Starting to look around for a SysAdmin type..Almost a job posting

From: Mike Harrison 

We're not hiring yet... but maybe soon.

Work ( is starting to look around for a 
SysAdmin/DevOps-ish kinda person. Specifically someone that can build and 
babysit our own servers and applications and a collection of unique custom 
built Linux systems around the world.

It'd be a long term real position, maybe some international travel, and 
requires what is essentially being "on call" except for some specific 
vacation and weekends. There would be a fair amount of interfacing with 
general IT types at various customers and partners.

Pro's: Reasonable pay and bene's. You would occaisionally have some 
interesting problems to solve. Some flexible hours... 'cause things often 
have to be done when they can be done, and some days are just boring and 
the sun is shining. You'd get to work with me.

Con's: You'd have to work with me.

If you are interested.. or might be in a few months, chat me up..
we are small enough that the needs / job description / role might be tuned 
to fit the right person and circumstances.

Work:  mike.harrison@ the domain listed above  423 605-6943 (cell)