Drupal Camp Chattanooga - Sat Nov 9th 2013

From: Lee Walker 

I'm running our very own Drupal Camp this year at Chattanooga State.
The beginners track is "Drupal in a Day" - included in the ticket
price - which will teach you to site build with Drupal (no coding
skills necessary) in a day. All you need is a laptop. We'll teach you
to build a website.
Interested in getting (younger) coders into web tech? This is a good
class to take.
Other tracks include theming, and development, plus some business sessions.

$25 a ticket. Includes lunch and a t-shirt.

This is a community run event (i.e. not for profit), and needs the
tech scene support.

The Drupal community is one of the largest and friendliest open source
communities out there. Come join us.

I'm still trying to raise sponsorship (to pay for the camp). So if
anyone knows any local businesses who may be interested in sponsoring
please send them my way, or send them this link
I have tiers ranging from $200 to $500.

Each attendee can also add an optional personal sponsorship of $20 to
help if they are feeling the open source vibe.

Incidentally, in the spirit of open source, I'll be publishing all the
information on where the money came from and what we spent it on.

Hope to see you all there.

Lee Walker
Principal Engineer
l.s.walker (Skype)

Code Journeymen LLC
100 Cherokee Blvd
Suite #332,
Chattanooga TN,

=============================================================== From: Tim Youngblood ------------------------------------------------------ Lee, Definitely post this on the ChattLab G+ Community page! Thanks, Tim

=============================================================== From: Jason Brown ------------------------------------------------------ Is there any Drupal 8 related content? --Jason

=============================================================== From: Lee Walker ------------------------------------------------------ Oh yes Drupal 8 keynote, and Drupal 8 module development Lee Walker Principal Engineer www.codejourneymen.com Cell 404 405 1194 Skype l.s.walker Code Journeymen LLC 100 Cherokee Blvd Suite 332 Chattanooga TN 37405