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Android's seamless update

From: Michael Scholten 

While I kind of wish my Nexus 5X would get the Android N dual system
partitions for seamless updates I agree with some of the commenters. That
would require giving up some of the valuable storage space. In the case of
many phones the OS already takes up so much of the storage, giving up more
just to make updates easier would not be worth it.

Music player that logs plays or can display notes

From: Dan Lyke 
Argh. I know I had SqView working under Wine at some point, but it
ain't working now.

Mixxx does most of what I want (great to cue up two tracks, loop, let
me organize my music in "crates", tell me what I've played since my
last reset), but doesn't do the one thing I *need*:

When I'm square dance calling, I have a set of notes associated with a
song. What I'd like is to press "play", and then be able to flip over
to a screen with those notes.

Be kickass if there was a music player that did this already (like
SqView on Windows or Android). If not, if there's one that I can get
to log what I play to a file, I can whip up some code to "tail -f" the
output and update a browser tab (or equivalent) pretty easily.

Remember UMPCs? Here's a *new* laptop that will fit in your pocket

From: Chad Smith 
To make it related - I'm sure someone will put Linux on it.

It's called the GPD WIN.

For anyone link-adverse, it's a clamshell 5.5" laptop that's about the size
of a New Nintendo 3DS XL.  It runs Windows 10, has a full-sized USB port, a
micro-HDMI, BlueTooth, WiFi, 4 GB of RAM, a Quad-Core Intel 64-bit CPU, and
expandable storage.  $299 is the crowdfunding price (it has already met its
funding goal).

It is made by a company that has been making Android gaming handheld
systems for years, and game/media-players for years before Android.  They
aren't some fly-by-night place.

Stephen, I still hate that I broke the screen on the clamshell UMPC you
sold me all those years ago.  I shouldn't have kept it in my pocket.... :(
 I don't think I ever even got to use the thing.

*- Chad W. Smith*

Cost Effective Tablet

From: Jonathan Calloway 

I saw this at Walmart the other day.  It was on sale, but I figured I =
would see if anyone ones one / has had any luck with them before I =
bought it:

let-PC-Featuring-Android-5.0-Lollipop-Operating-System/44656208 =


OT: Looking for New Opportunities

From: Lee Walker 
Sorry to see Supply Hog go down.
If I was recruiting right now, I'd have you in a heartbeat.

For those on the list that are recruiting, Will is a superb developer,
you'd be lucky to have him.


On Tue, Jan 5, 2016 at 7:14 PM, Wil Wade  wrote:
> I am officially looking for new opportunities. If anyone knows of someone
> wanting a developer remote or here in Chattanooga. (How can I leave a town
> that makes it possible to get 10 Gig Internet to my house?)
> Basic me: I solve problems, most often with code (once so far with a roller
> conveyer).
> What code? Web stuff mostly. PHP mostly currently, but I've done some
> Android, GoLang, etc...
> Resume link:
> GitHub:
> LinkedIn:
> Email:
> Wil

OT: Looking for New Opportunities

From: Wil Wade 
I am officially looking for new opportunities. If anyone knows of someone
wanting a developer remote or here in Chattanooga. (How can I leave a town
that makes it possible to get 10 Gig Internet to my house?)

Basic me: I solve problems, most often with code (once so far with a roller

What code? Web stuff mostly. PHP mostly currently, but I've done some
Android, GoLang, etc...

Resume link:





OT: Old Smartphone becomes ultimate remote

From: Phil Sieg 
Happy New Year!

I, like many of you, have struggled with a large and growing collection 
of remotes everywhere I have a TV.

I finally figured out that my phone is the ultimate remote control. Then 
I figured out that an OLD UNUSED smartphone was an even better choice so 
it can stay with the electronics for the wife and kid to use as well.

SO my old android phone is now:

TV Remote
PLEX Controller
Chromecast controller
Marantz Receiver controller with Marantz app (Denon and some others have 
receiver apps as well)
Netflix Remote
Hulu Remote
Logitech Harmony Hub interface

So when I sit down I nab the android remote, launch the logitech harmony 
app and tell it I want to either: Watch TV, Chromecast, Listen to music. 
When I choose the hub executes a macro that turns the appropriate gear 
on, switches inputs and gives me unified remote ability from either the 
smartphone screen or the Harmony remote. i.e. when in TV mode the 
channel up and down is my cable box while volume is my receiver.

PLEX is my goto for most of my streaming, so I set the system to 
chromecast, launch plex on the android remote, start my show, and send 
it to the chromecast which turns the plex app into a graphical remote 
for controlling the stream.

By setting the phone to Airplane mode and then turning BT and wifi back 
on I can get 3-4 days out of the battery. Since it is a handset with 
wireless charging, I just set it on the charger each night and it stays 

The glue that binds all of this is the $100 Logitech Harmony Hub which 
is a brilliant product well executed with fantastic build quality to boot.

This is a poor description of what has turned into an elegant solution.

Hope it helps another person in remote hell.

Phil Sieg
SeniorTech LLC / snapfo-n


"The computer is the most remarkable tool that we've ever come up with. It's the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds."

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

Recycling an Android Tablet as Doorbell?

From: Mike Harrison 

Anyone used an old Android tablet (or two) as video doorbells?


One tablet/phone outside, in enclosure, as doorbell with video monitor and speakerphone

One tablet/phone inside, as doorbell with ability to see/chat ?

Nice laser printer - Linux compatible -- for $25 shipped

From: Phil Shapiro 

I've bought one of these. They're cute and work nicely on Linux, Mac, and Windows. They also print wirelessly from Android and iOS. 

Note - the Linux driver is a .deb file, so you might be .sol if you're an . rpm person. 



Phil Shapiro, 

"Wisdom begins with wonder." - Socrates 
"Learning happens thru gentleness." 

Android Tablets?

From: Aaron Welch 
I have a few. Is it for you or a little one?


Sent from my iPhone

> On Sep 25, 2015, at 9:59 PM, Wil Wade  wrote:
> I am looking for an Android tablet. Wondering if anyone has seen any good ones? Any good Chinese ones? (Don't care if China spies on my kids playing angry birds, they already have all my data from the OPM breach.)
> Anyone have one they don't want any more?
> (or higher)
> Android 5 (without dual booting useless, space wasting Windows)
> 32G
> 7in screen

Android Tablets?

From: Wil Wade 
I am looking for an Android tablet. Wondering if anyone has seen any good
ones? Any good Chinese ones? (Don't care if China spies on my kids playing
angry birds, they already have all my data from the OPM breach.)

Anyone have one they don't want any more?

(or higher)
Android 5 (without dual booting useless, space wasting Windows)
7in screen

Favorite Android anti-malware app

From: John Aldrich 
What's everyone's favorite app for anti-malware on Android devices? My
LG came with Cheetah Mobile's anti-virus/anti-malware. I've had some ads
start popping up on my phone lately when I unlock apps locked by CM, so
I wonder why they're not being caught by CM. I'm trying to scan with
Malware Bytes right now, but it keeps crashing for some reason. :(

  John Aldrich

Nexus Device

From: asg 

  I am taking an Android exploit development class next week and I am =
trying to get my hands on a  cheap Nexus device. Anyone got one they are =
willing to let go for cheap or willing to let me borrow and abuse for a =
week or two?

Stephen Haywood
Owner: ASG Consulting

Cell phone

From: Jonathan Calloway 
I sent out an email to the list on Saturday but I didn't get any reposes.

If you have an old android phone laying around, I am trying to help someone who can use it.  It needs to be unlocked or on ATT.  


Sent from my iPhone

Need a reliable Android phone

From: Jonathan Calloway 
Good morning!

I have need of a used Android phone that can take a full size sim.  It needs to be GSM based, and compatible with ATT or T-Mobile.  I’m not really concerned about how old it is, or what version of Android it has, it just needs to be something you are willing to let go of for less than $75.

If you have something laying around that may help, please email me off list with your cell as I will be out all day.


Jonathan Calloway

You always learn some things when sniffing..

From: Mike Harrison 
Been playing at home for the night.. Mostly with some Ubiquity Bullet M2’s and various software loads. And a few Linux and Mac devices.

I’m really liking the hardware, form factor, etc.. the two best loads are the default AirOS from Ubiquity. Unless you are doing weird stuff, it’s polished and does everything you would want. You have to turn off some Ubiquity specific features for it to play nice with older hardware/OS’s, like setting the speed to 20mbps. No flaming reason to use anything else for most uses. I’m impressed. 

On the playing around side: Very nicely tuned up for doing a HAM style emergency mesh/ad-hoc network. It has preconfigured web menu’s for the common deployments that a ham organization would want. Which also makes it hard to do something it does automagically do. 

Then I played again with Commotion. I like where they seem to be going and they are trying to make a friendly easy to use interface that other less technical people should be able to use to add their hardware to a mesh. They may have an Android app and a Laptop app that would allow them to join as mesh nodes in the future, rather than standard WiFI clients. Sounds good. In Theory. In practice, it’s a work very much in progress based on the Luci web interfaces that the standard OpenWRT install is on. Lots of things don’t seem to work well, like the initial “set the admin password” page. Frustrating. 

OpenWRT. in true geek fashion is fairly minimal on “slick” and robust on “it works”. As I started to add some packages to the most recent install, I’m blown away by the things that easily install and just seem to work:  Including iptraf, aircrack  (very useful tools).. 

I’ve given up on the “mesh” idea for now, because a solid AP and single Repeater will work for my remote event management needs I have coming up this fall. To do those things, I have a minimal web chat system (auto-updates across the people/devices using it.. ) and Dokuwiki running on a netbook as a server and upstream gateway. Should do what needs to be done: bringing a portable intranet and possibly upstream to the net to interesting places.

Part of playing around is sniffing your own home and devices. I used to do this a lot. It’d been a while. Using sniffit, iptraf airdump and OpenWRT, I found some devices I had forgotten about, and found that even seemingly properly working devices sure chatter a lot more than they used to. What is Google Chrome doing when it is doing nothing.. not even a window open. Cripes it is busy. 

No matter how you do it, I’m tossing out the idea that you might want to sniff your local home traffic every once in a while, and verify everything that is on it should be, and is behaving properly. 

And now.. time to do some remote database maintenance.. Sigh.. 



From: John Aldrich 
I purchased an android-based fitness tracker off Alibaba. I never could
get it to connect to my phone, so I never used it. If anyone is
interested in "hacking" on it, let me know and I'll give it to you.
Don't need any money for it. :)

  John Aldrich

Senior Storage Engineer position in Chattanooga, great rate available

From: Matt Keys 
I've confirmed it's TVA.

FreePBX Call Recording Issue (Stephen Kraus)

From: Justin McAteer 
Could be that the call is being setup with media directly between the phone=
s. What type of interface are you using for your external calls?

Justin McAteer=0A=

(256) 694-9195

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Review of Ubuntu Phone Was | Long Post: Smartphone rant (Take 2?)

From: Rod-Lists 

----- Original Message -----
> It's dead Jim:
> Well, it happened. My last smartphone has died. Accidentally entered pool
> with my phone in my pocket.
> Linux or bust:
> Last smartphone! Multiple reasons, yet it all boils down to I want a Linux
> smartphone or not at all. I should own the phone if I bought it, especially
> at $300.
> Next Phone:
> So, My next phone will at best be a candy bar simple feature with full qwerty
> keyboard. Otherwise, a candy bar 12 pad. I refuse to do the slider or
> sideways keyboards. I'll be looking for the following features, moderate
> camera resolution, and SMS. I don't need GPS. I don't need to go places I
> don't already know or someone I'm with doesn't already know. You can find me
> with your fancy phone if your seeing me is that important to you. Or
> vacations, I can rent a GPS. Can't be rented? Okay, buy and return within 2
> weeks.
> Samsung Note: (TouchWiz mess)
> A few years back, I bought the Samsung Note. Not the Note 2, 3, 4... ad
> nauseum.
> I promptly roo.... Nope, Can't do that without attaching to a computer. Okay,
> so I promptl... Nope. Trying to do it in Linux was a fight in futility. So,
> I handed my phone to another geek friend and he rooted the phone for me. He
> waited on Winders to install some drivers, installed a debugging thing.
> Downloaded and installed Android SDK stuff. Well, went through all kinds of
> crap and got it rooted. By in large, I liked the phone and features. I
> didn't like TouchWiz. So I tried a couple of different launchers and settled
> on Nova because of its stability and features. I feverishly played with and
> programmed that phone off and on for 6 months. Then I started hitting walls.
> Lots of walls. Had plenty of wiggle room to do lots more things I'd like and
> better round out many of the Tasks I'd created using Tasker. However, some
> things just didn't report properly. Some things just weren't accessible.
> Some where unreliable. I had out grown the phone in under 6 months. I
> stopped most all development with the phone because I had outgrown it. It
> could no longer keep up with my desires and demands. And I couldn't simply
> code my way out of it either. Sure, I did code my way around many things.
> Others simply weren't to be had. Other people were forging ahead with newer
> Android versions. I was held back by Samsung on an old KitKat. I made
> several attempts to download the update. In hindsight, I am very glad it
> failed. (Explained in Nexus 5) Phone eventually died and I went without a
> smartphone for a few months.
> Nexus 5: (Not a utopia)
> I dreamed and imagined that getting closer to Google would release many of my
> Samsung struggles. I was wrong. I started up my phone and started getting
> this eerie tickling feeling I was being watched. For the first time, I was
> really starting to feel the phone wasn't mine. You MUST have a Google
> account to use this device. Yes, this was the case in the previous Android
> as well. Somehow, in my excitement I had overlooked it. That enthusiastic
> excitement was now gone. I was starting to get the feeling that "Anything
> you say can and will be used against you in a cour..". Sorry, I think you
> get the idea. If not. "I WAS FEELING STALKED!" So, I am signed in again.
> After all, I already have an account. Now I proceed to root my phone. Nope!
> Again, I must attach to a computer, install drivers, install debugger, (ADB
> - Android Debug Bridge), install 3rd party questionable rooting software
> specifically for your type of phone. And even at that, it really needs to be
> Mac or Windows. Easiest when you use windows. (grumble, grumble, windows,
> virus target, $$Mac$$, Closed off) I like Linux, I hate others! Hey, I
> respect the others in their own right. I do understand some of the struggles
> and efforts required in order to create and maintain a robust OS. Respecting
> the work doesn't mean I have to like the results of the labor. Back to the
> phone. I had the phone rooted for me. Now, for the first time I can compare
> phones. Note versus Nexus, I can do what I couldn't and can't do what I
> could. I won't bother going into a phone by phone comparison of features. I
> couldn't transfer most of my previous settings over, for several reasons.
> One was because I now had a different launcher, default Google Launcher. I
> was thinking, the Google Launcher and the Siri like feature was cool. Ok
> Google, Listen to everything just in case I might say "Ok Google". This left
> me with yet another big brother feeling. I enabled and played with it, then
> disabled within a few hours. Eventually Google provided the option to update
> to Lollipop. Yay!, I'll wait a few days to see what others say and I don't
> have time to fix anything that might break right now. Pop, Nag, update
> ready, "Yeah, I'll get to it. Leave me alone!" Pop, nag, update ready. Um
> wait, how often is this going to happen. Pop, nag. Google?!?
> Pop, nag. This is annoying and affecting my Data usage! Pop, nag. And I can't
> shut it off anywhere. Pop, nag. My battery is being drained heavily because
> the update is constantly running and routinely checking Google for the
> update, About half the life it use to be. Pop, nag. Okay, I'll update just
> to stop the battery drain. Besides, it is a weekend and I have time to deal
> with any problems. Arrgghhh!!! That white background! That is so freaking
> ugly? Crap, wait! What? Ugh, Just because Apple thinks White is the new
> black. Argh, it is so garishly ugly and default for everything. Well, here
> comes Nova Launcher to the rescue, partly. Freaking Settings menu and many
> default menus still have this horrible theme that I can't change. Oh well.
> So, wait! Uh, I'm not rooted anymore! What? Damn it, This is MY PHONE! I
> guess that is what I get for thinking. Uh, can you hear me now...!!! Phone
> dead. I have no cell service. Oh, there it is again. Okay. I programmed it
> to say, "Signal Lost" every time it went down and "Service Acquired" when it
> came up. That was happening a lot. Generally about twice an hour, sometimes
> more, sometimes less. In addition, it would do it after nearly every call
> ended. I changed the messages to "Lost", "Found". And setup logging of every
> incident and signal strength at the time to a file. I changed the messages
> again to a comical, "I once was lost", "But now I'm found" and "Of all the
> things I ever lost", "I missed my mind the most". I had it randomly pick
> between those message pairs. I never did root the phone again. I Went
> through another nag update cycle and still the cell service problem
> remained. I Reported the problem to Google and nothing has come of it. The
> nagging and effectively forced update proved to me that Google owned the
> phone, not me. I was simply allowed to pay them to hold and use it for their
> easy spying on me.
> Nope, I won't have another smartphone until there is a Linux smartphone. And
> I don't foresee that happening anytime soon.
> Lucius L. Hilley III - Unkmar