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From: gary hasty 
FYI, if anyone's thinking about coming down for the AT&T hackathon this
weekend we're also having a devlab session during the day at the foundry:

*Free one-day workshop on the AT&T Speech, In-App Messaging, Advertising
APIs, and Appcelerator*

Are you a *mobile application developer* with an interest in adding *voice
commands*or text-to-voice translation to your app?  Or sending *text
messages* from inside your application?  Or earning *advertising revenues*?
Join the AT&T Developer Program for a one-day workshop on the *AT&T Speech,*
 *In-App Messaging* (including SMS and MMS)*,*and* Advertising APIs*.  This
will be a day of learning and hands-on coding ("lab time").  Bring your
laptops (PC or Mac) and leave with our APIs working from your own AT&T
Developer Program account. The event will close with a session by Pratik
Patel, CTO of Triplingo and evangelist for Appcelerator, on how to leverage
Appcelerator to complete your app.

The workshop will be taught by AT&T and Appcelerator subject matter
experts, and AT&T Developer Program staff.  This also is a great
opportunity to network with AT&T and your fellow mobile developers. We will
be using Postman and cURL for the lab exercises.

The event is free and lunch is provided.  If you are an app developer
working independently or with a company planning or already producing
mobile applications then this is the event for you. Space is limited so
register now.

Find out how carrier APIs from the AT&T Developer Program can benefit you
and your app strategy. *We look forward to meeting you!*

=============================================================== From: Mike Harrison ------------------------------------------------------ If I wasn't going to be in St. Louis Friday.. I'd be there. We currently use Twillio and Clickatel as well as a few hardware gateways for SMS and IVR, but the more options the better. Any chance you'll be doing this again soon?

=============================================================== From: gary hasty ------------------------------------------------------ I'll check to see when another is planned...check out and signup on the mailing list to get updates on the APIs and SDKs. There's a new in-app messaging toolkit just released this week as well as the ARO tool is pretty cool : *In-App Messaging API SDKs are now available for native iOS & Android platforms* We have great news for native iOS and Android developers - you can now use the In-App Messaging API SDKs for iOS and Android, making it even more effortless to integrate the powerful In-App Messaging functionality to your apps. The SDKs significantly reduces the complexity of building native applications, allowing you to launch your apps quicker. Check out our blogfor more information about these SDKs or downloadour In-App Messating API SDKs now. *Building the "next great device" for the Internet of Things or Machine-to-Machine? Let us help!* With the AT&T M2X Data Service, you can rapidly connect your device to our cloud based data storage and start collecting data in minutes. Learn how we make it easy for you to prototype your IoT and M2M devices and applications in this month's blog post. *AT&T Sponsored Data wins acclaim as Ovum's "Innovative Service of the Month"* AT&T's Sponsored Data product continues to gain acclaim with recognition by leading analyst Ovum as their "Innovative Service of the Month." In the report, Ovum highlighted many different aspects that make it both unique and compelling. Specifically, Ovum mentions how Sponsored Data meets both customer and network provider goals in a true win-win situation, while supporting rich formats like video, audio, PDF. Read more about it including the study on our blog. *AT&T Bootstrap Week is Back - A Week of Free Live Technical Tutorials* It's that time again! AT&T has pulled together some of the industry's top experts to host live, online, technical tutorials to get you up to speed on some of the most popular app development technologies in the industry today. The list of topics and presenters for this month includes not only Appcelerator Titanium,, and Intel SDK; but for the first time AT&T M2X and AT&T ARO. This will be a series of sessions you won't want to miss so be sure to join us April 21-24. Visit the AT&T Developer Program's events pagefor more information and register now. *Catch Bill Weir's blog on his recent workshop talk - "Tools and Best Practices to Help Improve Mobile Application Battery Usage"* Last month, AT&T ARO's own Bill Weir spoke to a full house of engineers attending the 3 day workshop "Optimizing Advanced Smartphone and Tablet Architectures" in Sunnyvale, California. Read up on his talk and on the organization (IWPC) who regularly runs workshops for the wireless industry. Read Bill's blog post now. *New AT&T ARO Release Supports All Major Mobile Platforms* On March 26, version 3.1 of the Application Resource Optimizer added support for a leading mobile platform. While the ARO Data Collector has always been able to collect data traces from any Wi-Fi enabled device, the traces haven't been as complete as direct traces (video and device). Read on to see how ARO can help you optimize for mobile. Learn more. *Developer Resources* *Blog* Hawaii Hackathon Recap What is a CDN and Why Do I Need One? Increasingly... it's all about the Apps Redwood City Hackathon Recap *DevLab by AT&T* DevLab Atlanta| April 11 | Atlanta, GA (Foundry) DevLab Boston| May 20 | Boston, MA Future Planned DevLabs| Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, Seattle *Upcoming Events and Hackathons* Women in Tech (WIT) and Home Automation Hackathon| April 11 | Atlanta, GA San Francisco App Strategy Workshop: Monetization| April 25 | San Francisco, CA New York City App Strategy Workshop: Monetization| May 2 | New York, NY Mobile App Hackathon| May 2 | Washington, DC Mobile App Hackathon| May 16 | Boulder, CO This email was sent to: ** This email was sent by: AT&T 16331 NE 72nd Way, Redmond, WA, 98052, USA We respect your right to privacy - view our policy Update Profile and Subscription Preferences| Unsubscribe From All Emails

=============================================================== From: Lee Walker ------------------------------------------------------ You really need to read the term & conditions of this "hackathon". AT&T own all you do, you get nothing if they decide to use it. They are using you for free labor and ideas. Company sponsored "hackathons" are just a cheap trick to get you all to work for free. Stick to the community events, not these Company sponsored ones. On Tue, Apr 8, 2014 at 10:51 AM, gary hasty wrote= : e ur gfor more information about these SDKs or r we ns e on o s events y. Read e co, Seattle ril 11 | Atlanta, GA ril 25 | San Francisco, CA y 2 | New York, NY be y:

=============================================================== From: gary hasty ------------------------------------------------------ this was about the devlab seminar...not the hackathon...I can also tell you I've seen nothing "stolen" from these over the past few years but we have used some of them to find some amazing talent to hire.

=============================================================== From: Mike Harrison ------------------------------------------------------ Kudos for the "curl" examples on the developer pages. It makes actual languages used and coding style irrelevant.

=============================================================== From: Mike Harrison ------------------------------------------------------ I'll contend that: If you have little to loose.. and use these to learn and network, these are great events. Don't take your #1 idea to a hackathon.. Take #4... as a learning experience, meet other people.

=============================================================== From: Lynn Dixon ------------------------------------------------------ This is an important thing to remember. "Crackers" don't typically go to these types of events. People usually go to meet like minded folk, share ideas, and to find themselves better jobs. I would go to it to show off what I can do, in hopes of impressing someone enough to make them recruit me. Having the sponsor "steal my code" would probably be the least of my concerns.