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Bandwidth & Good Food, where do you have working lunches?

From: Rod-Lists 
This one is for the locals. I have to meet with members of a my neighborhood group to do web project.
Looking for suggestions for a place with good food and bandwidth. 
It might be after business hours or on a weekend.


Editors for a Drupal site

From: Rod-Lists 
I'm looking for an editor that supports Markdown and/or LaTexx for a forum site.
Any suggestions would be welcomed.

Auto-backups on Mac based on Wireless connection

From: David White 
Hey folks,
I've got an odd question.

I've just finished setting up my local CentOS 7 box (embedded PC with a SSD
in it), and I'd now like to setup automatic backups on my wife's Mac.

Ideally, the process would go something like this:

   - Apple laptop turns on
   - Automatically detects that its currently connected to the home SSID
   - Automatically detects that the proper external hard drive is connected
      - All of the files she needs to backup remain on the external hard
      drive - they're not on the local disk
   - Based on knowing that its connected to this particular SSID, AND
   knowing that the external hard drive is connected, rsync (or something
   similar) launches
   - Files are copied over via rsync / SSH

Can this be done? If so, any suggestions on how I can do it?

I'm also setting up a VPN connection onto her laptop so that she can
*manually* back things up / recover items if she's not home (using pfSense
+ OpenVPN, which I already have working).

She's a teacher, and the public school system doesn't provide any
centralized repository for her lesson plans, etc..., nor do they provide
any backup system. The school-provided machine is so bad, anyway, that we
bought an external hard drive, and that's been her primary file storage.

So now, obviously I want to take backups off of that external drive in case
something happened to it.


David White
Founder & CEO

*Develop CENTS *
Computing, Equipping, Networking, Training & Supporting
Nonprofit Organizations Worldwide

Chattanooga Developer Lunch Today

From: Rod-Lists 

Yet another reason to hate Comcast.

From: Jonathan Calloway 
I just bought a SkyDog a couple of months ago, and I am very happy with =
it.  However, apparently they=92ve been acquired by Comcast, and Comcast =
is killing the product.


I realize that this type of product is not important to many of you, but =
this just makes me sad.