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From: flushy@flushy.net
Quoting Mike Harrison :

> Ok, forget the nice things I said about the Oracle MySQL Enterprise Monitor.
> On a RHEL system doing NOTHING else... with 2 dual-cores and 16gb of ram...
> It hit swap death in < 24 hours since a reboot.

java is not some magical beast that consumes random memory.

The JVM is actually very structured and controlled in how much memory  
it consumes. You define it via some start up parameter. By default,  
with no arguments, it should be 128Megs of Heap. In practice, that's  
never enough for most non-trivial applications.

If you have 16GB in your machine, you should NEVER tell java to use  
16GB of heap. You'll just kill your machine. You need to answer  
several questions:

1) how much Heap/PermGen does your app require?
2) how much RAM does your regular user apps require?
3) how much RAM does your OS require?
4) how much RAM does your machine have?

So, you take:


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