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Nexus 5 signal drop

From: Unkmar 
Aggressive conservation of battery?

These are the times my phone has lost and reaquired cellular towers. In
most all cases the phone had 3 to 4 bars and is stationary on my desk home.
I'm using a StraightTalk SIM. The drops have become much more frequent
since the update to Android 5.1.

The times are automatically recorded by a tasker app I created.

05-03-2015 17.32.54, Signal found
05-03-2015 17.38.35, Signal lost
05-03-2015 17.39.24, Signal found
05-03-2015 17.51.32, Signal lost, -1
05-03-2015 17.52.21, Signal found, -1
05-03-2015 19.20.36, Signal lost, -1
05-03-2015 19.20.58, Signal found, -1
05-03-2015 19.35.32, Signal lost, -1
05-03-2015 19.36.22, Signal found, -1
05-03-2015 19.49.44, Signal lost, -1
05-03-2015 19.50.5, Signal found, -1
05-03-2015 20.02.12, Signal lost, -1
05-03-2015 20.03.1, Signal found, -1
05-03-2015 23.47.52, Signal lost, -1
05-03-2015 23.48.13, Signal found, -1
05-04-2015 00.00.18, Signal lost, -1
05-04-2015 00.01.9, Signal found, -1
05-04-2015 00.13.15, Signal lost, -1
05-04-2015 00.14.6, Signal found, -1
05-04-2015 00.41.30, Signal lost, -1
05-04-2015 00.41.52, Signal found, -1
05-04-2015 00.48.41, Signal lost, 0
05-04-2015 00.49.16, Signal found, 0
05-04-2015 01.01.22, Signal lost, 0
05-04-2015 01.02.12, Signal found, 0
05-04-2015 01.14.19, Signal lost, 0
05-04-2015 01.15.9, Signal found, 0
05-04-2015 01.27.16, Signal lost, 0
05-04-2015 01.28.6, Signal found, 0
05-04-2015 01.40.13, Signal lost, 0
05-04-2015 01.41.3, Signal found, 0
05-04-2015 01.53.22, Signal lost, 0
05-04-2015 01.54.13, Signal found, 0
05-04-2015 02.06.18, Signal lost, 0
05-04-2015 02.07.10, Signal found, 0
05-04-2015 02.28.15, Signal lost, 0
05-04-2015 02.29.5, Signal found, 0
05-04-2015 02.46.37, Signal lost, 0
05-04-2015 02.47.27, Signal found, 0
05-04-2015 03.04.49, Signal lost, 0
05-04-2015 03.05.39, Signal found, 0
05-04-2015 03.18.14, Signal lost, 0
05-04-2015 03.19.5, Signal found, 0
05-04-2015 03.32.13, Signal lost, 0
05-04-2015 03.33.3, Signal found, 0
05-04-2015 03.46.38, Signal lost, 0
05-04-2015 03.47.28, Signal found, 0
05-04-2015 04.03.17, Signal lost, 0
05-04-2015 04.04.8, Signal found, 0
05-04-2015 04.16.42, Signal lost, 0
05-04-2015 04.17.34, Signal found, 0
05-04-2015 04.29.40, Signal lost, 0
05-04-2015 04.30.30, Signal found, 0
05-04-2015 04.48.12, Signal lost, 0
05-04-2015 04.49.2, Signal found, 0
05-04-2015 05.01.8, Signal lost, 0
05-04-2015 05.01.59, Signal found, 0
05-04-2015 05.19.40, Signal lost, 0
05-04-2015 05.20.30, Signal found, 0
05-04-2015 05.37.11, Signal lost, 0
05-04-2015 05.38.1, Signal found, 0
05-04-2015 05.50.7, Signal lost, 0
05-04-2015 05.50.58, Signal found, 0
05-04-2015 06.03.27, Signal lost, 0
05-04-2015 06.04.18, Signal found, 0
05-04-2015 06.16.51, Signal lost, 0
05-04-2015 06.17.42, Signal found, 0
05-04-2015 06.44.50, Signal lost, 0
05-04-2015 06.45.40, Signal found, 0
05-04-2015 07.10.54, Signal lost, 0
05-04-2015 07.11.44, Signal found, 0
05-04-2015 07.24.16, Signal lost, 0
05-04-2015 07.25.6, Signal found, 0
05-04-2015 08.56.53, Signal lost, 0
05-04-2015 08.57.15, Signal found, 0
05-04-2015 09.19.3, Signal lost, 0
05-04-2015 09.19.55, Signal found, 0
05-04-2015 10.05.11, Signal lost, 0
05-04-2015 10.05.33, Signal found, 0

Fwd: Chuga-get-together

From: Jonathan Calloway 

Not sure if anyone has seen this yet.  It looks like Thursday night will be "=
The Night" at this point.

I like Terminal Brew House.  However, I'm counting on you guys to chime in w=
ith other ideas of watering holes that I probably have never been too, much l=
ess thought about.

I'm thinking 6-ish at this point. . but I'm flexable.

Jonathan Calloway

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Jonathan Calloway 
> Date: April 19, 2015 at 2:19:58 AM EDT
> To: Chattanooga Unix Gnu Android Linux Users Group =

> Subject: Chuga-get-together
> Greetings!
> As some of you know, I have been working a third shift operations type job=
 now for a year.  This means that I have not been able to attend any Chugalu=
nches or other CHUGALUG events. =20
> However, this week (4/20-4/24) I will be doing some training in the day ti=
me.  I would like to call a "Chuga-get-together" for one evening this week.
> Now, I know what the rules are. . . you call the event, you pick the time a=
nd place.  However, as chairman of this event, I would like to open this to t=
he floor for suggestions, so that everyone has the opportunity to chime in o=
n time preferences and places (Besides, you guys always come up with interes=
ting places I haven't heard of before).
> My only requirements are that it has to be in the evening (after 5PM) and i=
t has to be at a place where adult beverages can be consumed. =20
> I'm looking forward to seeing you all again!
> Jonathan Calloway

OT maybe: advice wanted on particular Android phones.

From: rdflowers 

I have run into a $20 ZTE Whirl2 deal around here. I also got a $35  
for a Moto E and a month service included, if I use my existing #.

The ZTE runs Android 4.3 .

This Moto E runs Android 5.0 .

I would appreciate any insight and experience related to these phones,  
and especially regarding rooting them, and regarding developing apps  
for them ( especially if it can be done not-in-java, but even if it  
must be -- python 3 would be ideal ).

Can one or both be rooted/developed on -- without major risk of bricking them?

Also, and finally, what Android simulators do any of you fine folks like?

I ( because of $ ) don't have email access except at the library, but  
I get here every couple of days or so. Phone or text anytime would be  
great ( 423 653-9715 ), and would increase the appreciation points  
even further, and would be quicker. Either deal could go away soon,  
but especially the Moto E.

Search engining eats my limited access time very quickly, or I would  
do that more instead of asking.

Thanks for any help you can give me !
R. D. Flowers, Chattanooga, TN, USA

air console

From: Mike Harrison 
Finally got around playing with the air-console from:

It’s obviously a micro linux-ish server with a battery, 

It sets up a small Wifi network without a default gateway. Then you can telnet to: port 3696
and ‘poof’ you have serial. Nice little apps for iOS and Android as well. or at least the getSerial Android app worked on my phone, I reset my office UPS via serial.. 

Extra’s: It also provides a small Wifi AP, and can be used to charge up other devices in an emergency. 

Got a few harder things to do with it... but so far: I’m impressed.


OT: Which tablet?

Hello there:
I need the tablet with the biggest screen (Android or Mac) that can be 
visible in direct sunlight as well as dim(able) to the point of being 
visible under *VERY* low light without blinding brightness. 

This is the test for brightness:
Stay in a totally dark room for an hour and then turn the tablet on.
If you get a barely uncomfortably blinding screen, it is too bright.
Price unimportant, I hope that I don't have to go Mac, but my Android phone 
hasn't had a shining performance either...   :(

Forked from "Android without Google" - Office Depot Chair

From: DaWorm 

Didn't want to threadjack the "Android without Google" topic:

What model chair did you find at Office Depot that would be a good
substitute for an Aeron?


Android without Google?

From: James Nylen 
I'd like to run my Android phone without any proprietary Google services,
or as few as possible.  I want control over what servers my phone is
sending data to, and why.  Is anyone doing something similar?
Here's what I've got so far:

Most custom ROMs (Cyanogen, AOKP) separate the google apps installation
from the main OS, so you can just skip that step.

The number 1 thing I miss with this setup is Google Maps.  Right now I have
an old version that I saved and restored using Titanium Backup
.  Number two is probably YouTube,
I have it set up the same way.  Most of YouTube's network requests flow
through Android system processes, which is a little scary to me.

For contact and calendar syncing to my server I use OwnCloud
, and for media syncing Titanium Media Sync

F-Droid Marketplace  works pretty well as a Google
Play alternative for FOSS apps.  There are a couple of potential solutions
for grabbing apps from the Play Store without having it installed:


There's also NOGAPPS
 which was a
project to stub out some of the Google frameworks that many apps depend on,
but it looks mostly discontinued.

Chugalug Digest, Vol 31, Issue 81

From: "Kite, Mike" 
Thanks Lynn and Meuon.

Putting a pipe between domain and user bears the same bitter fruit :(

It's an OEL6 server, which I think, is pretty close, in this case, to RHEL6.

It does indeed have the return code -6 in /var/log/messages when trying to CIFS mount it.
And I may as well just keep trying smbmount rather than smbget, simply because I'll need to put files there as well as get them.

I'm trying to find the Red Hat article you mention, though this machine does not have a  /etc/request-key.d/ folder.  I do have a Red Hat portal account, I'm trying to recover my pwd to that now.


Chugalug Digest, Vol 31, Issue 67

From: Andrew Armstrong 

On 2/19/15 7:00 AM, wrote:
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> From: Donald Humphreys 
> To: Chattanooga Unix Gnu Android Linux Users Group
> Subject: Re: [Chugalug] cleaning house before a move
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> I'm interested in the PDU (not a UPS by the model number?) and MAYBE that
> 4600. What is that, 6U? Can you provide some more specs?
> On Wed, Feb 18, 2015 at 2:13 PM, Stephen Kraus 
> wrote:
You are correct it is a PDU and not a UPS. Thanks for pointing that out. 
I had a 1U UPS that looked exactly like this and mixed up the 2 in my 
head. I actually am going to keep the PDU as I have a use for that. 
Sorry for the misleading information guys.

Donald, RE: the 4600 - I sent you a direct email about it.

-- drewcifer

2-in-one laptop / tablet and *nix

From: Jonathan Calloway 

I’m toying around with the idea of getting a 2-in-one tablet / laptop.  The idea would be to get more experience with Android, and maybe even Ubuntu Touch.

I’m looking around at ASUS Transformer books.  I’m seeing some of the early ones out there for $200-$300.  If anyone out there is doing something like this, or even if you have something you’re willing to sell, let me know.

Now, let me explain that it has to be a keyboard base with a teachable tablet form factor.  I am not looking for a “flip” or yoga style device.  Also, it has to be something I can play with, i.e. install android or linux of some variety.  


Chugalug Digest, Vol 31, Issue 6

From: Justin McAteer 
Was this drive in a laptop or desktop? Does it make any kind of noise? Can =
you hear it spinning after it 'disappears'?
 There are a couple of items that you could try to repair the drive includi=
ng cleaning and reflowing or potentially replacing the controller board wit=
h one from a matching model.

Justin McAteer

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>    1. OT- Client Needs physical recovery off of dead hard drive
>       (David White)
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> From: David White 
> To: Chattanooga Unix Gnu Android Linux Users Group
> Subject: [Chugalug] OT- Client Needs physical recovery off of dead
> 	hard drive
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Corei5 laptop for $209 -- mmm, mmm, Linux

From: Phil Shapiro 

I forgot to mention that shipping is free on that laptop. 

----- Original Message -----

From: "Phil Shapiro"  
To: "Chattanooga Unix Gnu Android Linux Users Group"  
Sent: Saturday, January 31, 2015 6:51:23 AM 
Subject: [Chugalug] Corei5 laptop for $209 -- mmm, mmm, Linux 

This laptop would be lovely to install Linux on -- 

Note -- the sale is just for today, Jan 31, 2015. 

A detailed 2011 review of this laptop appears at 

I haven't bought from this company before -- just wanted to alert 
Chugalug members to a nice fast laptop at a very reasonable price. 

When you throw Linux on here, this laptop would feel almost 
as fast as a Corei7, imho. 


Phil Shapiro, 

"Wisdom begins with wonder." - Socrates 
"Learning happens thru gentleness." 

GUI development: Qt, GTK, XUL

From: "Robert A. Kelly III" 
For developing cross-platform GUI apps on Linux, how would you compare Qt versus GTK versus XUL? Which would you prefer, or in what circumstances would you prefer each? How would you compare the tutorials, resources, and developer communities available for someone new to the platform?
Sent from my Android device with K-9 Mail. Please excuse my brevity.

keybase... useful?

From: Ed King 
so I finally got a keybase invite...    but other than the coolness factor of being an alpha tester, is this system actually useful?    lets hear from the folks who have used it 

On Sat, 6/21/14, Mike Harrison  wrote:

 Subject: [Chugalug] Keybase Invites
 To: "Chattanooga Unix Gnu Android Linux Users Group" 
 Date: Saturday, June 21, 2014, 6:15 AM
 I just got three invites.. 
 Initial application requires you to install Node.js locally,
 you should already have GPG.
 I haven’t had much use for it yet.. Hopefully that will

Slightly OT: Remote support tools

From: Mark Quering 
Hey all

I was wondering if anyone in the group had any suggestions on remote
support tools. I am a one man shop at this point that supports a range of
customers from a single home user to small businesses with up to 100 seats
with multiple branches and everything in between. Below I have listed some
of the must haves for the product and I was wondering if you might have
some suggestions for open source products or otherwise that you are using
and would recommend.

-I would prefer owning and hosting myself to avoid ongoing monthly payments
-Multiple platform support for both the guest and host for Win, Linux, and
OS X (bonus for Android/iOS support)
-Support for multi-monitor on the guest and preferably the host as well
-Plays well with Windows UAC (a majority of my customers are Windows shops)
-Allows for remote rebooting/reconnecting of the guest from the host
-Session encryption
-Chat/VoiP support a bonus but not required
-File transfer a bonus but not required
-Extremely easy for the guest to get connected to a support session once
initiated by the host

I am looking very closely at ScreenConnect ( I spun up
their 30 day trail on a server last week and am playing with it currently.
Pretty happy with what I'm seeing so far. It also bundles remote meeting
and remote access (persistent) along with remote support tools. Thoughts or


"Best computer you can buy for $499"

From: John Aldrich 

Microsoft Surface Pro. Wonder if you can wipe it and install Linux or
Android? :)

  John Aldrich

Fwd: [Dc404-Chat] OT, know any Android dev that wants a quick buck?

From: "" 
Any local devs want to help out? Contact Lee directly.

Stephen Haywood
Owner, ASG Consulting

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Lee Clemmer 
> Subject: [Dc404-Chat] OT, know any Android dev that wants a quick =
> Date: December 9, 2014 at 8:39:35 AM EST
> To:
> Reply-To:
> Hey,=20
> I've got an existing Android app in the Google store, but at year's =
end the v2 billing API will no longer be supported, and we need to move =
to v3. Should be a pretty simple update, as there's only one purchase =
option, it "unlocks" the whole app (just a few features, all at once).
> Anyhow, it should take very little time, I've looked at the code, and =
I could probably do it but I'd hate it if I screwed it up.=20
> So if you know any Java developer that's familiar with Google Billing =
API's and wants to make an easy buck (like maybe $500-$1K) then have =
them give me an email off list.=20
> Note I have already submitted this on Elance, where I've had good luck =
before, but (presumably) it's such a small job that lots of candidates =
here in the U.S. just aren't interested. Language barriers suck. And I'm =
not sure I trust developers in the Ukraine.
> Lee

Kickstarter project - 9V battery can be used to recharge your Android phone

From: Phil Shapiro 

This is neat -- 

And if you installed Ubuntu Linux on an Android phone, you'd be running Ubuntu using a 9V battery. 



Phil Shapiro, 

"Wisdom begins with wonder." - Socrates 
"Learning happens thru gentleness." 

fwd: [nlug] PhreakNIC now has an android app

From: Jon Nyx 
FYI; next-to-last bit of PhreakNIC spam, then I'm done 'til we start
promoting the PN 2015 May-Day Mini-con.


-----Forwarded Message-----
> From: andrew mcelroy 
> Sent: Oct 28, 2014 12:11 PM
> To: "" 
> Subject: [nlug] PhreakNIC now has an android app
> Greetings everyone,
> I wanted to get the word out that PhreakNIC now has an android mobile app.
> I have an iOS version of this app, but apple would take too long to
> approve it, so we will have to settle for deploying iOS next year.
> Respectfully,
> Andrew McElroy

Android Video Chat

From: "Robert A. Kelly III" 
Hash: SHA512

What apps do you use/recommend for video chat on Android? Obviously, I
prefer free software and open standards. I'm trying Linphone and it
looks good, but wanted to see what other people thought.
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