Looking for a junior Ruby/Rails Dev

From: Aaron Welch 
Iron Gaming is in need of a junior Ruby/Rails developer.  This is a full-time position with benefits after 90 days.  I am not looking for someone who has amazing skills, but I am looking for someone who has an amazing desire to learn and picks up things very quickly.  This position is our toy box programmer. Your job will be to take the concepts and ideas that we have and make working demos so that we can test to see if our ideas are viable.  The pay rate is $36,000 a year at the end of 90 days and 20% holdback until then (aka pay based on $30k till then).  Applicants will have to complete 3 of 10 programming challenges (will take from 1hr to a day each based on skill) before being considered.  Please email me if your interested.