Amazing piece of kit! (Chromebook)

From: Phil Sieg 
Got a an Acer C720 Chromebook (refurb $169) for my daughter yesterday.

A truly amazing cheap piece of gear. Here is my summary:

Slim, light, well constructed, and beautiful
8+ hours of battery
Killer processor, very speedy (Intel Celeron-Haswell)
Boots in 7 seconds, sleeps instantly, and wakes up happy.
16GB SSD that is upgradeable to 120GB for $99 (amazon)
2gb Ram (not upgradeable, there is a 4gb version as well)
Is a video streaming workhorse. Hulu and Netflix run amazingly well on 2gb.
100GB of Google Drive ($60 value per year)
Easily upgradeable to several flavors of Linux

BEST sub $200 kit purchase ever!

This is the perfect device for kids and families. Buy a couple and leave them on the charger till needed. whoever wants to watch/surf/email/facebook/candycrush grabs one from the pile and does their thing.

I wish I could justify one for me.... but with a laptop and 2 iPads, and a smartphone...

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=============================================================== From: Lee Walker ------------------------------------------------------ I also have one of these. $199 - and really great. You can add Ubuntu (ChrUbuntu) to it from an external SD card too (without changing anything on the internal SSD - apart from putting it into developer/debug mode). Plug in and boot from SD card = Ubuntu. Regular boot = ChromeOS. You can also add a few other versions of linux to it as well, but ChrUbuntu has the bonus of being only on the SD card If you use gmail, google calendar, google docs etc (which I do) it's hard to spend anything extra over this great little machine. For $100 more you can get the touch screen version Amazingly fast, great battery life, usable trackpad, good build quality. Go now and spend $199 on Amazon ! Lee