Is blocking traffic from Tor nodes?

From: "Robert A. Kelly III" 
I'm unable to access and I'm wondering if they are blocking
traffic from Tor nodes. I am running a non-exit Tor node on my home
computer, and I get access denied from any browser on any operating
system (Firefox, Chrome, IE, or Android browser on Linux, Windows, or
Android) when connecting from my home internet connection. My Android
phone can access it from 3G, but not my home wifi. If I bypass my router
by directly plugging in a laptop I can access it, but only because I get
a different IP address. If I spoof my routers MAC address so that I get
the same IP address, it is blocked again. I also found that when I
connect using the Tor Browser, I get access denied, so it is not just my
IP address that is being blocked. Can anyone else verify whether they
are able to access through Tor or from a non-exit Tor node?