Generalized DDOS??

From: John Aldrich 
Having problems today with my email host's (SpamCop) webmail as well as 
Facebook. Anyone know if there's some sort of generalized "badness" on 
the 'Net today that might account for this?

=============================================================== From: Dave Brockman ------------------------------------------------------ -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Just look at your firewall logs for all the "deny" entries, there's always tons of generalized badness. (D)DoS attacks usually are only effective because they target specific entities, random packet spraying with no direction just looks like P2P traffic usually.... But nothing reported on anything on my radar concerning FB being down, and just tested, no problems accessing or logging in with that account someone under my roof has :) Regards, dtb -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2.0.17 (MingW32) Comment: Using GnuPG with Thunderbird - iQEcBAEBAgAGBQJRXNdpAAoJEMP+wtEOVbcdWqAH/3YsuZQT+oQ0GZD7Kov5mBsD RKVsCh7iU1vLk9G3lCWeqj6tBN+SBIelF9XReyHqppesE5ejbCiaMZE90q4pZMH5 kvw53RyjP6XiYsArPvHUqAYUPb8v2+bJ2sgWjXgzGvnN/67SzH0x6TmMpjpZNeYU tcVT13LDdYNp7t8IxeCH+4tA6bQ+RQD1ZneD27XfvmK8DcJX74V659bTyAuyXAHg koJi8caLcKP4DK5JHSQL/i+c2d7Z+NrKDxgsDK8ye0Zc5GNBUOi1w6WttX1Imb+2 y8wUli8d5+uJc6qEHeHVRgpwDdGpdCG+fckhqWGup+sRF6n7fMerEfoFteG67Yc= =0VnY -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----

=============================================================== From: John Aldrich ------------------------------------------------------ Quoting Dave Brockman : Yeah... I figured it was something strange on my system. I recently upgraded to Fedora 18 (BAD MOVE! Even versions almost always suck!) and I've had nothing but problems. :( My email client won't even load (KMail - gives an Akonadi error) and now Chrome is misbehaving... *sigh* I finally got into my email provider by clearing the cache and cookies... Hate to do that, but sometimes it's got to be done!