From: Andrew Rodgers 
Anybody want to go to LOPSA ETENN in Knoxville Tuesday evening? I think I
am going. It's about Security Onion, a toolbox that wraps Suricata with
other tools for network security.


=============================================================== From: Christopher Rimondi ------------------------------------------------------ I am fortunate enough to work with the just about all the developers and regular contributors of Security Onion. Super smart guys. Security Onion is to blue teamers what Kali Linux is to red teamers. SO just rocks. Brad Shoop from here in Chatt also developed the Splunk for Security Onion App: http://eyeis.net/2013/01/security-onion-for-splunk-2-0-released/. Splunk is a good start but you will want to move to ELSA after you understand what data you have. Feel free to ping me off list with questions on SO. Shameless plug here (sorry Andrew for hijacking the thread) But we have an ISSA meeting on Tuesday as well. SO might even be covered in one of the talks although I am sure not as in depth as the LPSA meeting :) http://chattanooga.issa.org/?p=196