Room reservation system for Chatt*Lab

From: Phil Shapiro 

As Chatt*Lab grows, it might have a need for a room reservation system. This open source tool looks excellent. 

Come to think of it, being familiar with such a free tool can help Chatt*Lab leaders explain future growth plans. "We plan to use an open source room reservation system so that all 45 rooms of our makerspace get the most possible use." 



Phil Shapiro, 

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=============================================================== From: Jason Griffey ------------------------------------------------------ Having just done an install of this as a precursor to testing it for the new UTC Library...OpenRoom is ok, but I think PHPScheduleIt is a more robust product. Not only does room res, but can handle equipment scheduling as well, which also may become a useful thing. Personally, OpenRoom is prettier, but PHPScheduleIt is FAR more robust an app. I've got both of them running right now on test servers, happy to answer questions if anyone is interested. Jason

=============================================================== From: Jason Brown ------------------------------------------------------ Awesome, I will check out both. --Jason Brown