TrueCrypt no longer supported (or secure?)

From: David White 
This is brand-spanking-new news.

Here's the only article I can find on the subject as of yet:

The project page just says that the project has been shutdown and offers no
good explanation.

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=============================================================== From: David White ------------------------------------------------------ Someone's response on a different list I'm a part of, with my response (my response is on top): Agreed. This Reddit thread seems to have a good number of folks making the same conclusion:

=============================================================== From: ------------------------------------------------------ Yeah.. Add to the anonymous nature of the devs, the "hack", the version that only decrypts.. that spells the end of TrueCrypt for me. I use luks now anyways. --b Quoting David White :

=============================================================== From: William Roush ------------------------------------------------------ Agreed, kind of sitting on my hands waiting to see if anything major surfaces, otherwise.... I guess BitLocker at work? :\ William Roush 423-463-0592

=============================================================== From: ------------------------------------------------------ Well, this is interesting: Truecrypt is alive and well and living in Switzerland Website (sort of slow for me while on Starbucks WiFi). --b Quoting William Roush :