Good, reasonable price wildcard SSl Certs for Apache (Recommendations?)

From: Mike Harrison 

I used to use '' wildcard ssl certs.. (Geotrust)
It's time to start using a more recognized SSL cert provider.
Geotrust seems to have been pulled from a few browsers and other things 
thanks to some shenanigans.

Anyone got a reasonably priced provider of wildcard "*.domain.ext" SSL 
certs they have had good compatibility experience with? Both on the "works 
with Apache" (should be easy) and the "Recognized/works with most browsers and 
programming/integration environments" (a little pickier).

=============================================================== From: wes ------------------------------------------------------ I use StartCom's StartSSL. it's a little cumbersome at first because they do things so much differently, but once you get past the learning curve it's actually quite nice. For wildcard certs you have to pay around $100 in fees to verify yourself for each company shown in the Registrant of each domain's whois info. -wes