dalton hamfest was...

From: Ed King 

lots of booths...  I'm guessing 200+.   Got there at 8:20, left at 9:45.   I 
know exactly what kind of old crap I'm looking for so I'm not the kinda guy who 
has to stop at every booth and get all touchy feely.   Plus my wife was with me 
and these hamfests aren't her cup 'o tea, causing her to crack a few barbs, such 
as "this stuff is like twitter for old folks".  

lots of overpriced laptops and lcds, but none of the stuff I like to collect, 
except for one APF Fun Pong console (a different model than the one I already 

Sorry Stephen, no EEE pc, altho I did see an Augden netbook that looked exactly 
like my $100 Sylania netbook...   but for the $80 price tag, hell,  might as 
well buy a new one with a warranty.

All in all, it was a fun experience...  well, for me.  My wife threatens to drag 
me to a Barbie convention.