old nVidia card drivers

From: Unkmar 
Ugh, in short.  Don't use the NV44 GeForce 6200 cards for anything more
than extremely low end graphics.  As in, testing or terminal only.

Summary: For me, nVidia cards have historically been pretty easy to
configure. Enter the nVidia GeForce 6200. It is a pain to get resolutions
above 640x480 using the nVidia binary drivers.  (Got a chant while dancing
in a proper elliptical style orbit around two fires without spilling you
beer.)  Seriously, it isn't that hard as long as you know to use the 5th or
is this the 6th method of configuring video settings? Because the first 4
or 5 don't quite get you there.  Some of those that don't work, and aren't
necessary and simply slow you down. I did get it to work and minecraft is
barely playable.  I think the key component was to generate a fresh
xorg.conf from which to start, using the command sudo X -configure.  After
that, nvidia-settings could see the modes above 640x480.

I'm running Debian and installed a new/old video card.  New as in just
purchased, old as in old Chipset. NVIDIA Corporation NV44 [GeForce 6200
TurboCache(TM)] (rev a1).  The card was purchased for several reasons.
Low end, inexpensive, passive cooling, stability.
Good for testing that the malfunction is somewhere other than a possibly
burned out video card without spending a C-note.
End result, my video card is not the problem. :(

Anyhow, back to drivers.  The card installs find. the nouvoue. 

All Packages Needed For FreedomBox Now In Debian

From: Rod 
'Eben Moglen's FreedomBox concept (personal servers for everyone to enable  
private communication) is getting closer to being an easy-to-install  
reality: all packages needed for FreedomBox are now in Debian's unstable  
branch, and should be migrating to testing in a week or two. '


The unregulated free market is like Yog-Sothoth, a mythical being whose  
followers make bloody sacrifice to hasten its arrival to this world.

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Asterisk and Ham radio

From: Rod 
I found this while researching linux repeater controllers.
The main goal of Asterisk/app

Home Media Cloud Server

From: Garrett Gaston 
I've just set up a home media cloud server using the FLAWLESS Linux Mint im=
age.  http://flawless-server.com/

I wanted to be able to stream my media collection from inside the house so =
I set up a samba server and it worked pretty well=2C then I decided I'd lik=
e to be able to access my media from outside the network=2C that's when I f=
ound the flawless setup and the Plex Media Server. It's working well and I =
love the interface=2C but it's also full of garbage I don't need. Should I =
decide to change I think I might like to try a cloud program that can run s=
traight from a Debian CLI server=2C any suggestions. This is the first time=
 I've tried creating my own self hosted cloud. Thanks.

FYI:Linux and Software Defined Radio

From: Rod 
Been during research lately into linux and ham radio support.
There have been more than few good linux distros with a ham focus over the  
At least two puppies, a few ubuntu respins, etc.

Just found Kali Linux which seems to be picking were up Backtrack Linux  
left off.
Kali Linux has an SDR metapackage that is worth looking into.
It includes their own fork of Debian's gnuradio which updates to the  
latests sources. As well as GQRX which support several USB SDR dongles.
Including a $20 TV dongle that can be used as a broad spectrum scanner  
that can be used for all kinds of cool stuff.

While Kali Linux should be in any serious linux users toolkit, I'm not  
sure if a distro that runs as root by default is the best choice for some  
of my fellow hams. Especially the many who are xp refugees mourning the  
loss of their dead os. Though it has some good ideas for the start of a  
new HAM Shack OS.


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Question for the mint crowd.

From: Rod 
Been reading up on debian mint. Ubuntu based or Debian what does mint  
bring to the table?
Mate or gnome II is not an issue as I'll do straight Openbox.
In other words why base a distro on Mint instead of going one of its base  

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LaTeX copy and pasting from pdf output

From: "Robert A. Kelly III" 
 When I generate PDF from a LaTeX source file with pdflatex on Debian, I
run into several issues when copy and pasting from the PDF.

1. Double quotes show up strangely, or not at all. When I copy and
pasted on my system, the quotes are simply missing. When I sent it to
someone else and they copy and pasted and sent edits back in a docx
file, they had \ and " for the double quotes.

2. Indentation is lost, which means paragraphs are not properly delineated.

3. Line breaks are preserved, which is not desirable if you are pasting
into a context where you want the lines neatly rewrapped.

4. Automatic hyphenation is preserved, which is really undesirable if it
gets rewrapped when you copy and paste.

5. Page numbers are copied and pasted with the the text, which is also
frequently undesirable.

If anyone knows how to change any of these things in the PDF output, I
would appreciate it. Ideally, I would like to be able to copy and paste
from the PDF and have all of the characters show up in a usable form,
even if they are ascii equivalents, preserve indentation, but omit line
breaks, automatic hyphenation, and page numbers.

Has anyone used landscape to manage servers?

From: Rod 

I was wondering what your thoughts on it were.
It might be a reason to deploy Ubuntu over Debian if your handling large  
scale server footprint.


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This is why I love Linux From Scratch... :(

From: kitepilot@kitepilot.com
I need to install Postfix and courier-smtp in Debian. 


If I install Postfix, Debian removes courier-smtp.
If I install courier-smtp, Debian removes Postfix.

Does anybody know how to explain the F$#%ING package manager that I want to 
to install both...   :(

elementaryos - Linux Distro?

From: Mike Harrison 


Anyone tried this yet? It's getting some press,

Looks like another Debian/Ubuntu 12.04 remix with a pretty desktop
and light basic requirements.

They seem to be stretching my concepts of some words in their marketing, 
but seem to have an attractive window manager (Gala).

I was considering installing on a junk machine this weekend just to play.

MATE to make it into Debian repositories

From: Rod 

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Server Linux Distros

From: Mike Harrison 
> Glad to see that my decision to leave RH with 7.3 is still a good one.

I'm having to do it for some contractual issues, and in one case because 
the Ubuntu world went to a kernel that does not easily support the 
hardware in place, and upgrading the hardware was not a good option right 

I'm planning on trying a straight Debian Server next.

FYI: Creating Win Native archive in linux

From: Rod-Lists 
I found this for someone who needed to create an archive that could be read on a fresh windows install sans extra programs.
They solve the issue another way but this could be an interesting tool.

Have you tried KDE lately?

From: Randy Yates 
I used to be completely against using KDE back in the old Gnome 2 days. KDE
never was stable enough for me for some reason.

I setup a dual boot again today because I really missed having a good Linux
dev environment. I installed Ubuntu and immediately started cussing Unity's
inability to work well with dual displays. I guess these environments built
for mobile devices don't care much about dual displays.

I decided to give KDE a try since that's what I've been using on my Debian
VM in Windows. I'm rather surprised at how much I like it. It seems very
stable these days and it's probably the most advanced desktop environment
I've used in a while.

So, when was the last time you tried KDE?

CrunchBang Linux

From: "Robert A. Kelly III" 
On 08/28/2013 06:15 PM, Andrew Pierce wrote:
> Anyone on the list us CrunchBang Linux? I have been trying it out and it
> is quite nice. Everything seems to work and it is stripped down quite a
> bit. It comes with the Openbox window manager which is super speedy. 
> Much better than the monstrosity that Ubuntu has become.

No, I haven't actually tried CrunchBang, although I am running the Kazam
screencaster from CrunchBang repos on Debian.

CrunchBang looks interesting, I have liked using some of the lighter
desktop set ups in the past. Currently I have been playing with KDE4. I
wonder how much CrunchBang has that is really unique from just
installing Openbox on Debian?  I have a fairly underpowered netbook,
perhaps I should consider trying it on that.

Happy Birthday Debian - 20 years!!

From: Mike Harrison 


Debians 20th Birthday Party is Today!

At debcon: http://debconf13.debconf.org/

But that doesn't mean it's not an excuse for a beer.. Here.

Chugalug... chugalug..

DELL VRTX for Linux?

From: Mike Harrison 

Mike Bell, a regional Dell rep stopped by our office yesterday
and showed off some slides and remote management interfaces for these:

Dell PowerEdge VRTX  "Shared Infrastructure Platform"


Which seems to hit a sweet spot for the kinds of things we do.
They are fairly new, and he and his materials were Microsoft 

Anyone running Linux on these or know anyone with some experience with 
them running Linux (Redhat-ish or Debian-ish)?

Ugly font on Tim Berners-Lee's home page

From: "Robert A. Kelly III" 
Has anyone else noticed this issue with Palatino/URW Palladio L (such as
on Tim Berners-Lee's home page), coming out all wobbly, with different
letters rendering at different heights? I have specifically observed it
on Debian with default settings, does anyone know of other distros it
does or does not affect? It seems like it would be fairly simple for a
distro to either turn off hinting or use autohinting for URW Palladio L
by default.


selinux vs apparmor

From: Rod-Lists 
anyone tried both? are they equivalent? Both are available on debian.

lightweight MTA

From: Rod-Lists 
About to do a drupal install (multisite) and I need a light MTA to let the various sites shoot reports and notices.
Will e using debian 7.