Anyone want to have some electronics fun?

From: Aaron welch 
I need to make some LED arrays for light fixtures in the studio.  Anyone
got any time to help out?  This can be as basic or advanced as you want to
make it.  Tim, Mike, or Jason?

Aaron Welch
Chief Mechanic @ Geek Ventures
"Enabling people to do great things with their own ideas."

=============================================================== From: Tim Youngblood ------------------------------------------------------ What did you have on mind?

=============================================================== From: Aaron welch ------------------------------------------------------ I need to built an arduino based ethernet controller for RGB LED light strips. I have most of the parts, but I need someone with some expertise. -AW

=============================================================== From: Nate Hill ------------------------------------------------------ Meg Backus over here on The 4th Floor should be able to help you. Come by during our open hours on Friday (9-6). We've got a couple Arduinos kickin' around.

=============================================================== From: Aaron welch ------------------------------------------------------ I got her email and we should have all the parts we need. -AW