rant: bad website design

From: Rod 
I may not be an expert but I'm tired of bad website design.

Example 1: I heard about a special sustainable seafood event at the  
Aquarium. So I go to the events tab to get more info.
But it is not there! I had to use the google to find the proper link.
https://community.tnaqua.org/2013event Call me crazy But I think that is  
bad design.

Example 2: I was hanging out on some forums when someone asked about some  
LARP games held by a national organization(Mind's Eye Society) in New  
So I went to the Mind's Eye Society to see which regional group New  
England was under.
You see each region has its own page with links to cities groups.
So at the national site I spy a games drop down menu. There I find a menu  
item titled MES Regions.
That takes me to a map page that shows the regions, an unclickable map  
Plus there are no listed links to regional pages. Using the map I was able  
to determine that New England falls under the North East region.
That plus a google search lead me to the North East Region site and RSS  
feed. At least they have an RSS feed.

Now wouldn't have been simpler to have a listing of the regions on the  
main page that link to the region sites?

Banging my head now.

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