Sofa kink packed.. going to moed.

From: CA 
I'm surprised you went to the buffet by Wal-Mart, that place has always
sucked. Horrible service and out of time food. Im sorry rice sitting 2hrs
in a pan..yucky. I tried to goto burger at about 8pm and they had a line
almost to the door

On Friday, March 22, 2013, Coe, Carson David  wrote:
> NO
> That place is not good. I mean, it tastes okay...but I went there with my
girlfriend and we both got sick from it. I got sushi and she got lo mein.
So yeah. Avoid if possible.
> Rod-Lists  wrote:
>  Away from net. missed this.
> I keep thinking we need to check out that new asian place at the corner.
I think it is called ginger bistro or something.
> ----- Mike Harrison  wrote:
>> Ok.  I did that while getting in the car. Mojo was also packed. We ended
up at the chinese buffet next to walmart. Which dispite the cliche, was
pretty darn good.
>> My apologies to anyone lost looking for geeks stuffing their faces.
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>> On Fri, Mar 22, 2013 at 8:46 AM, Mike Harrison 
>> > Subjectvsays it...
>> I'm confused, 'cause I thought "moed" is Hebrew for the standard set
>> of religious festivals.
>> Dan