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Getting an OS Conference like this one in Chattanooga

From: Lisa Ridley 

So, I=92m at All Things Open this week (Phil Shapiro is presenting tomorrow=
), and it totally rocks.  The folks at IT-ology have done a fantastic job o=
rganizing this one.

So, what do we have to do to get a conference like this organized and held =
in Chattanooga?

After all, we are the Gig City=85.I can=92t think of a better way to promot=
e it than something like this.  (And, I don=92t want to have to drive to Ra=
leigh, Spartanburg, Columbia, Atlanta or fly to Austin or San Francisco to =
attend quality conferences OS Conferences =97 yes I have an ulterior motive=

Does EPB sell or lease IPv4 addresses?

From: Lynn Dixon 
So, in my possibility of moving to Ooltewah, and getting EPB I have a
question for the LUG.

Does EPB sell/lease IP addresses to their residential customers?  I have a
/28 at Peace Communications as part of my Colocation, but it would be nice
to buy a /29 to use for my home lab, and a some other personal services.

I know we have some EPB guys on here, and was hoping someone could give me
some insight.

OT: HOAs and buying a house (was EPBfi already outside of city?)

From: Dan Lyke 
On Wed, 22 Oct 2014 09:56:27 -0500
James Nylen  wrote:
> As a potential future homeowner this is a concern of mine.  What are
> some things to look out for, and is it possible to buy a house
> without signing that crap?

So: Yes, it is totally reasonable to say "I'm not going to buy a house
with an HOA attached to it."

Also, personal preferences here: When you look for a house, often you
can get a lot of square footage in a brand new subdivision with 2 or 3
models for a hundred+ homes, and a HOA. This is super attractive:
Everyone is of your economic class (they're all buying almost exactly
the same house you are), your age (highly correlated to economic class
and when the subdivision was built), the HOA provides some level of
assurance that your neighbors will keep their houses looking the same...

What this really means is that your neighborhood will age and decline
at exactly the same rate. This leads to the standard real estate cycle.

If, instead, you can buy in a neighborhood that's 50+ years old, that
doesn't have an HOA and has very loosely enforced zoning, you'll pay a
bit of a premium, but you get a more heterogenous neighborhood that's
going to have a less extreme real estate cycle. People will die off
and/or move out at different times in their lives. You'll have a bigger
mix of kids and elderly.

Loosely enforced zoning means that the neighborhood has adapted to real
world needs, you have inlaw units, and expansions, so houses are
different sizes, and have evolved to how people really live, rather
than how people browsing model homes think they want to live.

Also, seriously consider preferring grid layout streets to cul-de-sacs:
Grids encourage walkability and knowing more than your immediate
neighbors. You have more neighbors to temper the swings of a


Somebody get Ed a fainting couch! They Just released the Xerox Parc Source Code!

From: Rod-Lists 

EPBfi already outside of city?

From: Rod-Lists 
Found this map of Municipal networks. Several Gigabit connections in North Ga are listed as EPB.
Including Flintstone and Wildwood.