Anyone in Chugalug now using gigabit EPB?

From: Phil Shapiro 
Hi chugalug members, 

As some you know, I blog for MAKE magazine and am interested in covering fiber optic usage in Chatt. If there are any people on this list who currently have EPB at the gigabit level -- and have time to try some file transfer tests -- kindly contact me off-list. 



Phil Shapiro, 

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=============================================================== From: Reed Gregory ------------------------------------------------------ Maybe I missed a post about it, but EPB also lowered the business prices with the recent upgrades. UTC now has two separate gigabit connections through epb, one on each of their two loops. We used to have one running at full speed and the other at 100mb for quick failover. With the reduced pricing we were able to provision the 100mb to a full gig and pay less than we did before with the 1.1 gb aggregate. Reed