OT - Job Opportunity - Potential Contractors Needed

From: David White 
I'm going to need to start building up my network of contractors I can send
work to in case I'm out of town or get sick and a client needs work
completed for them.

If you're a geek, are good with general on-site technical services /
technical support, and are interested in a part-time as-needed contractor /
1099 relationship with CENTS, LLC to perform various jobs at various client
locations in Chattanooga (most of whom are / will be nonprofit
organizations), please contact me off-list at david [at] developcents.com.

Please include your resume.

This would probably be an ideal position for a college student or someone
just trying to enter the IT field. Of course, experience is a plus, as is
any certifications, but attitude and experience mean a whole lot to me than

Jobs would be paid hourly probably somewhere in the $15-$25/hour range.

David White
Founder & CEO
Computing, Equipping, Networking, Training & Supporting
Nonprofit Organizations Worldwide