Anyone hiring?

From: David Rucker 

Most of you may not know me but I follow the list a lot and reply very
rarely. I currently work for RadioShack as one of their Expert Repair
Technicians doing cell phone and tablet repairs. I am one of the few of
their techs that can do advanced soldering. I also owned and operated a
computer service shop for several years as well. I am current going to
school at Volkswagen in their automation mechatronics program. RadioShack
is on their last leg and is now circling the drain, so to speak. Pending
being purchased by Amazon or sprint. Most job listings in the tech field
are morning afternoon shifts. I need something from 4 pm to 9 pm during the
week and flexible on weekends. I can provide a full resume, just wanting to
see if anyone knew of anything or had anything available themselves.

Thank you in advance!
David R. Rucker

OT: Hackintosh for sale $600

From: Phil Sieg 
I built 2 Hackintoshes, and need only one of them.

Here is the one for sale:

Intel Xeon 2.83ghz quad core processor
500GB main drive
1TB Time machine/data drive
Nvidia GTX 650 (2GB DDR5) Video with triple outputs.
802.11 B/G/N Airport card
Dell Optiplex 780 Mini-Tower Mobo and case

Almost silent and runs very cool. Running Yosemite 10.10.1

Equivalent to 1st 2 generations of MacPro. Very fast.

Come by my office and check it out if you like.

Phil Sieg
SeniorTech LLC / snapfōn®

Phone: 423.535.9968
Fax: 423.265.9820
Mobile: 423.331.0725

"The computer is the most remarkable tool that we've ever come up with. It's the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds."

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

McDell Hackintosh>>> Quad Core/16gb/500GB SSD $617

From: Phil Sieg 
So I have successfully Hackintoshed a dell Optiplex 780 Desktop (between mini tower and SFF in size 16x16x5). It is VERY fast and silent. I must say I am impressed. Here is the build:

Optiplex 780
Intel Q9650 Core2 Quad 3.0ghz (Will replace with Xeon Quad when it arrives)
16GB 1333mhz ram
500 GB Crucial M100 SSD
1TB Western Digital Blue (Time Machine internal drive)
Nvidia GeForce GT730 1GB DDR5 low profile. Triple monitor support ;-)

So a Quad core 3 ghz with 16gb ram and 1tb Time machine drive that performs like a MacPro (older one of course) for $617 ALL IN.

I can’t say I will never buy another Mac… But I might not buy another Mac Desktop.

The ONLY thing I do not have working yet is the APP Store, and Messages.

Phil Sieg
SeniorTech LLC / snapfōn®

Phone: 423.535.9968
Fax: 423.265.9820
Mobile: 423.331.0725

"The computer is the most remarkable tool that we've ever come up with. It's the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds."

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

A cool CHEAP Hardware hack!!!

From: Phil Sieg 
I am building a couple of cheap quad core hackintoshes using stock Dell =
Boxen and upgrading video cards.

I was shopping for Core2 Quad processors (Q9650) and was shocked to see =
them at $100 and more! Awful damned old for that price.

Soooo I was googling around and found this: =

So an EASY way to use LGA 771 XEON CPU=E2=80=99s in Core2 Duo/Quad =
motherboards. More cache, better overclocking, and lower temps=E2=80=A6 =
OH YEAH and HALF the PRICE!=20

The Quad core Xeon comparable to the Q9650 core2 quad is $46 instead of =


Phil Sieg
SeniorTech LLC / snapf=C5=8Dn=C2=AE

Phone: 423.535.9968
Fax: 423.265.9820
Mobile: 423.331.0725

"The computer is the most remarkable tool that we've ever come up with. =
It's the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds."

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

FBI Seeks To Legally Hack You If You're Connected To TOR Or a VPN

From: Rod-Lists 

Don't believe the hype: Sony hack not 'unprecedented, ' experts say

From: Rod-Lists 
Posted for the security guys on the list

Throw Linux onto this $95 Intel iMac

From: Phil Shapiro 
This Intel iMac that sells for $95 today (cyber Monday) would be lovely with Linux on it. 

Getting wifi working takes a little extra time, but is quite do-able. 

Getting the webcam to work can be done, too, I've heard -- although I've 
never done it myself. You could always use an external USB webcam on this computer. 
(i.e. Logitech or somesuch) Linux automatically senses the external webcam. 

Although not as light as a laptop, these 17-inch iMac are fairly transportable to hackathons 
and the like. It's important for the public to see iMacs running Linux, too. That would open their 
mind to possibilities -- and get more of the young ones wanting to install Linux on older computers. 


Phil Shapiro, 

"Wisdom begins with wonder." - Socrates 
"Learning happens thru gentleness." 

Mysql Rapid Loading

From: Mike Harrison 

A quick perl hack to split up a large MySQL database “dump” (from mysqldump) into several files, 
and load it using multiple processes. Depending on your data, seems to provide an large speedup. On an 8 hour MySQL load, It loaded in right at 3hours with threads set to 4. 
In this case, everything but two tables loaded in minutes. 

Played with splitting up large inserts into multiple files, but it seems the indexing gets pretty funky. More efficient long term to load a table sequentially (it seems). 

serious hadoop talk 11/13/2014:Society of Work

From: Rod-Lists 
Thursday, November 13, 2014
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Society of Work
701 Market St #1350 (13th floor FTB building), Chattanooga, TN 

The session will be divided into a presentation and a hacking session.
Our presenter will be Josh Patterson. He will give us an introduction to Hadoop and the world of Big Data.
The hacking session will be to install a pseudo-distributed VM for Hadoop on your BYOL (bring-your-own-laptop).

=?utf-8?q?Open_Chattanooga_Hack_Night_=E2=80=93_Mesh_N?= =?utf-8?q?etwork_Party!?=

From: Sean Brewer 
Special hack night: James McNutt and Jake Brown will show us how how to
build a mesh network, which they will also be demonstrating at MozFest in
London later this week!

During periods of civil unrest like the Arab Spring, civilians organized
and spoke openly on social media, and subsequently the involved governments
sought to limit access to the internet. In a typical model with an ISP,
this is as easy as cutting a cord. Mesh networking doesn't allow for this
because it's never reliant on a single point of access, it heals itself if
a point in the mesh goes down, access to local resources on the mesh always
remains open, it=E2=80=99s open source and freely available, and accessible=
anyone with WiFi.

We'll use off-the-shelf hardware to build a mesh network isolated from the
internet. Curious to see how it works, applications of it, or maybe test an
idea you have? Come on by!

There will be food!

The event will be this Tuesday (October 21st) on the 4th Floor of the
Chattanooga Public Library downtown at 5:30pm.

RSVP here:

or just show up.

Android command-line

From: "Robert A. Kelly III" 
Hash: SHA512

I recently got a new smart phone running CyanogenMod 11 with the
F-Droid repository that I have been playing with. I wonder if anybody
here has played much with doing things from the command line under
Android. Does anyone have suggestions for things like taking pictures
from the camera or getting GPS coordinates from the command line? Has
anyone tried installing a Linux distro like Debian in a chroot on
their Android device? Also, has anyone played with Firefox OS or
Ubuntu Touch, or have any idea how they compare from a hackability
Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (GNU/Linux)


Hacking GitHub's contributions calendar to display messages

From: James Nylen 
I thought this was a neat hack.

I ran across a webapp[1] that generates a git repository that has commits
on specified dates, so that when GitHub displays them on its contributions
calendar it shows a message or image.  Here are a couple of examples of it
in use:

Hello GitHub:
From the project's author:


Fwd: [PhreakNIC] CTF

From: Jon Nyx 

PS - "Keith" is this guy:

Keith Watson
Information Security Manager, College of Computing
Georgia Tech, Atlanta GA

Part of his day job is taking large botnets away from organized crime
outfits, studying them, and then disassembling them. We're very lucky
to have him helping with our con.

Dru Myers
Nashville2600 President, PhreakNIC founder and con chair, 1997-2001 & 2014

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Keith
Date: Tue, Aug 26, 2014 at 8:48 AM
Subject: [PhreakNIC] CTF

I've talked to GTRI (the people who put on the Hungry Hungry Hackers
CTF) and it looks like a go. I will have more info in the next week or

H3 was this last weekend, it went great (8/22 & 8/23)

We noticed at past events that people would leave the CTF after only a
few hours. We asked around and found that people want to compete but
are overwhelmed and don't know where to start.

This year we had two tracks, competition and educational. The
educational track had multiple speakers that did walk-throughs of
tools and how to solve some basic challenges. It went very well and
after the end of the educational track a bunch of them joined the

The CTF is Jeopardy style with about 60 challenges. In addition we had
ten stations setup with a FPGA hardware flags and a car hacking
station setup with CAN buss flags.

Craig Smith of TheiaLabs set up the car hacking station and was on
hand for the entire event. It was a combination CAN buss/WiFi hack.
Craid was alos handing out copies of the Car hacker's Handbook. You
can download the PDF here:

A lock picking challenge was also part of the CTF.

Once we do our post CTF debrief we'll start solidifying the PhreakNIC CTF.

Let me know of anything you would like to see in the CTF.


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Anyone Going to PhreakNIC in Nashville?

From: Jon Nyx 
On Tue, Aug 26, 2014 at 1:53 PM, Wil Wade  wrote:

> Just found out about in Nashville (via KLUG) October
> 30 - November 2, 2014.
> Anyone going?

(raises hand)

I am.

Guess I should introduce myself:


I'm Dru Myers (aka jonnyX). I started PhreakNIC in 1997 with several
like-minded friends, ran it until 2001 when I moved to Atlanta, and
now that I'm back in Nashville I'm running it again. I believe we're
the oldest & longest-running non-profit hacker (in the original
non-criminal/white-hat sense of the word) convention in the US, if not
the world. Technically, we're an infosec, maker, linux/foss conference
these days, with a bit of aerospace, engineering, general science &
experimental music (we're in Nashville, after all, music has to be
involved somehow) thrown in for good measure.

PhreakNIC had been struggling the last several years, which is why I
stepped back into the organizer's position, with the goal of growing
it and the parent non-profit so they'll both be relevant and useful
once more, not just the local tech scene but the community at large.
Basically, we're rebooting this year.

Currently, we're working very closely with the Nashville Linux User's
Group, the Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts, DefCon 404 (an Atlanta infosec
group), Freeside Atlanta (a huge hackerspace), Maker's Local 256
(another large & well-organized hackerspace in Huntsville) - you get
the idea. Many of the leaders and admins of the above groups are also
involved in PhreakNIC's reboot. We'd love to have more people onboard,
especially if they have something to contribute to the success of the

We're also working with TVIW - - which is the week
after PhreakNIC (and in Oak Ridge), and the TVIW folks will have a
presence at PhreakNIC, doing some talks and promoting *their* con..

Info I sent to the Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts list last week can be
found here (I don't want to retype it all):

Open Chattanooga Civic Hack Night This Wednesday @ 5:30 on the 4th Floor of Chattanooga Public Library!

From: Sean Brewer 
It's that time again!

We will be having a civic hack night on the 4th Floor Wednesday on the 4th
Floor at 5:30!

You don't have to know how to code! Just bring your awesome self! There is
something you can work on!

You can RSVP here, but you can just show up!:

OT:BEST Android phone yet... LG G2 VS980 Verizon

From: Phil Sieg 
Got a new piece of kit. Here is how it happened:

My business partner got the new LG G3 5.5" but 20% smaller than the Galaxy Note 2/3 even though the screen is the same size. I have been VERY impressed with my Nexus 5 and his G3 is amazing, in fact almost perfect. The ONE THING it is lacking is the wireless Qi charging.

Well I am hooked on Qi the way a crack ho loves rock... yes it is that bad. If you don't have wireless charging, you thing I am an idiot. If you do, you get it. There simply is no going back, not even for the iPhone 6.

The problem is that I am still dissatisfied with the battery life on my Nexus 5. I have rooted, rom-ed, kerneled, and tweaked this thing to death, and have gotten every last drop of energy out of it, and it just isn't enough, especially for international travel.

So I start reading up on hacking Qi into the G3, and find out that the G2 from Verizon has it built in. 

For those of you that don't know, the LG G2 is the Nexus 5 on steroids. It is the exact same size with a .2 inch larger screen (5.2 vs 5.0) due to smaller bezels. It has a bigger battery, better camera, better screen, and the Verizon model's SIM slot is UNLOCKED. You can use the ATT Straighttalk SIM and it will do HSPA+ (4G) without hacking and LTE if you flash an AOSP rom.

OH and it doesn't have any stupid buttons on the side where they get pressed accidentally ALL THE TIME. The buttons for power/vol are in the center of the back just below the Camera...which actually rocks.

The best part: $225 on ebay for like new in the box 32GB!!!

So far I am digging it.

Will rant in a few days if battery life is disappointing.

No rant means I am pleased.

Phil Sieg
SeniorTech LLC / snapfōn®

Phone: 423.535.9968
Fax: 423.265.9820
Mobile: 423.331.0725

"The computer is the most remarkable tool that we've ever come up with. It's the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds."

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

Open Chattanooga Meeting This Wednesday

From: Sean Brewer 
We're re-starting our lunch meeting/hack nights for Open Chattanooga.

This Wednesday, we will be meeting at the Grocery Bar for lunch, which we
will provide!

If you want to find out what we're about, have a civic problem that needs
to be solved, or want to find a project to participate in, then you should
definitely come!

We will also have a special guest: Preston Rhea, the Brigade Program
Coordinator with Code for America.

You can RSVP here:

Open Chattanooga Civic Hack Night - Trails!

From: Sean Brewer 

Tomorrow we will have an Open Chattanooga hack night, for trails!:

It will be on the 4th Floor tomorrow night starting at 5:30 until whenever
the library decides to kick us out.

Since we finished mapping the trails on Enterprise South Nature Park in
OSM, we will begin creating an interactive webmap from that:

We also want non-devs involved as well! With the ESNP interactive map we
could use feedback, testing, feature request, UX help. You don't need to be
a dev to do that.

Also, there's not a central location where ALL of the local trails are
documented. Chattanooga has a localwiki that folks can edit: where those trails could be listed

If you have any other trail related hacks/ideas, bring those and show up!
We'll try to break into teams by project interest.

Fwd: Linux Journal: Awesome Tech Magazine or Extremist Forum?

From: Jonathan Calloway 

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Linux Journal 
> Subject: Linux Journal: Awesome Tech Magazine or Extremist Forum?
> Date: July 8, 2014 at 8:00:46 AM EDT
> To:
> Reply-To: Linux Journal =

> Linux Journal: Awesome Tech Magazine or Extremist Forum?
> =20
> NSA: Linux Journal is an "extremist forum" and its readers get flagged =
for extra surveillance
> by Kyle Rankin
> A new story published on the German site Tagesschau and followed up by =
BoingBoing and has uncovered some shocking details about who =
the NSA targets for surveillance including visitors to Linux Journal =
> While it has been revealed before that the NSA captures just about all =
Internet traffic for a short time, the Tagesschau story provides new =
details about how the NSA's XKEYSCORE program decides which traffic to =
keep indefinitely. XKEYSCORE uses specific selectors to flag traffic, =
and the article reveals that Web searches for Tor and Tails--software =
I've covered here in Linux Journal that helps to protect a user's =
anonymity and privacy on the Internet--are among the selectors that will =
flag you as "extremist" and targeted for further surveillance. If you =
just consider how many Linux Journal readers have read our Tor and Tails =
coverage in the magazine, that alone would flag quite a few innocent =
people as extremist.
> While that is troubling in itself, even more troubling to readers on =
this site is that has been flagged as a selector! = has published the relevant XKEYSCORE source code, and if you =
look closely at the rule definitions, you will see =* listed alongside Tails and Tor. =
According to an article on, the NSA considers Linux Journal =
an "extremist forum". This means that merely looking for any Linux =
content on Linux Journal, not just content about anonymizing software or =
encryption, is considered suspicious and means your Internet traffic may =
be stored indefinitely.
> One of the biggest questions these new revelations raise is why. Up =
until this point, I would imagine most Linux Journal readers had =
considered the NSA revelations as troubling but figured the NSA would =
never be interested in them personally. Now we know that just visiting =
this site makes you a target. While we may never know for sure what it =
is about Linux Journal in particular, the Boing Boing article speculates =
that it might be to separate out people on the Internet who know how to =
be private from those who don't so it can capture communications from =
everyone with privacy know-how. If that's true, it seems to go much =
further to target anyone with Linux know-how.
> It's bad news to all of us who use and read about Linux on a daily =
basis, but fortunately we aren't completely helpless. Earlier in the =
year I started a series on security, privacy and anonymity in my Hack =
and / column that included articles on how to use the Tor browser bundle =
and Tails. With either piece of software in place, you can browse Linux =
Journal (and the rest of the Internet) in private.
> Read this and other privacy-related stories at
> A Bundle of Tor
> Tails above the Rest: the Installation
> Tails above the Rest, Part II
> Are you an extremist?
> Dolphins in the NSA Dragnet
> Are you an extremist?
> Get the T-Shirt!
> Get the T-Shirt by itself or take advantage of our special (and =
temporary) offer and get a 1-year subscription with your shirt for just =
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> =20

Learn about OpenStreetMap, the Wikipedia of maps, at this Tuesday's Maptime on the 4th Floor!

From: Sean Brewer 
Tim Moreland, from the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Regional Planning
Agency, will be giving a presentation on OpenStreetMap at this Tuesday's
Maptime meetup at 5:30pm on the 4th Floor of the Chattanooga Public Library

More info here:

The local chapter of Maptime here in Chattanooga has a meeting with talks
every second Tuesday on the 4th Floor at 5:30pm and hack nights every
fourth Tuesday at the same time at the same place.