Block chains for Dummies?

From: Rod-Lists 
I found some interesting tools for Online decisions and policy systems that are based on bitcoin.
So anyone know good reference material on blockchain tech for those of us not steeped in crypto?
Technologies for 21st Century democracy

A Europe-wide project developing the next generation of
open source, distributed, and privacy-aware tools for
direct democracy and economic empowerment.

[OT] Bitcoin

From: Stephen Haywood 
Please, no flamewars. No pontifications on what Bitcoin is or isn=E2=80=99=
t. I need to accept Bitcoin payments for a project and I just want to =
know if any of you have recommendation for a good Bitcoing wallet =
management site.

To bring it slightly on topic, the project is running on an Ubuntu 16.04 =
server hosted at Digital Ocean. :)


Hacked Bitcoin Exchange Says Users May Share $68 Million Loss

From: David White 

I don't use Bitcoin, but I suspect some of you may be affected by this.


David White
Founder & CEO


*Develop CENTS*
Computing, Equipping, Networking, Training & Supporting for small
businesses and nonprofits
Providing: Web Hosting, Technical Support & IT Consulting

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BTC for sale

From: Aaron Welch 
So to add insult to injury and I have had to get some work done on my truck and meet some funds to cover the bill. I have .91 BTC that I would let go at a discount if anyone is interested. Just drop me an email or give me a phone call 423–5 05–9999.

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OT: Anyone local to Chattanooga with 4 BTC to sell for cash

From: mdquerng 
Hi all

Short story: I have a customer that was hit two days ago with a new variant
of the Locky crypto ransomware called Zepto. Unfortunately this customer has
been more than a little lax with respect to their backup strategies and they
have a large number of business critical files on two servers that appear to
be unrecoverable.

The customer is to the point where they are willing to take the chance and
try and pay the ransom. The issue is that they have never used Bitcoin and
have no real way to get their hands on the 4 BTC needed in a timely manner
due to restrictions on the amount that can be purchased via the various
Bitcoin exchanges and how long it will take to receive the purchased

I'm reaching out to the group to see if there is someone local to
Chattanooga that already has 4 BTC available and might be interested in
transferring them to the customer's Bitcoin wallet, if the customer were to
meet them and give them cash likely plus a bit for your trouble. If this is
you, please contact me off list via this email address.

Mark Quering

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Dell PA-13 Power brick

From: Dave Brockman 
Hash: SHA1

Anyone have one of these they can put in my hand today or tomorrow?

I've checked for universal kits, but all I can find in-store are 

Free Software Photo Galleries

From: "Robert A. Kelly III" 
Hash: SHA512

I wondered if anyone is familiar with a free software photo gallery
that offers facial recognition and tagging similar to most online
services (either natively or via a plugin)? To be clear, I'm talking
about server software to make a photo gallery available over the web.

I'm also curious if you know of any good photo galleries that offer
the option of storing your photos as files on the file system, instead
of in a database.
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[OT] Bitcoin News

From: Stephen Kraus 

Bitcoin can be traced. This is the first article I've seen about it, so
take it for what its worth


From: Dave Brockman 
Hash: SHA1

Anyone local have 1.2 BTC for sale (for a reasonable exchange rate on
Cash)?  The new miners I wish to purchase run Linux to keep us on topic!


Unicast via email or cell if you are interested and can meet tomorrow



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"Some things in life can never be fully appreciated nor understood
unless experienced firsthand. Some things in networking can never be
fully understood by someone who neither builds commercial networking
equipment nor runs an operational network." RFC 1925
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Bit coin and their grubby little hands

From: Billy 


Did you hear? The IRS wants your Bitcoins!

And how will they enforced that? 

Time to remember:
The difference between the Mafia and the IRS
is that the Mafia has a code of HONOR.

OT: Local Hero Film Fest

From: Rod 
El Jeffe ask me to pass this along. seee the pr spot at the link below.

Man loses $8500 of wife's savings on Bitcoin

From: William Roush 

Oh boy? (Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox disappear?)

Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox disappears in blow to virtual currency 

BitCoin lecture - March 6th, Nashville

From: Chad Smith 
I really don't know why I still get Tennessee Political stuff, but this may
be of benefit to some of you in the area.

*- Chad W. Smith*

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Bitcoin expert, John R. Meese  will
be giving a lecture on understanding, using, and investing with Bitcoin.

*March 6th....*

Logan's Road House
2400 Elliston Pl
Nashville, Tennessee 37203

The back room at Logan's will be available from 5pm for social hour and
dinner. The presentation will start at 6:30p

* This is free and open to the public, please bring a friend! *
More details about the event here:

If someone gives you a BitCoin QR code....

From: Chad Smith 
Don't flash it on live TV.

*- Chad W. Smith* to accept Bitcoin

From: Lynn Dixon 
------------------------------------------------------ is set to become the largest US Retailer to accept Bitcoin:

Overstock is expected to have 1.3 billion in revenues in 2013.

I like this quote from their CEO:
"We're the guys who like gold," he said. "We think the monetary base should
not be something that a government can create with a stroke of a pen."

OT: pimpin some warez

From: Ed King 
cool, I'll bring bitcoin=0A=0A=0A=0A=0A

Giving Thanks..

From: Mike Harrison 
------------------------------------------------------ and hundreds of other 
worthy places would appreciate a little "thanks" for their efforts to protect FOSS
and related activities.

Many of them will take some bitcoin as well as paypal, credit cards, etc..

Tomorrow is "Thanks Giving" and I invested $100 (spread it out) to say 
"Thank You", I'm imploring you to do the same where and how you see fit 
and are able.