Being careful with devices with memory chips

From: Mike Harrison 

Not exactly a direct answer to an off-topic question:

I've been told that devices with memory chips can be destroyed by =
Microwave ovens.. HERF (got a 5watt plus CD Radio?), high voltage like a =
TV flyback transformer or from a spark plug wire, being near or part of =
a plasma torch or arc welder circuit..  In fact, while using my plasma =
torch tonight, I put my cell phone on the hood of the car about 30 feet =
away. Cats and balloons making static electricity can be fun, and =
dangerous for your electronics.=20

You want to be real careful with mobile phones, tablets, SD cards and =
USB drives that you don't do any of those things, it'll erase them or =
fry them without a trace to let you know what happened.  Even the NSA =
would have to grind down the chip and attempt to read the last state =
with an electron microscope or something else even weirder.=20

So be careful out there: iOS, Linux and Winders portable devices are =
still subject to e-brain implosions if handled improperly.=20

=============================================================== From: John Aldrich ------------------------------------------------------ I was just thinking that cutting the transformer out of the circuit between the phone and the wall would do some really nasty things to a cell phone. I mean 120 VAC directly to a DC-powered cell phone??? I shudder to think what the insides would look like after about 5 seconds, if the circuit breaker didn't trip first.

=============================================================== From: Stephen Kraus ------------------------------------------------------ Depends on the transformer and if tou set your device close enough to induct into it.