free devlab

From: gary hasty 
FYI, if anyone's thinking about coming down for the AT&T hackathon this
weekend we're also having a devlab session during the day at the foundry:

*Free one-day workshop on the AT&T Speech, In-App Messaging, Advertising
APIs, and Appcelerator*

Are you a *mobile application developer* with an interest in adding *voice
commands*or text-to-voice translation to your app?  Or sending *text
messages* from inside your application?  Or earning *advertising revenues*?
Join the AT&T Developer Program for a one-day workshop on the *AT&T Speech,*
 *In-App Messaging* (including SMS and MMS)*,*and* Advertising APIs*.  This
will be a day of learning and hands-on coding ("lab time").  Bring your
laptops (PC or Mac) and leave with our APIs working from your own AT&T
Developer Program account. The event will close with a session by Pratik
Patel, CTO of Triplingo and evangelist for Appcelerator, on how to leverage
Appcelerator to complete your app.

The workshop will be taught by AT&T and Appcelerator subject matter
experts, and AT&T Developer Program staff.  This also is a great
opportunity to network with AT&T and your fellow mobile developers. We will
be using Postman and cURL for the lab exercises.

The event is free and lunch is provided.  If you are an app developer
working independently or with a company planning or already producing
mobile applications then this is the event for you. Space is limited so
register now.

Find out how carrier APIs from the AT&T Developer Program can benefit you
and your app strategy. *We look forward to meeting you!*

next AT&T hackathon

From: gary hasty 
For those geeks interested - April 11th at the AT&T Foundry here in Atlanta

So what is the state of making your own circuit boards?

From: Rod 
I'm looking into linux based Software Defined Radio and found this  
wonderful device.
Transmit and recieves from 30mhz to 6ghz.

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New Language Hack - Facebook's Embellished version of PHP

From: David White 
This is really interesting...

David White
Founder & CEO

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Nonprofit Organizations Worldwide

Is there a Security Focused mobile OS?

From: Chad Smith 
It seems like that would be a very profitable niche market.  A mobile OS
that is focused on being untraceable, unhackable, etc.. - Linux based, of
course, to keep in on topic.  And by "mobile" I mean Tablets and

Does such a thing exist?

*- Chad W. Smith*

FYI:Linux and Software Defined Radio

From: Rod 
Been during research lately into linux and ham radio support.
There have been more than few good linux distros with a ham focus over the  
At least two puppies, a few ubuntu respins, etc.

Just found Kali Linux which seems to be picking were up Backtrack Linux  
left off.
Kali Linux has an SDR metapackage that is worth looking into.
It includes their own fork of Debian's gnuradio which updates to the  
latests sources. As well as GQRX which support several USB SDR dongles.
Including a $20 TV dongle that can be used as a broad spectrum scanner  
that can be used for all kinds of cool stuff.

While Kali Linux should be in any serious linux users toolkit, I'm not  
sure if a distro that runs as root by default is the best choice for some  
of my fellow hams. Especially the many who are xp refugees mourning the  
loss of their dead os. Though it has some good ideas for the start of a  
new HAM Shack OS.

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ClearSkies open source file syning

From: Phil Shapiro 

Some news from Hacker News (YCombinator) 

This is a solution that works well for the Gig City. 



Phil Shapiro, 

"Wisdom begins with wonder." - Socrates 
"Learning happens thru gentleness." 

Backdoor Discovered In Netgear and Linkys Routers

From: Rod 
 From Slashdot:"A hacker has found a backdoor in the Linksys WAG200G  
router, that gives access to the admin panel without authentication.  
Further research shows that these devices are made by Sercomm, meaning  
that Cisco, Watchguard, Belkin and various others maybe affected as well.  
 From the article: 'The backdoor requires that the attacker be on the local  
network, so this isn’t something that could be used to remotely attack DSL  
users. However, it could be used to commandeer a wireless access point and  
allow an attacker to get unfettered access to local network resources.'"

Here is the original article.

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American companies respond to new NSA hacking claims

From: David White 
This is interesting:

Here's a direct link to several of the NSA documents referenced in this

David White
Founder & CEO

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OT Mac Pro A1186 For Sale or Trade

From: Randy Yates 
I thought I'd post this on here before I list it on eBay or Craigslist.

I have an original Mac Pro which has been recently upgraded to 2,1 firmware
and dual x5365 Xeon Quad-core 3.0ghz processors. It also has 32 GB of RAM.
I'm currently on it and it runs like a champ. It is running Lion and that
is the last version of OS X that supports the first gen Mac Pro without
using some hacks to change the EFI limitations and without upgrading the
video card (currently has the original nVidia Geforce 7300).

It's super fast and quiet. It also runs rather cool (around 88F under
normal use at the moment).

It's a great machine if you aren't someone who needs the latest OS X or if
you want to go through the trouble of using the hack to install Mavericks
on it.

I personally need something that runs Mavericks even if the specs are lower
than this, because I'm doing dev work that requires the latest xcode and
dev tools.

If you would like one heck of a machine for a good price or if you have an
imac/mini capable of running Mavericks right away, hit me up offlist. Feel
free to ask any questions about the machine.

Happy holidays.

=?windows-1252?q?Someone=92s_Been_Siphoning_Data_Throu?= =?windows-1252?q?gh_a_Huge_Security_Hole_in_the_Internet?=

From: Dave Brockman 
Hash: SHA1

On 12/5/2013 6:51 PM, Rod wrote:
> Texas is where Boors Allen and other Corporate intelligence
> contractors for the Gov are located. Looks like those east European
> hackers have been busy again.

Please refer to the Renesys blog for more accurate information.

Actually, please open your hosts file and add

If you were intelligent enough to find this list, you are intelligent
enough to find a better source of reading material.

For those not following this in other circles, the general consensus
of actual network operators is that all the instances Renesys reported
on were not globally affecting (most of the "hijacked" announcements
were covered by other announcements, and massive amounts of traffic
were *not* diverted).



- -- 
"Some things in life can never be fully appreciated nor understood
unless experienced firsthand. Some things in networking can never be
fully understood by someone who neither builds commercial networking
equipment nor runs an operational network." RFC 1925
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=?utf-8?q?Someone=E2=80=99s_Been_Siphoning_Data_Throug?= =?utf-8?q?h_a_Huge_Security_Hole_in_the_Internet?=

From: Rod 

Texas is where Boors Allen and other Corporate intelligence contractors  
for the Gov are located.
Looks like those east European hackers have been busy again.

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Going beyond gigabit speed

From: Phil Shapiro 
If your gigabit Internet seems sluggish sometimes, there are interesting ways of 
hacking together a beyond-gigabit Internet connection. For example, using this software 
you could add in a dial-up Internet connection to your total bandwidth -- taking you above 
gigabit speed. 



Phil Shapiro, 

"Wisdom begins with wonder." - Socrates 
"Learning happens thru gentleness." 

Time to change your Google, Twitter, Yahoo & Facebook passwords again

From: John Aldrich 

The title says it all... "Hackers steal 2 million Facebook, Google,  
Twitter, Yahoo passwords." Guess I need to come up with new passwords  
for Google, Facebook and Yahoo. :(

[Off-Topic] Classic Computer Catalogs online

From: Chad Smith 

Tandys, Tandys everywhere.....

*- Chad W. Smith*

Open Data Specialist position at the Chattanooga Public Library

From: Nate Hill 
Don't hesitate to ask me any questions.

Open Data Specialist (ODS)

The Chattanooga Public Library (CPL) is seeking a qualified candidate for a
newly created Open Data Specialist (ODS) position.  The successful
applicant will join our fantastic digital projects team on The 4th Floor, a
14,000 sq ft public maker/hackerspace in Chattanooga=92s city center.  This
is a unique library job that combines the diverse talents of a seasoned
collection development specialist, a web developer, a data scientist, and a
community outreach specialist. The ODS position is a year-long grant funded
position awarded to the CPL as one partner in the Open Chattanooga
collaborative. With demonstrated success, we intend to extend the position
beyond the duration of the grant indefinitely.

The ideal candidate for the ODS position is an open data evangelist and an
expert who can work with representatives from city government as well as
citizen groups like Open Chattanooga to coordinate contributions of data to
a public platform or portal. This portal will be hosted by the library and
accessed alongside our other digital collections. The portal=92s exceptiona=
construction, performance, and maintenance are all the responsibility of
the ODS.  The ODS will coordinate with partners to ensure that all data
added to the portal is useful, useable, and accessible like all of our
other public library collections. While this position does not require the
candidate to be a degreed librarian, it is important that the candidate
demonstrates an understanding of professional collection development
principles, since this government-produced data will be treated as a
library collection.

The first and most important task the ODS faces is the buildout of the
platform itself, as well as the creation of a sustainability plan and
documentation of the open data portal as a library collection.  Currently,
the library has a beta version of a data portal available at; this was created using DKAN.  The ODS will
either continue work using this platform, or will present a case for the
adoption of another open source platform, such as CKAN.

Chattanooga Public Library considers this data portal a key piece of our
digital infrastructure as we develop more online library services and
migrate some of our traditional library services into a networked
environment.  The ideal candidate will bring innovative and creative
thought and workflows to our already robust digital services team.
 Eventually, the CPL anticipates serving more than just open government
data from this platform.  A candidate with a passion for developing cutting
edge services, skills to build and deliver applications and products, and a
desire to have fun working collaboratively with the rest of us will find
CPL to be a satisfying work environment.

Other qualifications, requirements, and preferences:

   - Undergraduate degree or equivalent experience in CS or related field
   - Demonstrated understanding of data structures and APIs
   - Familiarity with the Drupal CMS and DKAN or with CKAN
   - Familiarity with the LAMP stack; demonstrated PHP development
   - A strong history of contributions and commitments to open source
   - Please provide a link to your github account or another online
   - Bonus points for the applicant with UI / UX / design experience

This is a full-time position with benefits.  Sorry, this is not a remote
work opportunity, you will have to work in the library.

The salary for this job is $55,000/year.

Email application, resume, and portfolio to cooper

Some Kiwi hacks the microwave with raspberry PI

From: Rod 

CLI analysis of hacked

From: Dave Brockman 
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First Church of FOSS.

From: Mike Harrison 
On Thu, 24 Oct 2013, Stephen Kraus wrote:
> He's a warlock.

Flushy was a Warlock grade Wizard 20 years ago... but focused (as far as I 
know) on the nobler more sociably responsible uses of his powers.
I don't even think his constant use of Java has turned him to the dark 
side. (Yet).

I have no idea what secret powerful incantations he can muster nowadays, 
in what arcane languages. But I hope for the sake of humanity, he uses 
those powers for good.


As a community: Hackers/Makers/Doers/Wizards/Geeks/Builders/Etc.. 
inclusively; if we develop a new vernacular and verbage for ourselves, our 
wonderful clueless government will just create a new category for our 
potentially subversive and dangerous group.

It all depends on how they spin it.

Perhaps, we need to assume identies within a different sub-culture and 
subvert it? Anyone want to admit that they are a Brony?

But I really think forming a religion might be the answer, we have some 
prophets: Torvalds, Stallman, Cox.. and sacrements should include 
encryption, compiling code, and creating divine objects as inspired by 
God (3d printer optional, but required for certain observances of the 
gospel. Same for machine shops, soldering irons and voyages of discovery 
(taking things apart to see how they work).

The First Church of FOSS anyone? I think Gary has experience being a 
Cardinal and looks good in red (especially with heels on: there are 
pictures) and I already have some white robes (ala Burning Man) and would love to be Bishop..
I like the pointy hats (sans mask). But as a pudgy bald guy, I let off 
Buddha vibes.

First prayer:

Let us Configure.
Make Clean.  (chant; Our souls are clean)
Make         (chant: Compile as commanded, Lord..)
Make Test.   (chant: We have been tested and found pure) 
Make Install. (chant: Place us along the righteous paths you have given us)
Let us pray while invoking the commands the lord has given us.
(chant: Life is given, It lives. Amen.)

I'm in Guyana S. America rigt now, I feel the urge to build a compound.. .
Kool Aid anyone ?  --Mike--

Motorola Lapdock KVM/Console project & more

From: Phil Sieg 
My Lapdock came in today!

WOW. What a premium piece of kit for $60. Slim, lightweight, phenomenal build quality, and lots of hacking possibilities. Color me impressed.

Should get my Droid Bionic tomorrow, then on to getting a full blown Linux distro to run on it when plugged into the dock.

Phil Sieg
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