So google reader is going by by

From: Rod-Lists 
Will this hurt RSS?
Is google trying to drive people to google plus?

=============================================================== From: Dan Lyke ------------------------------------------------------ Maybe. It might actually help RSS, because it'll allow for diversity in RSS readers again. The third party readers are having to raise prices to slow down new subscriptions, and I'm hearing rumblings from various people I know who have dormant aggregators lying in source control repos waiting for the 2nd coming of RSS. Absolutely. This is the result of some internal wrangling wherein that ex-Microsoft guy who's driving G+ won and the Google Reader folks lost. There has got to be an amazing amount of incredible data stored away in Google Reader's logs, and if they couldn't figure out how to monetize it it's only because the "Like"/"+"/"Favorite"-ness would have to be inferred. But even at that it's hard to believe that they'd give up that data stream for G+. Dan

=============================================================== From: Rod-Lists ------------------------------------------------------ This Slate article makes some good points.

=============================================================== From: Andrew Pierce ------------------------------------------------------ It's not really the end of the world for me that Reader is going away. = It sucks but it's just an RSS aggregator/reader. On there other hand, = this makes a really, really good point about investing too much of your = data in a free product like that (or a paid product for that matter).=20 That is what keeps me from using Evernote. I have tried it several times = and used it quite a bit at one point. Just this week I read this = article, = its-actually-amazing, and it almost made me pick it back up. But all it = takes is a company to kill a product like this and there goes your data. = Or, they could suddenly decide to start charging a LOT of money to use = something you've invested in and they've got you over a barrel.=20 Andrew Pierce 423 380 8338