Goggles iron grip on Android

From: Unkmar 

Google started Android as open source to garner market share. Then
created,  maintains and upgrades closed source replacements. Lastly, they
are an all or nothing deal with manufactures. They can't play outside the
box with one item without all their products being shunned from the google

=============================================================== From: Wil Wade ------------------------------------------------------ I cannot say I care much about the manufacturers as long as they still have the ability to build and sell non-Android phones. Really what is the problem here is that the apps on the device [which are really not Android personally] are Google's. They keep talking about how it is awful that Google took the Android Calendar app away and made a Google Calendar app. Guess what? Anyone can still write an Open Source calendar app. The great part is that every piece that Google chooses to make a non-"Android" version of, you can also go and make an Open Source version of and even get it in the Play Store (Unlike another company). While I like Google using open source licenses for their code, this is not as bad as Ars makes it out to be. However, I really want to see Sailfish and FirefoxOS take off. (Ubuntu Phone? Nah.)