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Soliciting Recommendations for home office router

From: Lisa Ridley 
It’s time to replace my router.

I’ve got an Apple Time Machine that I bought back in 2006 that has started dropping connections and, I fear, is finally giving up the ghost.  I’m looking for recommendations for a wireless router, and while I love the ease of use of my trusty ole Time Machine, there are a few features it doesn’t have that would be nice to have in a new one.

* Reliability is first and foremost.  I don’t want to spend an inordinate amount of time troubleshooting and sending the damn thing back to the store, and I don’t want to go through 5 or 6 different one trying to find a reliable one.
* I have EPB at the house, so something that will let me take full advantage of the speed would be awesome.  I have the 1G plan.
* Needs to have a configurable firewall on board.
* I would like to connect several devices to it, some wireless, some wired (more than 4 but less than 10), including my workstation, a CI server and two small footprint computers I use for testing builds during development.
* Would like to route web traffic to different physical devices based on URL (makes the automated builds triggered by Github commits easier).  This is the single biggest drawback to my Time Machine; traffic can be routed based on port, but not URL.
* I don’t mind paying extra for reliability and features but I would prefer to NOT break the bank.

Recommendations are most welcome.

slow network watching on a Mac

From: Rod-Lists 
Got a cousin who has a Mac and a Apple router. ISP is comcast and he lives in an apartment.
He has been experiencing some network slow downs and has asked for help.
What some things he can use to trouble shoot. 
As far as I know iptraf isn't on Macs.

Got a call....

From: Mike Harrison 
Got a call from a friend in Dunlap TN and I’m far far away. 

From his phone call, it seems a neighbor is running a Wifi Pineapple or equivalent and snarfing traffic, playing havoc with their phones and computers. It may just be a really bad case of multiple systemic infections including his home router. 

Anyone want to help him out? He’s willing and able to pay a reasonable fee to solve this issue. 

email me directly if capable and interested: mike@geek…

Details on Hackintosh

From: Med Dement 
Ok=E2=80=A6. IM on 10.10.0   I do have iMessage and app store and Server =
2.2.2 running=E2=80=A6 FaceTime has no camera so not sure on that..  all =
the other apps are fine=E2=80=A6 I started  with 10.8.5  and Chameleon   =
and I upgraded to Maverick and all seemed well I had to swap and add on =
a NET card to get him happy=E2=80=A6.. from there I went to 10.10.0 and =
did the chameleon thing but had to change to later versions =E2=80=A6 =
and all is running based off of the latest  NVAM file that tonymac had =
on site=E2=80=A6 I have not done the upgrade as they and you all are =
having trouble with apple on that one=E2=80=A6. so to answer I will hang =
here=E2=80=A6 Hardware config is=20
GA-Z97X-UD7 TH LGA 1150 Z97

I have had no issues of hardware with this one=E2=80=A6.. the other two =
are on lower Gigabit boards=E2=80=A6.=20

HERE is the latest Chameleon  version .. and there is a log fix for =
iMessage=E2=80=A6 =

Med Dement

Apple and the Missing UTC Student

From: Rod-Lists 
Well they found the missing Sudaneses UTC student's body.
Apparently Apple did show activity on his account 2 days after he went missing but would not help the cops.
I guess this will be a hotly debated online ethics issue.

Linux @ 23 of 85 top Disruptive Ideas since 1929

From: Dave Brockman 
On 12/4/2014 8:28 PM, Wil Wade wrote:
> "The 85 Most Disruptive Ideas in Our History" [Our being Business Week's
> 85 year history]
> Open Source/Linux (not GNU :( ) came in at 23.
> Interesting that Apple was at 10 and Microsoft was no where to be seen
> except that they bought a small company named Forethought at 53.

And Apple gets credit for the "smartphone" in 2007. Guess they only 
bothered to define a smartphone as an iphone, I know there were 
PDA+phone devices in the late/mid 90s, and I could browse on non-apple 
products waaaay before 2007. I guess Novell and MS actually replacing 
mainframes in the first place doesn't deserve a spot here, but < 15% 
desktop market share, < 1% server market share, and < 15% global mobile 
market share earns you lots of places in this silly list.  Writer/Editor 
is a FanBoi?

And it calls Linux an Operating System, so GNU is silently and 
implicitly included in that statement, because we all know that Linux is 
just a kernel, and without GNU, well, then you boot the Linux kernel and 
run BSD or Solaris or some other weird shit that just makes you feel 



Linux @ 23 of 85 top Disruptive Ideas since 1929

From: Wil Wade 
"The 85 Most Disruptive Ideas in Our History" [Our being Business Week's 85
year history]

Open Source/Linux (not GNU :( ) came in at 23.

Interesting that Apple was at 10 and Microsoft was no where to be seen
except that they bought a small company named Forethought at 53.

[OT] CurrentC

From: Stephen Kraus 
I know we were discussing CurrentC as the competitor to Google Wallet and
Apple Pay.

Ironically, they already got breached:

fwd: [nlug] PhreakNIC now has an android app

From: Jon Nyx 
FYI; next-to-last bit of PhreakNIC spam, then I'm done 'til we start
promoting the PN 2015 May-Day Mini-con.


-----Forwarded Message-----
> From: andrew mcelroy 
> Sent: Oct 28, 2014 12:11 PM
> To: "" 
> Subject: [nlug] PhreakNIC now has an android app
> Greetings everyone,
> I wanted to get the word out that PhreakNIC now has an android mobile app.
> I have an iOS version of this app, but apple would take too long to
> approve it, so we will have to settle for deploying iOS next year.
> Respectfully,
> Andrew McElroy

Apple releases patch for OSX version of Bash to address ShellShock

From: Lynn Dixon 
Apple released a patch for their version of Bash.  Its supposed to address
shell shock.  Its not in the App store, nor via Apple Updates as of yet.

But, you can get it from here:

I applied it at it has passed all the testing scripts I have tried.

Auto-backups on Mac based on Wireless connection

From: David White 
Hey folks,
I've got an odd question.

I've just finished setting up my local CentOS 7 box (embedded PC with a SSD
in it), and I'd now like to setup automatic backups on my wife's Mac.

Ideally, the process would go something like this:

   - Apple laptop turns on
   - Automatically detects that its currently connected to the home SSID
   - Automatically detects that the proper external hard drive is connected
      - All of the files she needs to backup remain on the external hard
      drive - they're not on the local disk
   - Based on knowing that its connected to this particular SSID, AND
   knowing that the external hard drive is connected, rsync (or something
   similar) launches
   - Files are copied over via rsync / SSH

Can this be done? If so, any suggestions on how I can do it?

I'm also setting up a VPN connection onto her laptop so that she can
*manually* back things up / recover items if she's not home (using pfSense
+ OpenVPN, which I already have working).

She's a teacher, and the public school system doesn't provide any
centralized repository for her lesson plans, etc..., nor do they provide
any backup system. The school-provided machine is so bad, anyway, that we
bought an external hard drive, and that's been her primary file storage.

So now, obviously I want to take backups off of that external drive in case
something happened to it.


David White
Founder & CEO

*Develop CENTS *
Computing, Equipping, Networking, Training & Supporting
Nonprofit Organizations Worldwide

AFP vs SMB2, tech merits?

From: Rod-Lists 
I know some who just hate Samba. And I recently been toying with AFP.
But now I here starting with Mavericks, Apple defaults to SMB2 for file sharing.
Wonder what y'all thought about that?


ios remote support was lunch downtown today?

From: Sparky 
Apple has some config tools available. Maybe it has some kind of remote
config options for profiles or something?

On Fri, Aug 15, 2014 at 8:19 AM, Ed King  wrote:

> Thanks, thats a good summary article.  I forwarded it to McTightwad but he
> is still asking me to find a way to remotely configure iphone email.  We
> installed an in-house iredmail server last week.  Our old hosted email was
> POP now we have IMAP.   *Before* we made the switchover, we posted
> instructions [with screenshots] on how to reconfigure iphones for the new
> system, but the boss says we are asking too much from our field workers and
> that we should remotely configure their iphones for them.
> Excerpt from field worker job description:
> "Moderate to excellent computer ability."
> "Proven proficiency of modern equipment including cell phones, fax
> machines, scanners, computers, palm or other hand held devices, GPS, and
> printers."
> So are we expecting too much?   The documentation is clear and concise.  I
> had one field worker (a new guy) say it was the most helpful documentation
> he's ever read and offered to buy my lunch when he's in town.   Its the
> upper level folks who are having trouble following the directions.  Go
> figure.
> oh, sorry,  am I being negative?    Ok, I'll go home and stick my tongue
> to the Mac Plus flyback and get some positive electrons in me.
> --------------------------------------------
> On Thu, 8/14/14, William Roush  wrote:
>  Subject: Re: [Chugalug] ios remote support  was Re:  lunch downtown today?
>  To: "Chattanooga Unix Gnu Android Linux Users Group">
>  Date: Thursday, August 14, 2014, 3:35 PM
>  ScreenConnect wrote a
>  nice page about it:
>  TL;DR: Apple is mean
>  William Roush
>  423-463-0592
>  On 8/14/2014
>  1:54 PM, Ed King wrote:
>  > Walked down to
>  Doctor Bldg.     Sorry you didn't get to see
>  me!
>  >
>  >
>  > So...   whats the
>  "best" remote support solution for iphone? (eg: to
>  tap INTO the iphone)
>  >
>  > I can't find one that offers full
>  remote control w/o jailbreaking, so whats the next best
>  thing?   Looked at Logmein, Teamviewer, Bomgar so
>  far
>  >
>  > as this is for
>  Mr McTightwad, I'm looking for the most expensive
>  product available
>  >
>  >
>  >
>  --------------------------------------------
>  > On Thu, 8/14/14, Ed King 
>  wrote:
>  >
>  >   Subject: Re: [Chugalug] lunch
>  downtown today?
>  >   To:
>  "Chattanooga Unix Gnu Android Linux Users Group"
>  >   Date: Thursday, August 14,
>  2014, 11:30 AM
>  >
>  >   maybe.   depends
>  on
>  >   where and when
>  >
>  >
>  >
>  >   --------------------------------------------
>  >   On Thu, 8/14/14, Rod-Lists
>  >   wrote:
>  >
>  >
>  Subject: [Chugalug]
>  >   lunch
>  downtown today?
>  >    To:
>  "Chattanooga
>  >   Unix Gnu
>  Android Linux Users Group" 
>  >    Date: Thursday, August 14, 2014,
>  10:01 AM
>  >
>  >
>    Whole office is on the
>  >   road.
>  >
>    Anyone up for lunch downtown?
>  >
>  >
>  >    Rod
>  >
>  >   

Anyone ever use Netatalk?

From: Rod-Lists 
allows a linux or bsd machine function as as a AFP server.
Supposedly it even supports time machine.

Also has any tried using afps-ng-utils to access an apple file server?


Is apple walking away from High End Video editing?

From: Rod-Lists 
Was watching TWiT and Leo LaPorte, with much lamentations, let slip that the next upgrade his company does will be to PC for their editing platform. He feels Apple just isn't catering to the High end video editing scene anymore.

What do y'all think?

OT: need a favor re: old mac

From: Ed King 
Can someone who has an old mac (128/512/plus) with the d9 connector (not adb) on the back of the computer do me a favor and measure the voltages of each of the 9 pins

I've got +5v coming out of almost every pin!  That can't be right.   Unless I'm just dumb, only pin #2 should be 5v 


glad I checked the voltages before I connected the attiny84

learned a lot in 24 hours

From: Ed King 
because I don't have an Apple mouse for my Mac Plus,  I want to replicate this guys project...

so I started researching yesterday...    and boy did I have a lot to learn...   total noob...  never done any embedded programming and don't have an Arduino so no experience compiling "sketches"  (didn't even know what the hell a sketch was)

I've learned a lot in 24 hours.  

seems all I need to get started is the Arduino IDE, an ATTiny85 and this thing:
(out of stock on sparkfun, but I found it on Amazon).    
Also got the ATTiny85 on amazon and paid way to much for it, but hey its only money


I download the Arduino IDE for Winsux:
"installed" the ATtiny board definitions:
downloaded that dude's "sketch" code:
and succesfully compiled it to a hex file (after conquering that damn "Wprogram.h" not found) ready to send to the ATtiny85...  once it arrives :)

Yeah I could have bought a real Mac Plus mouse for about the same amount as I'll have spent on all the AVR stuff, but where's the fun in that?

I think there may be one other person on this list who gives a rats ass about this project :)    Oh well.  In a few days I'll let y'all know if it worked or not.

Chattanooga maker faire Oct 11

From: "Daniel L. Appleget" 
10 a.m. =96 6 p.m. Oct. 11 at the First Tennessee Pavilion.

-- =

Daniel Appleget
Chattanooga Computer Service

Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito

Fried Thunderbolt monitor

From: Nate Hill 
Hey all,
I have a 4-5 year old Apple Thunderbolt monitor that needs a new
motherboard.  It is cooked, that is a pricey fix, and I'm not going to make
it happen.
If someone wants to make me a reasonable offer it is all theirs.
If nothing else, that is some sweet scrap aluminum...

Nate Hill