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From: Phil Shapiro 

A friend of mine has a story on the front page of Slashdot. 





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=============================================================== From: Stephen Haywood ------------------------------------------------------ Seriously? I haven't read the article but after reading a few of Linus's "epic rants," I don't understand why they are having trouble finding folks to step up and help out. -- Stephen Haywood Owner, ASG Consulting CISSP, OSCP 423.305.3700 asgconsulting.co

=============================================================== From: Mike Harrison ------------------------------------------------------ They'd want to rewrite it in Ruby on Rails.. and dragging pictographs around in a GUI...

=============================================================== From: Unkmar ------------------------------------------------------ Ironically, Today I just mentioned to a coworker how I would feel about someone on the receiving end of a Linus rant. You gotta have done talent to even reach his radar. Even negative notice by Linus is good publicity for you. It means you got the stuff to be noticed.