benefits and salary commensurate with experience and ability. Also willing to look at flex arrangements.

Contact me off list if you are interested or know anyone.

PLEASE re-post to other geek lists to help me out.

Phil Sieg
SeniorTech LLC / snapfōn®

Phone: 423.535.9968
Fax: 423.265.9820
Mobile: 423.331.0725

"The computer is the most remarkable tool that we've ever come up with. It's the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds."

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

Linux job interview online?

From: Darren Breidigan 
I found this on craigslist:

  Linux Administrator-Take an Online Technical Interview Now (Oak Ridge TN)
compensation: Based on experience

telecommuting okay

TrueAbility is the world's first job board for System Administrators and 
DevOps Engineers that allows tech pros to prove themselves by 
demonstrating their skills on a real server.

These companies are using TrueAbility to seek candidates in your area:

Information International Associates Linux Administrator Oak Ridge, TN

To Take an Online Technical Interview Now with Information International 
Associates Go to

Ruby Dev

From: Mike Harrison 

I just met an above average Ruby and Ruby on Rails guy from Australia
whome just moved to Chattanooga from Sydney Australia so his wife could be 
closer to home.

He has an impressive resume and a deeper than "just a rails dev" set of 
skills. He is also entertaining leaving Chattanooga because finding a good 
job in his core skill set is difficult,

I'm posting his resume (text extract) in hope the Chugalug Gestalt can 
keep a guy like this in Chattanooga. He's only been here a few weeks and
dispite all the GigCity buzz, can't find a fit for his caliber.

The bad text formatting is my fault.. his PDF resume is pretty neat and 


Adam Baker 423-432-2562

Lead Application Developer

January 2014 to present, Amnesty International Australia, Chattanooga 
Tennessee May 2011 to December 2013, Amnesty International Australia, 
Sydney Australia

● Gathered requirements, designed, implemented, tested and deployed a 
custom CRM system using Ruby, PostgreSQL, Padrino and AngularJS.
● Designed and implemented an automated batch importation system using 

Fwd: Great Ruby on Rails Architect Opportunity in Nashville, TN

From: David White 
If you apply, make sure to drop my name so I can get that iPad!!!

Still don't have one of them toys!
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "Kevin Witthuhn" 
Date: Mar 20, 2014 11:34 PM
Subject: Great Ruby on Rails Architect Opportunity in Nashville, TN
To: "DavidWhite" 

Hi David!

I am a recruiter here at CyberCoders who specializes in placing Ruby on
Rails Architect candidates as well as similar positions in Nashville, TN
and other locations nationwide.

I am emailing you in case you think you would be a great fit for the
position listed below.  Please check out the link and apply if you are
interested in hearing more about the job.  :)

Also - If you refer a friend I end up placing at any of my open jobs, I
will give you an iPad for the referral!

This position is for a Ruby on Rails Architect in Nashville, TN.

*For more details on this job or to apply simply visit CyberCoders:*


*Not a fit for this job?  Search all of our open jobs:*


You can use the link below at any time if you would like us to hold off on
emails to you about new opportunities.

 Thank you,

Kevin Witthuhn  | Executive Recruiter |
949.988.7560 | Follow Us: 

 | View My Bio and Open

Amazing piece of kit! (Chromebook)

From: Phil Sieg 
Got a an Acer C720 Chromebook (refurb $169) for my daughter yesterday.

A truly amazing cheap piece of gear. Here is my summary:

Slim, light, well constructed, and beautiful
8+ hours of battery
Killer processor, very speedy (Intel Celeron-Haswell)
Boots in 7 seconds, sleeps instantly, and wakes up happy.
16GB SSD that is upgradeable to 120GB for $99 (amazon)
2gb Ram (not upgradeable, there is a 4gb version as well)
Is a video streaming workhorse. Hulu and Netflix run amazingly well on 2gb.
100GB of Google Drive ($60 value per year)
Easily upgradeable to several flavors of Linux

BEST sub $200 kit purchase ever!

This is the perfect device for kids and families. Buy a couple and leave them on the charger till needed. whoever wants to watch/surf/email/facebook/candycrush grabs one from the pile and does their thing.

I wish I could justify one for me.... but with a laptop and 2 iPads, and a smartphone...

Phil Sieg
SeniorTech LLC / snapfōn®

Phone: 423.535.9968
Fax: 423.265.9820
Mobile: 423.331.0725

"The computer is the most remarkable tool that we've ever come up with. It's the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds."

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

Linux VM Host Choices

From: Stephen Kraus 
Thought I'd bring this up, partially to praise Xen.

I inherited a bunch of Xenservers at the new job I got, and expected
trouble partially due to the very poor setup of the prior IT service

I could not have been more wrong. I am really thrilled with XenServer,
especially after I pushed a few updates and migrated all the VMs onto an

Whats your VMs of choice?

Fwd: Need Desktop Support@TN;Direct client requirement

From: Matt Keys 

Passing it along..

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: 	Need Desktop Support@TN;Direct client requirement
Date: 	Wed, 12 Mar 2014 12:11:36 -0400 (EDT)
From: 	Kashi Gupta 

03/12/14 10:59 AM
Greetings Matthew,
My name is Kashi and I'm an IT recruiter at Pyramid Consulting, Inc. Our 
records show that you are an experienced IT professional with experience 
relevant to one of my current contract openings.
*Title: *Desktop Support

*Location: *Chattanooga, TN

*Expected Start Date: ASAP*

*Duration: 12+Months/ Contract *

• Minimum of 2 years’ experience as a desktop support technician
• Ability to analyze and solve technical problems.
• Experienced in Test plan creation and testing of images
• Excellent trouble-solving skills on Windows operating systems, desktop 
• Excellent expertise in trouble-solving hardware and operating system 
related issues for Desktops and Laptops.

*Full name:*
*Contact Details:*
*E-Mail- ID:*
*Current Location:*
*Visa Status:*
*Rate on W2/1099:*

*Kashi Gupta*
*Pyramid Consulting, Inc.* 
office : 770-255-7712/ fax: 678-935-1353

The number of this type of position(s) open with the client is 4. The 
initial duration of this job is 

Old code never dies..

From: Mike Harrison 

Rambling while watching a long slow database load:

I got a strange call last night. Seems a pager company, that bought a 
pager company.. that bought a pager company... that bought a local pager 
company that was the dregs from another local pager company that somewhere 
in the late 1990's I wrote an SMTP mail server in Perl that gatewayed to 
alphanumeric pagers via the TAP protocol.. had a server issue. It's the 
only production C code I ever wrote, and it was munged from someone else's 
example code. Once upon a time it made a lot of money as
(I used to charge $1 a month for the service, per pager..)

I SSH'd in.. rebooted it.. and its magically working again.

Seems pagers have become the medical worlds secret communications layer..
it's the one way to always contact a doctor, no matter what, because 
pagers are still allowed where cell phones are not.

That project taught me several things, including that most "magic" is best 
performed as a service for a small fee. It also reminds me that some 
things never ever die, even when you want them to, and that I should do a 
better job of making sure what I do is the right thing to do, and done 
well. I'm a big hypocrite on that point, most of what I do for a living 
barely qualifies as duct tape and zip-ties, although time has proven 
most of my kludges to be enduring.

It also reminded me, talking to the technical guys at the latest owners of 
this abortion... that few people understand the lowest levels of 
anything.. the "magic" that is a protocal like TAP
(Telecommunicator/Telelocator Alphanumeric Protocol).

Fwd: Modis.NET

From: Dan Lyke 
This may actually have come across here already, I haven't been watching
the Chattanooga job postings too closely, but I know some of y'all can get
through notYET code...

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Standifer, Joshua 
Date: Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 8:16 AM
Subject: Modis.NET
To: "" 


Thanks for taking my call and offering to pass this info along. Below
you'll find the positions that I currently have open. Thanks again!

*CHOICE DATA: Contract to Hire *

Advanced ASP .Net MVC developer, must at least worked on  ASP .Net MVC
projects 3 years and above.

Excellent knowledge and skills with web development tools in C#,
Javascript, HTML, CSS, JSON, AJAX

Excellent knowledge and skills in LINQ ,  .Net 2.0/3.5/4.0/4.5

Excellent knowledge and skills in SQL Server 2005/2008

Good knowledge and experience in C, C++.

Good knowledge and experience in Java is a plus.

Dependable, team oriented, can take on project/task independently

Primary focus: Web services and SQL Server. Experience with security issues
and database maintenance tasks/plans a huge plus. Experience with
encryption routines and replication required. General Definition
Web/Software Developer requires technically strong candidate with expertise
in enterprise-wide application architectures. Candidate should be well
versed in web applications and Microsoft technologies. This position
additionally requires a wide variety of programming bkground, and a strong
programming discipline and database programming knowledge. This job
requires a team player that will be able to work with or lead other
developers and be involved with new application development and
enhancements to existing applications and also assist with maintenance and
support of issues and bug fixes. This position also requires
adherence/familiarity to project delivery lifecycle steps - requirements,
functional design, coding, unit and system testing, user acceptance and
implementation. Responsibilities * Develop technical designs, using text,
use cases, component, sequence, and class diagrams * Build stable,
flexible, enterprise applications that are maintainable * Demonstrate
knowledge of transaction processing and implementation of object-oriented
environment * Define, design and implement enterprise architectures,
technology standards, good coding practices, and quality standards *
Demonstrate expertise in administration and maintenance of IIS Web sites *
Demonstrate ability to create prototypes * Development of specifications
and estimates for intranet applications * Work with team members and users
to analyze and document business requirements * Foster teamwork and a
spirit of collaboration Skills * Exposure to developing Active Server Pages
and ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, VB/JavaScript, XML and HTML applications *
exposure to developing web-based, n-tier applications using Microsoft
Transaction Server (MTS), Component Server, SQL Server, and Internet
Information Server (IIS) * Knowledge of database architectures, T-SQL and
stored procedures in MS SQL Server 2000 * Experience in ASP with an
in-depth knowledge of .NET framework * Experience working in data modeling
and ERD tools * Experience in XML Web based services and COM/COM+ *
Experience with Active Reports and SQL Reporting Services * Proven ability
to carry a large development task from concept to completion * A BS in
computer science or equivalent experience * Excellent written and oral
communication skills * Works well in a team environment

*TVA: C# ASP.Net Developer Chattanooga, TN *I year contract with the
   possibility of extension *(REMOTE WORK WITH IN OFFICE VISITS POSSIBLE
   OPTION) *

 The contracts could last between 6-18 months and there is the potential
for converting to a full time employee. TVA is a well-respected employer
within our market!  *The right fit is key!*

-          .NET experience - Specifically, ASP.Net
-          Web page development experience

o        JavaScript
o        JQuery
o        CSS
o        HTML

-          SQL Server knowledge, 200/2005/2008

-          We are also looking for someone with the right attitude to come
in and be excited to solve problems.  We want people who are eager and able
to troubleshoot and look for ways to improve existing systems

Analyzes business or scientific system delivery specifications or purchased
software and develops the technical design. Develops and tests the
application software and implements it for use in a configuration managed
environment. Acts as a source of direction, training, and guidance for less
experienced Analysts. Position leads development efforts for complex and
technical systems. Requires advanced knowledge of Information Technology
and someone who serves as a technical expert. Must be able and willing to
assume on-call rotational assignments which may include 24 hour on 7-day
per week availability. Additionally must be willing and able to travel to
carry out project work.

Development of the technical design includes:
* Establish and design technical framework for system
* Design System components including user interfaces
* Design data conversion requirements
* Define operational requirements including scheduling, capacity planning
and resource requirements
* Define test environment including development of test cases

Responsible for the development and testing which includes:
* Generation of executable code based on accepted programming standards
* Unit testing of executable code
* Integration testing of executable code
* Develop operational procedures
* Follows change control procedures and quality assurance standards
* Verification that system meets all business requirements, including
reliability and process volumes
* Receive approval from user that system is ready for production and
prepares associated documents for production release

Job Modifier
Utilizes client-based or web development tools to develop solutions for a
variety of complex and difficult problems or systems.
List of additional technologies in their environment NOT REQUIRED
The technologies and techniques that we use here are:

-          WCF
o   SOAP
o   REST

-          ASP.NET
-          LINQ
-          C#
-          Entity Framework
-          ASP.NET MVC3
-          SQL Server 2008

o   SSIS
o   SSRS
o   SSAS

-          Business Intelligence

o   We're trying to get into this more... .we want to build some cubes and
change the way we store data, but we need people!
o   Star Schemas
o   Data Cubes

-          Windows Services
-          High Availability Clustering
-          Telerik third-party control sets for Silverlight and ASP.NET
-          Silverlight
-          Tibco Enterprise Service Bus and web services


*2. TVA Programmer Analyst Chattanooga, *

I year contract with the possibility of extension *(REMOTE WORK WITH IN



*Joshua Standifer*
Talent Sourcer


633 Chestnut Street ST1350
Chattanooga, TN 37450

T: 423-763-4084
[image: Signature Logo]
Proud Sponsor of the U.S. Olympic Team.

Bellhops is Looking for Developers

From: Mike Harrison 

Thought this fit the Jobs for Linux Geeks topic:

> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> From: "Adam Haney" 
> Date: Feb 25, 2014 10:25 AM
> Subject: [Chattanooga-Developer-Lunch] Bellhops is Looking for =
> To: 
> Cc:=20
> I wanted to reach out to everyone and let you know that Bellhops (a =
locally grown Chattanooga company) is looking for Web Developers (front =
end and backend), iOS developers, Android developers and Devops =
Engineers. We're offering a $1,000 finders fee for referrals that lead =
to a full time hire so please spread the word! I've included our job =
posting below that has more information about the job. Please send =
information or questions to
> What we work on.
> Bellhops is looking to grow our 5 person development team so we can =
continue to change the way that college students find work and move. =
We've created an automated hiring, managing, and scheduling system that =
allows our customers to get the help they need from our workforce of =
college students. We pair program, practice TDD, and learn something new =
every day. We solve the problems of managing a distributed, part time =
workforce using a web application and automated telephony system; the =
system makes sure our customers can get the help they need, when they =
need it, and that our students can work when they want. Solving these =
problems means we're working with Geospatial data and services, =
telephony systems, and, in some cases, integrating with University =
systems. We strive to make the process of moving painless for customers, =
while providing solid jobs for our hard working college students.
> What does Bellhops do?
> Bellhops employs top-tier college students to provide moving services =
to our collegiate and local communities in over 47 cities. With =
thousands of trained student 'Bellhops', access to a nationwide fleet of =
moving trucks and our fully integrated Online Management System, we=92re =
taking small local moving and giving her the People's Elbow.
> We=92re the saviors of small local moving. Just because 'professional =
movers' have 70 years of moving experience doesn=92t mean you want them =
in your home. What you need are some young, beefy, and well-educated =
gentlemen from your local University to come knock it out for you. We=92re=
 here to permanently remove careless attitudes, cigarettes, beer guts =
and weight belts from your moving experience.
> Where do you fit in?
> We currently seeking in Django developers, iOS developers, Android =
developers and engineers with an dev ops background, but we'd love to =
talk to any web developer who's eager to learn. We constantly rotate =
pair programming partners and love working with each other on creating =
new, exciting features. We'd love to meet another developer that we'd be =
excited to learn with. We develop with and contribute to open source =
software so candidates with open source contributions are especially =
> How To Apply
> If you're interested send an email to with your =
resume and contact info.
> =20
> --
> Please Note: If you hit "REPLY", your message will be sent to everyone =
on this mailing list (
> This message was sent by Adam Haney ( from =
Chattanooga Developer Lunch.
> To learn more about Adam Haney, visit his/her member profile
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click here=20
> Meetup, POB 4668 #37895 NY NY USA 10163 | =20

Urgent Desktop Support - Chattanooga, TN

From: Adam Jimerson 
This was passed on to me, and I figured that I would pass it on to someone
more suited:

> If you are a current Pyramid employee, or are working at  a Pyramid client
> site, please ignore this message.
> Greetings Benjamen,
> My name is Amreesh Verma and I'm a Client Delivery Manager at Pyramid
> Consulting, Inc. Our records show that you are an experienced professional
> with experience relevant to one of my current contract openings.
> My Client is looking for a "Desktop Support" for a 6 - 12 Months+ Contract
> based at Chattanooga, TN ( Zip Code - 37404 )
> If you are interested then please send me your updated resume along with
> the hourly rates you are looking for this position.
> 2 Positions
> Interview/ Feedbacks ASAP.
> Job Description:-
> Candidate should possess the ability to troubleshoot and repair computer
> systems and computer peripherals.
> Position will require the candidate at times to document, maintain,
> upgrade or replace hardware and software systems, which include the setup
> of workstations and the installation and configuration of software and
> hardware.
> Strong knowledge on TCP/IP, Hardware, Operating System, DNS, DHCP ,
> Windows Administration, Active Directory, SCCM etc.
> Note: - Client is eagerly interested to close this position ASAP.
> Thanks & Regards
> Amreesh Verma
> (Client Delivery Manager)
> Pyramid Consulting, Inc.
> Office: 770-255-7574Call: 770-255-7574  / fax: 678-935-1353Call:
> 678-935-1353
> 11100 Atlantis Place, Alpharetta, GA 30022
> The information in this e-mail is confidential and may be legally
> privileged. It is intended solely for the addressee. Access to this e-mail
> by anyone else is unauthorized. If you have received this communication in
> error, please notify the sender and delete the e-mail and destroy any
> copies of it. If you are not the intended recipient, any disclosure,
> copying, distribution or any action taken or omitted to be taken in
> reliance on it, is prohibited and may be unlawful. Any opinions or advice
> contained in this e-mail are subject to the terms and conditions expressed
> in the governing PYRAMID client eng
> Thanks again.
> If you are interested in this position, please click here

Comcast buys Timer Warner Cable

From: Billy 

Atlanta linux/unix admin

From: Matt Keys 
The details are below.


From: Kathy Dean
Sent: Wednesday, February 12, 2014 1:51 PM
To: Matt Keys
Subject: Unix / Linux Administrator - On Call - No Travel Atlanta Growth!

Hi Matt,

I have a client that would like to interview you for a role that they =

need filled. Great benefits and growth opportunity! They are seeking =

people who want to grow into management. They are also looking for a =

culture fit - very team oriented. This is the detailed Job description. =

Preference is someone with exp. with Nagios. This firm is building a SOX =

IT Hub for themselves in Atlanta and the opportunity for growth is =


Qualifications: =95 Previous experience as Linux/Unix administrator preferr=
=95 Experience supporting IMAP/POP/SMTP email a must
=95 Must be able to compile/install/configure server software (apache, =

openldap, php, etc)
=95 Strong knowledge in setup and deployment of database
=95 Experience in managing large database sizes a plus (MySQL, PostgreSQL, =

=95 Strong knowledge in optimization and interrogation of databases
=95 Experience in data integration and database design
=95 Experience with monitoring logs to identify problems
=95 Deeply familiar with networking including installation/configuration =

of routers, switches, firewalls, desktops
=95 Powerful Linux Shell Skills (use grep, sed, awk, find, etc)
=95 Skilled with scripting languages such as PHP, Ruby, Python
=95 Comfort with HTTP service architecture, optimization a big plus
=95 Server scripting tools including perl/bash/sh/tcsh/csh or some =

combination required
=95 Knowledge of DNS, preferably BIND
=95 Experience with Phone Systems such as Asterisk and Hylafax Servers =



OT: FS 2 Servers CHEAP!!!

From: Phil Sieg 
Got 2 "Rackable Systems" 2U half depth servers for sale

Intel Xeon something (1.5-3.0 ghz) single core
2 GB ram each (I think)
4 SATA drive bays with caddy's no drives

Make great NAS boxes.

$20 each.

Come get them from my offices.

Phil Sieg
SeniorTech LLC / snapfōn®

Phone: 423.535.9968
Fax: 423.265.9820
Mobile: 423.331.0725

"The computer is the most remarkable tool that we've ever come up with. It's the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds."

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

More jobs SPAM...

From: Eric Wolf 
My employer still has a bizarre number of openings. Relocation assistance
is available pretty much across the board. Remote workers are even being
considered routinely.

Contact me if anything sounds interesting...


Eric B. Wolf                           720-334-7734

Fwd: recruitment interview request

From: Dean Warren 
This is what I was trying to forward ti the group.
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "Ron Kirkland" 
Date: Jan 15, 2014 9:56 PM
Subject: recruitment interview request

Hello Dean,

My name is Ron Kirkland and I reached out to you a few weeks ago regarding
job opportunities with our company. I wanted to check in with you and share
some interesting updates about our company and also see if we can connect
to discuss your job aspirations and goals for the future. We are currently
hiring Sales Benefit Coordinators

As I suggested previously, I was impressed with your professional
experience upon finding your resume online. I believe your business skills
would transfer very well into our vertical market and I would like to speak
with you and provide you some examples of success stories of other
professionals that came into this market and thrived.

Please let me know if we can set up a time to meet. Hope to hear from you

schedule now Gainesville

schedule now Lawrenceville

click here to Opt

Best regards,

Sheryl Farris
Administrative Recruiter
Ron Kirkland, Regional Sales Coordinator

OT: FS 4 bay RAID enclosure

From: Phil Sieg 
I have a small 4 bay RAID enclosure (does 0,1, 0+1, and 5) that has software raid built in and connects via USB 2.0 or eSATA.

I have had 4 2TB SATA drives in a 6TB raid 5 setup in this for the past year, and it has been GREAT. Had it hooked up via USB to my linux box in the basement. Just replaced it with a stand alone 4 bay NAS.

Bought from newegg for $150

First $50 gets it.

I probably have the box manual etc as I keep all of that stuff 99% of the time. If I have to look for that stuff before I sell it the price goes to $75.

Phil Sieg
SeniorTech LLC / snapfōn®

Phone: 423.535.9968
Fax: 423.265.9820
Mobile: 423.331.0725

"The computer is the most remarkable tool that we've ever come up with. It's the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds."

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

OT: Unix Administrator in Atlanta

From: Matt Keys 
Forwarded message and job description below that :


From: Dana McSpadden 
Sent: Monday, January 13, 2014 11:51 AM
To: Matt Keys
Subject: Infosys McCamish - Job Opportunity

Hi Matt,

My name is Dana McSpadden and I am a Recruiter with Infosys =

BPO/McCamish. We are currently seeking an experienced Unix/Linux/HP-UX =

Administrator to join our Data Center Services organization at our =

Atlanta, GA office. A job description is attached for your review.

Please let me know if you are interested in learning more about this =

opportunity. To express interest or to answer any questions you may =

have, I can be contacted via email at Dana