pfsense 2.0 multi wan

From: Matt Keys 
Is anybody out there using the load balancing / failover multi wan 
features of pfsense? I've got two residential ISPs -- one is a little 
faster than the other with consistently better round trip times. Per the 
documentation for load balancing I set them both in the same tier. When 
I run traffic across the group (e.g. multiple simultaneous speed tests 
from speakeasy,, epbfi, etc) the graphs indicate that the 
traffic goes through the faster of the two more than what I'd expect to 
see with a round robin. I can see the second pipe spiking from time to 
time but nowhere near the utilization of the 1st pipe. I'm wondering if 
pfsense is smart enough to be doing this on purpose, or do I have an 
error in my configuration? What would be the best method to 
intentionally saturate both pipes to test -- bittorrent?