Bitcoin prices nearing $100

From: Lynn Dixon 
My guess is that we will hit the $100 mark sometime today.  Prices have
been hovering around the $98 -$99 mark and have been steadily going up week
after week.

BFL also shipped their first ASIC miner to Luke

=============================================================== From: Aaron Welch ------------------------------------------------------ I should have never stopped mining. Grr... Hindsight. I think I will sell m= ine today. -AW en hovering around the $98 -$99 mark and have been steadily going up week af= ter week.

=============================================================== From: Eric Wolf ------------------------------------------------------ Speaking of which... I recently shipped a pair of ATI 5830s to a CHUGALUGer who never even had the courtesy to pay me for the shipping... -=--=---=----=----=---=--=-=--=---=----=---=--=-=- Eric B. Wolf 720-334-7734

=============================================================== From: Aaron welch ------------------------------------------------------ No bueano. -AW

=============================================================== From: James Nylen ------------------------------------------------------ I think another reason for the recent price increase is that ASICs are coming online. Avalon is supposedly shipping theirs. Which is the bigger reason? I don't know. Lynn, when did you order your BFL box? Let us know when you get it!

=============================================================== From: "Alex Smith (K4RNT)" ------------------------------------------------------ I saw an NVIDIA Tesla computing card on eBay for under $200, might get that for my server, not sure if I'm interested in mining bitcoins yet, they seem to be pretty compute-intensive with a lot of power consumed compared to the value of the bitcoins, but I haven't done an analysis yet. Anyone mind explaining to me how the value of the Bitcoin could possibly exceed the power consumed to mine it? Not trying to troll, just trying to figure out whether it's worth my investment. =3D-=3D- e: week

=============================================================== From: Lynn Dixon ------------------------------------------------------ James, I ordered a BFL single the day they started taking pretty orders. I haven't received it yet but I am hoping soon. Avalon has shipped their first round of orders already and they have been mining. I think the second batch is shipping. The third batch they jumped the price a huge amount.

=============================================================== From: Joshua Estes ------------------------------------------------------ Last I checked it has hit 100. Pretty excited to get more services in place.