Livestreaming on YouTube available to people with 100 subscribers

From: Phil Shapiro 
Hi chugaluggers, 

YouTube has lowered the threshold for people to do livestreaming on their service. Now you just need 100 subscribers to your YouTube channel. When you get a chance, kindly subscribe to Tim Youngblood's channel. 

I, myself, have more than 1,000 YouTube subscribers -- so my YouTube account has been enabled for livestreaming already. I'm hoping to explore that in the next month and share what I find. 

Keep in mind that anyone with a Gmail account can create a free YouTube channel in less than 5 minutes by just logging it to YouTube with your Gmail account. You don't necessarily need to be a YouTube producer to have a YouTube channel. Having a YouTube account allows you to subscribe to other YouTube accounts, which brings value to those accounts. Here in gig city, every sentient adult ought to have a YouTube account. The cost is nothing, but the value to each other is high. 

Also, you don't need to own a camcorder to create YouTube "videos." Using only free software programs (Audacity and LibreOffice Draw), you can create digital storytelling like this. 

by using the free web service at For best sound quality, use a USB microphone or USB headset. The Logitech Clearchat USB headset is excellent and costs about $25 to $35. 


btw, some of you may be wondering, as I am, what the difference is between livestreaming on YouTube and doing a Google Hangout on Air -- which is effectively the same thing. There is bound to be some difference as Google offers both services. My gut sense is that livestreaming on YouTube is going to be offering some features not available via Google Hangouts on Air. 


Phil Shapiro, 

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