Scroll wheel stopped working

From: John Aldrich 
I upgraded to Fedora 20 awhile back and recently my scroll wheel stopped 
working on my mouse. It's a Logitech wireless mouse (sorry... don't know what 
model, but it came with my wired keyboard, Y-SV39)
I'm running XFCE as my WM. I know in times past, I'd edit my XF86Config file, 
but we're not using that any more now that we aren't using XFree86. :(

=============================================================== From: Joseph Simoneau ------------------------------------------------------ man xinput + duckduckgo/google-fu and some details for your hardware. FWIW, the entries to make my thinkpad trackpoint work properly are: xinput --set-int-prop 10 "Evdev Wheel Emulation" 8 1 xinput --set-int-prop 10 "Evdev Wheel Emulation Button" 8 2 xinput --set-int-prop 10 "Evdev Wheel Emulation Axes" 8 6 7 4 5 xinput --set-int-prop 10 "Evdev Middle Button Emulation" 8 0 And they were stolen off a forum post about my laptop. So I have no idea what they mean. The same commands work in dwm and herbstluftwm, so I assume they're WM-independent. -js

=============================================================== From: John Aldrich ------------------------------------------------------ Thanks. :) I'll look into xinput. :) 'Preciate it.