From: David White 
I love it. I've been running it for about a week now, and haven't run into
any problems, except a couple really minor hibernation issues, and 1 time
when I booted, there was apparently a bad sector or something on the swap
partition. Rebooted, and I haven't seen that issue again.

I'm currently doing a Windows 7 pro install onto a VirtualBox VM, and
assuming that goes well, I'll migrate all my Windows stuff into that, and
be done with booting into Windows as my primary OS for good.

I should probably start thinking about buying more memory, and/or buying a
new laptop, though. I have a few older desktops laying around, but I need
to be portable for my primary system.

This current laptop is 3 years old and has 4 GB of memory... I need to give
Windows at least 2-3....

David White
Founder & CEO

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Nonprofit Organizations Worldwide

=============================================================== From: William Roush ------------------------------------------------------ It really is an excellent piece of financial tracking software. Oh wait... William Roush

=============================================================== From: Andrew Pierce ------------------------------------------------------ I run Mint on my main work laptop, a Dell Latitude that is about 2 years old. Works flawlessly. The new Dell Inspion I bought a couple of months ago will not boot a Mint Live CD. I don't know why. I have tried everything. It does have that funky new UEFI instead of a traditional BIOS. But, the Inspiron WILL boot an Ubuntu CD as well as a CrunchBang CD. Just saying, if you are going to buy a new laptop, the manufacturers are making it harder to choose something other than Windows 8. Do your homework when choosing that machine.

=============================================================== From: DaWorm ------------------------------------------------------ Trying it on a Lenovo W510, clock in task bar doesn't work, having trouble installing XP SP3 in VirtualBox. Not sure I like it better than Xubuntu.