Anyone Going to PhreakNIC in Nashville?

From: Jon Nyx 
On Tue, Aug 26, 2014 at 1:53 PM, Wil Wade  wrote:

> Just found out about in Nashville (via KLUG) October
> 30 - November 2, 2014.
> Anyone going?

(raises hand)

I am.

Guess I should introduce myself:


I'm Dru Myers (aka jonnyX). I started PhreakNIC in 1997 with several
like-minded friends, ran it until 2001 when I moved to Atlanta, and
now that I'm back in Nashville I'm running it again. I believe we're
the oldest & longest-running non-profit hacker (in the original
non-criminal/white-hat sense of the word) convention in the US, if not
the world. Technically, we're an infosec, maker, linux/foss conference
these days, with a bit of aerospace, engineering, general science &
experimental music (we're in Nashville, after all, music has to be
involved somehow) thrown in for good measure.

PhreakNIC had been struggling the last several years, which is why I
stepped back into the organizer's position, with the goal of growing
it and the parent non-profit so they'll both be relevant and useful
once more, not just the local tech scene but the community at large.
Basically, we're rebooting this year.

Currently, we're working very closely with the Nashville Linux User's
Group, the Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts, DefCon 404 (an Atlanta infosec
group), Freeside Atlanta (a huge hackerspace), Maker's Local 256
(another large & well-organized hackerspace in Huntsville) - you get
the idea. Many of the leaders and admins of the above groups are also
involved in PhreakNIC's reboot. We'd love to have more people onboard,
especially if they have something to contribute to the success of the

We're also working with TVIW - - which is the week
after PhreakNIC (and in Oak Ridge), and the TVIW folks will have a
presence at PhreakNIC, doing some talks and promoting *their* con..

Info I sent to the Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts list last week can be
found here (I don't want to retype it all):

Open Data Specialist position at the Chattanooga Public Library

From: Nate Hill 
Don't hesitate to ask me any questions.

Open Data Specialist (ODS)

The Chattanooga Public Library (CPL) is seeking a qualified candidate for a
newly created Open Data Specialist (ODS) position.  The successful
applicant will join our fantastic digital projects team on The 4th Floor, a
14,000 sq ft public maker/hackerspace in Chattanooga=92s city center.  This
is a unique library job that combines the diverse talents of a seasoned
collection development specialist, a web developer, a data scientist, and a
community outreach specialist. The ODS position is a year-long grant funded
position awarded to the CPL as one partner in the Open Chattanooga
collaborative. With demonstrated success, we intend to extend the position
beyond the duration of the grant indefinitely.

The ideal candidate for the ODS position is an open data evangelist and an
expert who can work with representatives from city government as well as
citizen groups like Open Chattanooga to coordinate contributions of data to
a public platform or portal. This portal will be hosted by the library and
accessed alongside our other digital collections. The portal=92s exceptiona=
construction, performance, and maintenance are all the responsibility of
the ODS.  The ODS will coordinate with partners to ensure that all data
added to the portal is useful, useable, and accessible like all of our
other public library collections. While this position does not require the
candidate to be a degreed librarian, it is important that the candidate
demonstrates an understanding of professional collection development
principles, since this government-produced data will be treated as a
library collection.

The first and most important task the ODS faces is the buildout of the
platform itself, as well as the creation of a sustainability plan and
documentation of the open data portal as a library collection.  Currently,
the library has a beta version of a data portal available at; this was created using DKAN.  The ODS will
either continue work using this platform, or will present a case for the
adoption of another open source platform, such as CKAN.

Chattanooga Public Library considers this data portal a key piece of our
digital infrastructure as we develop more online library services and
migrate some of our traditional library services into a networked
environment.  The ideal candidate will bring innovative and creative
thought and workflows to our already robust digital services team.
 Eventually, the CPL anticipates serving more than just open government
data from this platform.  A candidate with a passion for developing cutting
edge services, skills to build and deliver applications and products, and a
desire to have fun working collaboratively with the rest of us will find
CPL to be a satisfying work environment.

Other qualifications, requirements, and preferences:

   - Undergraduate degree or equivalent experience in CS or related field
   - Demonstrated understanding of data structures and APIs
   - Familiarity with the Drupal CMS and DKAN or with CKAN
   - Familiarity with the LAMP stack; demonstrated PHP development
   - A strong history of contributions and commitments to open source
   - Please provide a link to your github account or another online
   - Bonus points for the applicant with UI / UX / design experience

This is a full-time position with benefits.  Sorry, this is not a remote
work opportunity, you will have to work in the library.

The salary for this job is $55,000/year.

Email application, resume, and portfolio to cooper

New @makerlibrarian account on Twitter

From: Phil Shapiro 

Hi chugalug community, 

Worth noting for all you makers, librarians, and makebrarians out there. 

"The primary resource for librarians who want to learn about makers, hackerspaces, the participatory library and everything in between." Follow at @MakerLibrarian via @liberationtech 



Phil Shapiro, 

"Wisdom begins with wonder." - Socrates 
"Learning happens thru gentleness." 

testing testing 1 2 3

From: Ed King 

I'm using an MSN email account to access a LUG list...    the flames of hel=
l just got a little hotter

I haven't read Chugalug email for a few days so I don't know if this has be=
en posted already...

Chatt*Lab is on there now=2C with Tim doing video tour=20



ChattLab MakerSpace event, Saturday June 2nd with Caleb from

From: Jason Brown 
Hello Chugalugers.

Tomorrow, Saturday June 2nd, Caleb from the website 
will be coming through Chattanooga.

We are trying to arrange lunch and a tour of the ChattLab MakerSpace 
while they here and make an event of it.

Here is a writeup they did on the Freeside space in Atlanta:

Look for an email from Tim or me tomorrow morning once we have some 
details on the where and when.

We moved a big 4'x8' CNC router that I have been working on into the 
space last night, still needs a lot of setup but that thing is going to 
be awesome!

--Jason Brown

PCWorld blog post - Chattanooga's Innovation Culture

From: Phil Shapiro 
Hi chugaluggers, 

For those who might be interested, here's a new blog post I wrote for PCWorld magazine about Chattanooga's innovation culture. 

I'm going to be writing some follow up blog posts for PCWorld about Chattanooga and would love to include some FOSS-related stuff. 
I've been following the discussions on this list about the possibilities of opening a hackerspace. Am happy to reference a funding 
campaign for such in one of my upcoming blog posts. For example, the Fayetteville Public Library hackerspace near Syracuse, New York, used to raise funds for their hackerspace. 

Also, I asked the folks at EPB to send me a screencast showing a 4.5 gigabyte file transfer via gigabit EPB service. They sent 
me a nice screencast made on a Mac showing the file transfer happening in less than two minutes. I'd love to also link to a screencast 
showing a similar file transfer happening via two Linux systems. If there's anyone on this list that can help make that happen, thanks 
for contact me off-list. Ideally you'd have access to Linux running on two Core i7 (or Core i5 system). It doesn't matter what is contained 
in the data in the 4.5 gigabyte file. If you don't know someone with gig access at home or work, I can see if EPB can assist in getting 
you access at their offices. 

City leaders in Chattanooga may or may not realize that FOSS is key to Chattanooga realizing the promise of its gigabit municipal 
infrastructure. I need no convincing myself. 

Phil Shapiro 


Phil Shapiro, 

"Wisdom begins with wonder." - Socrates 
"Learning happens thru gentleness." 

hello #cha and hackerspace

From: Taylor McDonald 
Hello folks,

My name is Taylor McDonald and I have been lurking around the edges of  
the dev community in Chattanooga for about a year.  There has been a  
lot of conversation about a hackerspace in the past and even more so  
recently.  Being relatively new to the scene, I would like to link  
arms with what has been going on and contribute to the momentum  
already rolling.  This appears to be a great time to get something  
like this started, there are several organizations that would support  
a hackerspace, it just takes some time and effort to get them to see  
the vision.  I would like to help.

With regards for moving the hackerspace forward, is there interest in  
meeting this week to gauge interest, keep the momentum moving?  I  
suggest Thursday (22 December 2011) afternoon somewhere where beer is  
available.  Suggestions?

Full disclosure - This is a self-serving attempt to help cultivate,  
inspire and engage creation, innovation and community in Chattanooga.   
It is self-serving in that my company desires to eventually partner  
with the best and most talented chattanoogan's and a hackerspace will  
be where they can challenge each other and find new limits to break.   
Our company, Second Site, has partnerships with Layar (Dutch), Metaio  
(German) and other leaders in the Augmented Reality world and have  
ulterior motives to add Chattanooga to the world map when people think  
about AR.  It is coming and we will be a part of it.

Feel free to contact me:   taylor at secondsitellc ((.)) com



423.486.8562 cell

hackerspace products was ok unity is usable

From: Rod-Lists 
I wonder if a hackerspace could make something like this and sell them for support funds?
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From: "Mike Harrison" 
Sent: Friday, July 15, 2011 12:55:08 PM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
Subject: Re: [Chugalug] ok unity is usable

On Fri, 15 Jul 2011, Ed King wrote:

> first official Hackerspace project:  to make a genuine tty out of Steven's
> Selectric
> or die trying

>From Movie: Brazil

noSQL was GeekSwap

From: Rod-Lists 
Lisa would noSQL be enough for a drupal site running the book module? 
I might have a project. 

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From: "Lisa Ridley"  
Sent: Wednesday, March 23, 2011 12:45:16 PM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern 
Subject: Re: [Chugalug] GeekSwap 

I was secretly hoping you were harboring this desire to go with a NoSQL option...I'm looking for an excuse to use MongoDB in a real project 

Sent from my iPad 

On Mar 23, 2011, at 10:34 AM, Ed King < > wrote: 

I really, really wanted to use VSAM files but 1and1 doesn't offer that so I had to go with MySQL :) 

From: Lisa Ridley < > 
Sent: Wed, March 23, 2011 9:19:07 AM 
Subject: Re: [Chugalug] GeekSwap 

Hey Ed... Quick question regarding future "integration"....what are you using as a database backend...MySQL? 

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On Mar 23, 2011, at 10:03 AM, Ed King < > wrote: 

alrighty then, if the swapboard is a "standalone" project then I will proceed with a stupid-simple swapboard and not worry about how or if it will ever be integrated into Drupal... or skinned with Elise's graphics and css... or integrated with Lisa's inventory tracking... or... or... or ;) 

I don't have anything worth showing yet... damn this nice weather! 

From: Aaron welch < > 
Sent: Wed, March 23, 2011 2:31:46 AM 
Subject: Re: [Chugalug] GeekSwap 

I will take the hit on this one. I was having several different efforts going on at the same time. All of which are mutually exclusive of each other. Here is a breakdown of projects as they relate to the Geek Swap Meet: 

Basic informational website and logos - Elise 
Craiglist style want to buy/want to sell site - Ed 
Inventory tracking system for consignment sales - Lisa (did not know you were doing this, but that is totally cool!) 

All of these projects stand on their own, that way if someone gets busy and something does not get done it is no big deal. What I would like to see now is the logos Elise has designed, the posting system that Ed has created, and the tracking system Lisa is working on. I have to get all of the documents turned in this week, so I would love to see where we stand on all of these. 

How does this benefit the Hackerspace? We are donating 10% of the profits for the event to the Hackerspace plus providing space at the show for gathering momentum and collecting dues (will talk about this at the next HS meeting). 

I am really hoping that we can get some good participation from the surrounding community (within 2hrs) to support having these types of events on a regular basis. I really appreciate everything you all have done thus far and look forward to seeing some of these projects come into the light here soon. 

Here is the link to the new mailing list: 

The Drupal instance is up and running at: 


On Tue, Mar 22, 2011 at 10:13 AM, Lisa Ridley < > wrote: 

I second the duplication of effort sentiment. This project is beginning to spin out of control. At this point I'm going to cease and desist anything beyond getting the consignment tracking done, complete with QrCode generator. 

IMHO, we need a project manager on this. 

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On Mar 22, 2011, at 8:39 AM, Ed King < > wrote: 

>Ed, I'm not entirely sure what it is that you've been working on. 

me either ;-) 

My involvement in this project started with a quick conversation with Aaron at a Chugalunch 2 or 3 weeks ago. We talked about making a very simple swap board with user-logins and categories. I wasn't aware until recently that Lisa was working on "database stuff" (duplication of effort?) or that we were going to use Drupal. 

So now I'm like, totally confused as to who-is-doing-what and do we have to integrate with Drupal, which I know nothing about. If we are going to use Drupal then lets get a shared Drupal dev site up asap, and divy up the tasks 

Also, a reminder of how this project benefits Hackspace would be a good read... 

From: K. Elise Walker < > 
To: Mike Harrison < >; CHUGALUG < > 
Sent: Tue, March 22, 2011 1:28:52 AM 
Subject: Re: [Chugalug] GeekSwap 

Okay. So, let's decide... do you want me to take the time to redo what I have in something that isn't Drupal. Ed, I'm not entirely sure what it is that you've been working on. Can you explain the portion you're working on to me. I'm starting to question my placement in this whole scenario. As far as I know Aaron liked the logo I came up with... if he is having someone else write the code for the general public friendly website that is cool. If anymore graphics are needed let me know, if that is the case and I can help, then I will be more than happy to. 

Hackerspace and Libraries

From: Mike Harrison 

Interesting article about libraries, with commentary about "tool 
lending" and hackerspaces/makeshops...

Makers vs Fire Department and Police

From: Mike Harrison 

Tonight while playing around with toys at the house...
in the pouring rain..

Apparently we caught the eye of someone,
probably down at the Signal Mtn Wal-Mart..

A visit from two fire departments and the police later....

The Hamilton County Sheriff and the guys from the Fire Departments
were pretty understanding and kewl about the whole thing...
They get a +1 for tolerance and being kewl.

Jason, can we come play at your house next time?

On the list for a real hackerspace: Flame Retardent.. Everything.

Hackerspace Product Idea - Sunday/Monday Confusion

From: Mike Harrison 
On Sat, 26 Feb 2011, Aaron Welch wrote:
> Hackerspace Meeting tomorrow at 5PM 535 Chestnut St @ Utiliflex.


When you called me to ask about borrowing some space, you said MONDAY.

If you post on Saturday about "tomorrow" that means SUNDAY.

If you need to meet sunday: Ya'll have fun hanging outside..
I'm hoping to -not- be in the office Sunday. For I need
to rest on the 7th day  which is actually the 1st day (in MySQL) or 0th 
day (in PHP) of the week.


Hackerspace:Looking for Project Suggestions

From: Rod-Lists 
Found some Nettops (5) Sans drives & memory. Bundled with Wifi + antennae. 
VGA &HDMI, Firewire, Coax, USB. 

What could be built that generate some noise for the hackerspace? 

Hackerspace: Throwing a location out there

From: Lisa Ridley 
8807 Consolidated Dr, Soddy-Daisy TN


Thursday Night's Hackerspace Chugalug Meeting Notes:

From: Mike Harrison 

   #1  - Nancy's head still hurts from the bagpipe "music" indoors.
         It sounds really good over a hill or three. Inside a bar?
         Huh? What did you say?

   #2  - Scotch Eggs Rock (Is that my arteries hardening that I hear)

   #3  - Redmine as a web/portal/community system sucks,
         but might be useful later for actual projects.

   #4  - We'll play with making Hackerspace a sub-topic
         of Chugalug's MailMan based system to consolidate
         messaging and attempt to keep the signal to noise
         reasonable and redundancy low.

   #5  -
         Cameron wins the cross-posting e-mail volume award.
         (please don't compete, just to compete)

   #6  - Jason and Myself are collaborating on
         remote controlled steep terrain / tank track
         lawn mowers to be done by spring. Mow-off
         robot lawnmower battles yet to be scheduled.
         (Who says they are limited to cutting grass.. Hmm..)

   #7  - Discussed future hackerspace work sessions at "GeekLabs/UtiliFlex"
         on weekends....

   #8  - McHales is off to a great start... Congrats Sid!
         We'll be back when there aren't bagpipes indoors....

Gopher was What happened to the hackerspace idea?

From: Rod-Lists 
So ed what could we use a gopher net for? 

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Ed King"  
Sent: Wednesday, January 26, 2011 10:14:29 AM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern 
Subject: Re: [Chugalug] Re: What happened to the hackerspace idea? 

>Besides we are counting on you to help rebuild FIDO net when they pass that internet kill bill. 

why wait... 

What happened to the hackerspace idea?

From: Lynn Dixon 
I have missed out on some of the emails. I was just wondering what happened
to the hackerspace idea that was being tossed around for a while.  I would
love to contribute if its still active.

Ping: Jason Brown

From: Cameron Kilgore 
Don't wanna nag, but i'm ecstatic by the opportunities this hackerspace
presents. How are things on the incorporation/egroupware front?

Hackerspace Sunday

From: Mike Harrison 

Reminder. Am in office now.. It's warm here. :)


A cold Sunday afternoon of open hackerspace / open house at 
"GeekLabs/UtiliFlex" from Noon until maybe as late as 10:00pm. We got 
couch, chairs, coffee pot, cube space, toys to play with.. a projector or 
two for ad-hoc presentations, WiFi.. etc.. Pretend it's a hackerspace.. 
What would you like to do?

An actual meeting about a hackerspace starting 
at 5pm-ish. 535 Chestnut Street,
Suites 239-243 (2nd floor, behind elevators).

It's a key-card access outside.. call either my cell: 
423-605-6943 or the office: 423-933-3900 x200 to be let inside.

Parking is free downtown in public places on weekend,
and there is a lot of it within a block of the building
in various directions.


Sunday Dec 9th Hackerspace Meeting

From: Mike Harrison 

I got a call from Aaron (I was taking a nap, I am time shifting..)
and figured it was appropriate to do this a little differently than 
normal. Joshua Estes and a couple of other expressed doing this late 
Sunday afternoon would work best. I need to be working some Sunday 
anyway.. so lets do it this way:

A cold Sunday afternoon of open hackerspace / open house at 
"GeekLabs/UtiliFlex" from Noon until maybe as late as 10:00pm.
We got couch, chairs, coffee pot, cube space, toys to play with..
a projector or two for ad-hoc presentations, WiFi.. etc..
Pretend it's a hackerspace.. What would you like to do?

An actual meeting about a hackerspace starting at 5pm-ish.

535 Chestnut Street, Suites 239-243
(2nd floor, behind elevators).

It's a key-card access outside.. call either my cell:
   423-605-6943  or the office: 423-933-3900
to be let inside.

Parking is free downtown in public places on weekend, and there is a
lot of it within a block of the building various directions.


To be clear: I have a little time/money to help shovel some coal into this 
train..I'd be honored if I got to help blow this whistle some.. but I'm not 
laying tracks or driving.  Got my own train to drive that is getting 
fueled up for some projects starting February.