Caly-fornee is the place ya oughta be ...

From: Mike Robinson 
And, by Jove, I moved =3Dmyself=3D to the same place .. ahh .. in the =
late 80's.  (Soon enough to actually see the Cali Brothers' feed store =
being dismantled in favor of a new Apple building in Cupertino, and to =
see orchard trees on the Hewlett-Packard campus along the =
Saratoga-Sunnyvale Road.  It is =3D=3Dabsolutely=3D=3D a nice place to =
live.  Don't pass judgment until at least the three-year mark or the =
next major earthquake, whichever comes first.  :-D

Nevertheless ... before you decide to follow the advice that Jed =
Clampett took ("Beverly Hillbillies"), do keep in mind that nearly every =
company, including "Chattanooga" software firms that are well-known to =
Chugalug, actually have subsidiaries and working-groups in many =
different parts of the country and of the world.  The =3Dwork=3D is =
extremely location-independent now, and only likely to become more so.

You can get Young People to pack-up and move on a dime; Old Farts are =
harder.  ;-)  Office space rent is between 6 and 25 times higher than =
good ol' Chatt-town, and let's not even discuss the cost of cubicles.  =
Silicon Valley companies have wholesale embraced the concept of a =
"company-town campus" that is a true Hotel California:  "you can =
clock-out any time you like, but you can nev-er leave..."  (Have another =
"free" cappucino, and tell your spouse, while you still have one, that =
you'll be working late once again.)

On Jun 26, 2013, at 2:12 PM, wrote:

> My employer moved me to California last September.  The cost of living =
> positively outrageous but it is a nice place to live.  Especially if =
> like the outdoors and Chattanooga's pollen count is a bit much to cope =
> :-)
>     I decided to live in San Francisco instead of in the valley... I'm
> withholding judgement on the location I picked until I hit the year =

=============================================================== From: Stephen Kraus ------------------------------------------------------ I'd rather move to Colorado, much bigger Euro Automotive scene and lots of tech firms.

=============================================================== From: "Kite, Mike" ------------------------------------------------------ I was in California for work for several months in the mid-90s. It was fun= . And I used my job to travel as much as I could when I was in my 20s. That'= s a good time for it. I wouldn't do it now though, that I'm older and trav= el isn't as fun as it once was. But I'll tell you one important thing about California: those people are ju= st as different from Tennesseeans as are the Chinese, it's just an accident= that they speak the same language as we do. Just try holding a door open for a lady in Los Angeles, or saying 'thank yo= u' to a convenient store clerk. They'll think you're nuts. And if you hav= e a more traditional Southern mindset, you might even hate it. However, if= you're left-leaning and progressive, you'll probably love it. But make no= mistake, the different parts of America are not culturally like Tennessee,= they are all very different each with their own pros & cons. Dating for me in California was a nightmare. I kept trying to be a gentlem= an, but that was perceived as chauvinistic. I was cussed out completely for holding a door open for an elderly lady whe= n there was lots of ice on the ground at a Burger King in Boston once. People act differently in different places. Oh, and I don't believe for a moment that the only place talented IT people= can be is on the West Coast. I've had friends here in East Tennessee who went on to be at Microsoft, Ele= ctronic Arts, Adobe, Amazon, Intel, AT&T and Pixar. Some came back, some went on to different places. But one thing I learned = that's important: there are no super geniuses out there, not at Google, not= at Amazon, not at the NSA, nowhere. Everyone is a plain, mortal human being of probably average intelligence an= d education, prone to mistakes. Mike Kite Linux Systems Administrator University of TN Chattanooga

=============================================================== From: Chad Smith ------------------------------------------------------ Heck yes different places are different. If you ask someone if they want a coke here in St Louis, they will say "No, I'll take a 7-up though, if you have it." Well, what did you think I was offering you? I was going to ask what kind of coke you wanted.... Still haven't figured out what a So-Dee is. But I tell them I want Diet Coke and it all seems to work out. *- Chad W. Smith*